Claim: Biden campaign short code '30330' is veiled message


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Hi everyone,

I'm a new member and this is my first time posting here, so if I'm posting this in the wrong place or otherwise misusing the site, I ask for your patience.

I came across a paranoid message from someone on Facebook alleging that the chaos that has gripped the world this year is all part of a Satanic, "new world order" plot. They included this interesting little tidbit: "If you take the number 2020 and divide it by the Devil's number, 666, you get 30330. Joe Biden's campaign signs urge viewers to text 'READY' to 30330". Aside from the general craziness of it, one glaring problem with this claim is that 2020/666=3.0330 not 30330, but you get the idea.

As someone who surfs the internet way too much, I often make the mistake of investigating such nutty claims further. My journey down the rabbit hole took me to an forum for end-timers,, where an administrator had posted a thread by someone named Randy Nettles, who has clearly spent far too much time thinking about this supposed connection. His lengthy screed revolves around the alleged significance of numbers in the Bible and he lays out an extremely detailed hypothesis about the number 30330 and what it symbolizes. He goes so far as to connect it with the UN's Agenda 2030 and one world government yada yada.

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I often struggle to dismiss these types of things if I don't debunk them, even if they are as patently insane as this example. I'm not religious and have no meaningful understanding of the significance of numbers in the Bible. Can anyone help me decode and debunk this? Link below.

Thanks in advance.
His lengthy screed revolves around the alleged significance of numbers in the Bible and he lays out an extremely detailed hypothesis about the number 30330 and what it symbolizes.
Can you quote one piece of evidence from that you can't rebut yourself? Just one.
Can you quote one piece of evidence from that you can't rebut yourself? Just one.
Is there any merit to his claims that the numbers 30 and 33 are consistently significant in the bible?

"However, for Bible believing Christians, the numbers 30 and 33 represent something entirely different than it does for the new age guru’s and new world order radicals. The number 30 is a special number in four ways according to the Bible.

1) 30 is a designated measurement for building special structures. Noah’s Ark was 30 cubits in height (Genesis 6:15). Moses and the children of Israel built a tabernacle for God. It contained 11 curtains that were all 30 cubits in length (Exodus 26:15). Solomon’s Temple was 30 cubits in height (1 kings 6:2). It was the same height as Noah’s ark, but wasn’t as wide or long.

2) 30 was the age for many men in the Bible when they had a life-changing event in their lives. The sons of Kohath from among the sons of Levi had designated duties to perform in the Tabernacle of the congregation. All men from these families 30 years to 50 years old were to perform the work (Numbers 4:2-4). Joseph was 30 years old when he stood before Pharaoh King of Egypt (Genesis 41:46). David was 30 years old when he began to reign, and he reigned 40 years (2 Samuel 5:4). Jesus began his ministry at about 30 years of age (Luke 3:23). The key word here is “about”. I believe he was more like 33 years old. That is about 30, but not exactly.

3) 30 days was a time of mourning for two great Jewish heroes of the faith, Aaron and Moses (Numbers 20:29 and Deuteronomy 34:8).

4) 30 was the perfect number of men that comprised an elite group in David’s army. There were actually two elite groups of men in David’s army: “the thirty” and “the three” (if you add them up, it’s 33). According to 2 Samuel 23:12-14. To become a member of these groups a man had to show extraordinary courage in battle and wisdom in leadership. The 30 captains were the most courageous and highest ranking officers of David’s army. “The three” were three men who risked their lives for David by breaking through the host of the Philistines and drew water out of the well of Bethlehem and brought it to David (1 Chronicles 11:15-19)."
Is there any merit to his claims that the numbers 30 and 33 are consistently significant in the bible?
As opposed to what? Twenty?

In the King James Bible (attached), the word "Thirty" appears 177 times, "Twenty" appears 294 times. "Thirty-three" or "thirty three" does not appear at all.

No, it's mostly cherry picking.


To restate: is there anything to all this numerology that isn't mere coincidence?

It's not even a matter of coincidence. With 'numerology' you can 'demonstrate' anything you want: go fishing for some numbers which have any possible relation to the matter at hand, then play with them until you get other numbers which have any possible kind of relation with what you want to demonstrate. I don't have the time at the moment, but as soon as I can I'll try to write down an example, something (hopefully) absurd enough such as 'demonstrate with numerology J.F. Kennedy committed suicide'.
The format of the article linked gives away a lot away: After the introductory exposition, he leads with his conclusion, and then provides a list of arbitrary facts with no attempt to connect any of it back to his conclusion. There's a reason that standard argument format goes claim>procedure>data>conclusion, the intention is to put all cards down as they're drawn. "This is what I think," "This is what I will do, and how it will support my claim," "This is what happened when I did it," and so forth. This just goes conclusion>data>goodbye.

To restate: is there anything to all this numerology that isn't mere coincidence?
Numerology is so arbitrary that any number can have no significance or all the significance you need.

The most common tables for Christian Biblical numerology don't include 30 or 33 for symbolic value. 30 is the gematria value of the Hebrew letter Lamed and the isopsephy value of the Greek letter Lambda. These are both methods used to give values to letters for numerology, they don't go by incremental order in the alphabet like modern usage usually does, but there is none of that letter-value or digit-sum numerology here so I won't elaborate.

However, it's important to know there is no authoritative table for numerological significance. There are different ways to do gematria, dozens of contradictory and incompatible Christian and Jewish symbolic number tables, as well as dozens for any modern religion you can name (Hindu has different sets of conflicting tables published for each major and many minor deities) literally hundreds of pagan, astrological, and new age tables. Do a google image search for "numerology chart" and just scroll through to see the vast number of different formats and methods used. Modify it with adjectives ("biblical numerology chart" "astrological numerology chart" "Celtic numerology chart" etc) and just watch them multiply and blur together into an arbitrary sea of meaninglessness.

