Explained: Inaguration Photos from Different Angles Show Different Backgrounds.


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This video is doing the rounds.

They are trying to claim that Biden's Granddaughters "disappearing" from shot at the inauguration is some kind of proof that it was pre-recorded.

Of course it is just the different camera angles.

From C-Span. Biden's swearing in part.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWdOdZVhFXg

Of course Nancy Pelosi also doesn't just "appear". Pelosi was always there but in the back row seats. Mitch Mconnell was on her right and she was seated behind Roy Blunt's wife.


Link to Getty image showing where Pelosi was positioned at the inauguration.

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and the focal length. that happened at SH pics too where they thought the 'pavillion'/car port was closer then it actually was in real life, because of the cameras focal lengths.. or at least i think that is what Mick called it. basically the reporters were across the street and zooming in. so the whole roomy parking area got squished up.

Perspective compression. People are unused (in regular life, and their own photography) to high quality long zooms. Professional broadcast TV cameras are incredibly good (and expensive). As described here, with a $200,000 camera:
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=110&v=RkTaMyatsTo

The quality of the image at a long zoom kind of fools people into underestimating the closeness of the camera.


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I'm not sure this thread actually explains anything. Mendles post comes closest if people spend the time to try and decipher what those pics are supposed to be of.

so i did some side by sides of real life photos to the OP "PRE-RECORDED???" video. to show people that:

1. it is camera angle
2. also the camera zoom makes people look closer then they really were in real life. In real life they were spread much further apart.

biden sbs.png


biden sbs3.png

ill add original photos attached below since forum software makes the pics kinda small to see.



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It does now! :)
not really thrilled with my side by sides either, as im not sure men see clothes or hair highlights the way women can more easily.

maybe focusing on the stairs ... to see how big the stairs look (and the photographers grey jacket) with the super zoom camera vs a regular camera.


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Another perspective.
The closer the camera is, the less "flattening" of perspective. Here pink girl appears smaller. She is standing behind Joe's big chair.

Note they are standing on their marks, which you can see on the ground here.


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