Clinton's Flights on Epstein's Plane, the "Lolita Express", did not go to the Island

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The claim is that "Clinton flew on Epstein's Lolita Express 26 times to the private island"

This is backed up by reference to a "Flight Manifest", which is actually just the Pilot Log Book of David Rogers, Epstein's pilot.

In there I've found 24 flights over five trips, mostly in Africa, Europe, and Asia, in 2002 and 2003. No trips are recorded to Epstein's Private Island, where the nearby airport is on St Thomas, the Cyril E. King Airport, code STT

Page 5
2002 Feb 9, 1 flight 57 MIA - HPN, 2.6 hours
Bill Clinton, 4 Secret Service, 2 Males, 1 Female, JE, GM, SK, AP
Metabunk 2019-09-02 22-02-42.jpg

Page 8. One round trip, two flights
2002 Feb 19 JFK-EGGW, 6.7 Hours (New York to London, Luton)
Bill Clinton, Doug Bands, 3 Secret Service, JE, GM, SK
2002 Feb 21
EGGW-JFK, 7.8 hours (London to New York)
Bill Clinton, Doug Bands, 10 Secret Service, JE, GM, SK, Naomi Campbell, 1 Male
Metabunk 2019-09-02 22-07-17.jpg

Page 10. Five leg trip over four days in ASIA
2002 May 22 RJTA-VHHH, 4.0 hours (Atsugi Naval Base in Japan to Hong Kong)
JE, GM, Sk, President Bill Clinton, Doug Bands (others unclear writing)
2002 May 23 VHHH-ZGSZ, 0.4 hours (Hong Kong to Shenzen, China)
2002 May 23 ZGSZ-WSSS, 3.4 hours (Shenzen to Singapore)
2002 May 24 WSSS-VTBT, (Singapore to Banh Phra, Thailand)
Metabunk 2019-09-02 22-18-47.jpg

Page 13/14. 11 flights in Africa-Paris-London
2002 Sep 21 JFK-LPAZ
Metabunk 2019-09-02 22-39-12.jpg
Metabunk 2019-09-02 22-40-52.jpg

Page 22, 5 flights Europe, Russia, Hong Kong
2003 Nov 4
Metabunk 2019-09-02 22-45-00.jpg


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2002 May 22 RJTA-VHHH, 4.0 hours (Atsugi Naval Base in Japan to Hong Kong)
JE, GM, Sk, President Bill Clinton, Doug Bands (others unclear writing)

I think the last two names are Janice and Jessica. Then squeezed in to the right is "Pete Rathgeb + 6 pax". The only one I can't make out is the one before Doug Bands. This page claims it is "MCXG": "MC XG – Stands for “Royalty” of XG Co., Ltd. Believed to be Wang Zhenhua as it is an older sub of Future Land Holdings."

Pete Rathgeb is named elsewhere as being Peter Rathgeb, an executive (and currently treasurer) of Siemens Bank in Germany, but I am not convinced it's the same person. According to this page, from 2000 to 2010 he was head of the risk control and credit department at Siemens Financial Services.

It seems more likely to me that it could be a different Peter Rathgeb, who lives/lived in Delray Beach, Florida, close to Epstein's home. But that is just speculation.


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Similar analysis here:

I just wanted to link the actual images.

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