Jet pack man? Balloon?


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Saw this one posted over on Reddit and thought it would be worth adding here mostly due to the quality of footage compared to the usual. Looks like possibly balloons or some kind of debris? Attaching Vimeo link at the top just in case the Reddit link stops working.


Weirdness begins at 0:25s

During quarantine last year I got myself a Nikon P1000 which is a 4k DSLR with a 24-3,000mm zoom lens. The goal was to shoot stock footage of sunsets. I left it running one day capturing the smoke clouds from a very large fire in the Angeles National Forest to the east of Los Angeles. The video starts off with two airplane shots so you can see some sense of scale. I shot this video from Echo Park. The date in the metadata says August 15th but I'm not sure that's the exact date the recording took place. I have uploaded the two shots I got, in their original format from straight off the card:


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The video starts off with two airplane shots so you can see some sense of scale

Only if the planes and the mystery object are at the same distance, and the camera is equally zoomed. The footage showing the object looks to be more zoomed in, but just about everyone here knows more about cameras than I do. Based on the footage around 0:30, my guess would be that the object is two or three party balloons strung together.

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I looks like whatever it is is moving along with, and at the same speed, as the smoke plume. It's drifting with the smoke. So not likely Jet Pack Man or a CalFire helicopter. It drifts like a balloon and reflects like a balloon.