Diamond Shaped Object Over Eglin

It just doesn't look like a Cheezit painted black,
I'm going to Science this thing. Bought a box of Cheez-its at the grocery store today. I will this evening dump them all out and do a visual inspection to determine if enough irregular mis-shaped crackers are in the box that there would be a decent chance for an odd shape to show up and inspire a hoax.
For science.
i'm asking where you got the idea it was co-workers.

you asked

i'm asking which part of the story do you think there is not legit confirmation of.
I think I understand it now thanks to Calter.

Not going to get in a silly internet battle over asking for help understanding the thread.

All the best.
Not going to get in a silly internet battle over asking for help understanding the thread.
wasn't a battle, just trying to understand your request in order to help you.

i'm glad Calter summarizing the thread was "legit" enough for you and addressed whatever you were questioning. Cheers.
If gamma is increased in the third photo, it reveals a couple of bright spots at the "aft end" which are not visible in the first two:

If a Cheez-It texture is applied to the second photo:
Also worth point out I'm pretty sure she's just a teenager, like 15 years old.

Giving that, and:

you know these kids have a ton of sockpuppet accounts.


Anthro is not really a girl..its a Furry account ie cos play.

I'm inclined to think "CheezIt" may have a number of connotations wholly unrelated to crackers and unknown to us Boomer/GenXers.

Calter offers the sage advice for this one:

I'm just going to stop my twitter digging there for now
Report on research inside a box of Cheez-its:

So as mentioned previously, I acquired a box of Cheez-its(1) snack crackers for the purposes of searching the contents for possible crackers resembling the UFO/UAP/Diamond-shaped-airplane hoax in this thread. NOTE: There are several flavors, I chose White Cheddar because I intend to eat them later and I like that flavor best.(2)


Crackers were counted and sorted into bowls, there were 318 in this box.(3) Of those, 24 diverged noticeably from the standard flat square. Most of the divergent shapes were broken or missing a corner and so would not be candidates for being spray painted black to look like a strange aircraft. The remainder were slightly bent and so from some angles did not look like a square. Only one showed any resemblance at all to the subjects of this thread:
The far corner is turned up a bit, creating the appearance of a projection when photographed in a low angle. IF the corner closest to us in this picture were turned DOWN, it might very roughly approximate our UFO. HOWEVER...

The crackers have a scalloped edge, while the pics show an object with clean smooth edges.
The crackers show lumps and bumps from both the salt sprinkled on them and irregularities in how the dough baked, again not matching the pics.

My conclusion is that it is possible that a Cheez-it cracker inspired a hoax, but I do not believe it likely that an unaltered pic of a Cheez-it cracker is the object in the pictures.

Plans to test how well Cheez-it crackers take paint were thwarted for the moment when I absentmindedly ate the winning cracker. I have no plans to test that at this time, since I do not believe the item in the pics is in fact a Cheez-it cracker.

(1) There are larger and smaller packages available, from family size to individual portion packages. I chose the standard cracker shape, as the other shapes available in my store was not a candidate for the diamond shaped UFO, being strongly grooved
(2) Or "flavour," for British readers, those who speak British or those who learned English in Britain.
(3) Excluding crumbs and dust and loose salt in the bottom of the bag.
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Test the Snap'd box from Post #30 if you have a chance.
Sadly my local grocer does not carry them. If I come across a package at another store I'll give them a try. I'll note that, judging by online product pictures, they do not have the scalloped edges of the classic cracker, they DO have the wavy-bumpy margins dissimilar to the UFO/mystery-plane pics. On the plus side they seem to lay a lot less flat, and so finding a crisp (memory tells me they approach closer to crisps/chips than the original crackers do) which generally resembles the shape UFO shape when viewed from certain angles may be easier. Sadly, I suspect the lack of sharp straight edges will rule these out as actual models for the UFO. If I can find some, I'll let you folks know.

Sadly, I suspect the lack of sharp straight edges will rule these out as actual models for the UFO. If I can find some, I'll let you folks know.
Of course there's always the chance the images were cut out from the packet which would explain the sharp edges.I commend you on your research though!