And even then, an author can attach or assert whatever significance they think they can justify on a number, many of the conflicting charts in that image search I suggested go back to the same blogs, because the same author will come up with a new chart any time an existing one won't support an intended conclusion. This is what this author does in listing his justifications for each number, which draw on a wide range of biblical and non-biblical "facts" (a couple of the non-biblical ones are distinctly false, for example both the origins and "precise" equivalency he claims for the standard inch). Once those values are asserted, they can do whatever they want with them to reach their intended conclusion.
To sum up the basic claim, the number 30330 is associated to Biden (I take this at face value, I have no idea if even this is true). Then you can take the current year (2020 gregorian calendar) and divide it by the eponimous 'number of the beast' (666, even if some readings give it as 616, see wikipedia), then multiply it by 10000, then discard the fractional part to get, lo and behold, the number 30330, previously associated to Biden. There are also religious references to the numbers 30 and 33, which (lo and behold again) happen to form 30330 again (just add a final zero).

What if the number to dial had been something different than 30330? Can I build a 'numerological case' for, say, 99856 (which i got from Google random number generator)?

The sum of the values of the letters of 'Satanic power at work' has a numerological value of 79 (I used the first 'numerology online converter' found by Google, at If we divide twice 99856 by 79, removing a whole load of satanic powers, we get 16, which is the number of pawns in a chess play. Thus we have pawns moved by satanic powers squared, surely for nefarious purposes. Also notice 99 is the number of the Names of Allah (pretty ominous), while 8 is the number of the spokes of the Buddhist wheel (not as ominous maybe, but at least spooky!). Finally, 56 is the number of bits of the encryption key of the Data Encryption Standard, which definetely points to the 2020 US Elections (data, encryptions and standards were all involved).

And this sums up all of numerology (and piramidology, bible codes etc. etc.): with a little imagination, time and effort you can come up to anything (and its opposite).
1. its not 30 33 0, its 303-30

2. from a telemarketing standpoint "text joe to 30330" is a fairly easy sequence to remember for consumers. its got rhythm.
edit add: and you have to pick from text numbers available. 99568 might not have been available when they set up the message board.

3. if you put 30330 in a calculator and turn it over it says "Deede". which isnt my name but is what most people call me :) so 2020 must be my year of satanism. i wish someone told me the power was activated before Dec 9th!!!
Trump is number 1, he has 232 electors, add 1+2+3+2=8; Trump is 74 years of age, 74-8 is 66, so that's obviously a very bad sign.

In 2016, Trump received 62,984,828 votes; add up the digits, and you get 47, which is the same digits as his current age, foretelling an important event associated with the election this year.

Martin Garner invented the numerologist Dr. Matrix for his column in the Scientific American; these columns have been collected in a book, which I highly recommend reading.

But if that is too dry for you, you might try , which purports to be able to numerologically relate any two numbers -- which proves that any number can have any significance you want if you only look hard enough.

Numerology is a scam. Always has been.
To sum up the basic claim, the number 30330 is associated to Biden (I take this at face value, I have no idea if even this is true).
THAT bit seems to be correct. I remembered it was on his podium-signs at events from paying attention to the sign when somebody released a doctored vid showing an altered/added name of the state where he was speaking on the sign, so that when Biden mentioned the name of the state in his remarks, it would not match what was on the altered sign, and that was supposed to prove him senile.
In the King James Bible (attached), the word "Thirty" appears 177 times, "Twenty" appears 294 times. "Thirty-three" or "thirty three" does not appear at all.

I found five instances of 33 and one of 133 - though that came from searching for "three and thirty".
I made a quick spreadsheet to give an idea of how many times each number occurs in the KJV text attached above by Mick. Just a simple search for each occurence:



- the total for "one" will no doubt include other meanings beyond its significance as a number, as well as where it appears as part of a word (eg, "condone")
- same for "ten": this simple search doesn't exclude things like "often" or "tent" (but luckily most numbers don't appear as parts of words)
- for numbers 21 to 40, I searched for "one and twenty" and "twenty and one", etc (numbers are written both ways).
- the totals for one to nine have had their appearances in 21-39 subtracted (eg, "3" is the total number of 3s less the number of 23s and 33s (but not 43s, 53s, etc)
- 100 is likewise the total number appearances of the word "hundred" minus all the "two hundreds, three hundreds", etc
- if a number such as 137 appears, it will be recorded above as both 100 and 37 (therefore there's plenty of room for fine tuning)
- eg, 33 appears 5 times, but it's shown above as 6, since there's also a 133
- 1000 is simply searching for "thousand", so could be "two thousand", "three thousand", etc

If anyone wants to take it further, here's the link to the spreadsheet (make a copy and knock yourself out).

To summarise: there's nothing special about the frequency of 30 or 33 in The Bible. 33 appears half as often as 32, and much less often than, say, the numbers 22-25, while 30 appears less frequently than 20, 40 or 50.

I'd say 2, 7, 14 and 25 are more likely "the magic numbers".
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True. I figured 12 was a given. But 14 is like double the number of occurences of 13 or 16, and higher than any other number above 12 unless they're divisible by 10. So for sure that's got to be meaningful. :)

The number 30 is a special number in four ways according to the Bible...

I don't really want to go through each of these "specific claims", but I don't see anything that would convince me of a 'pattern'.

The first "special way" is to do with dimensions - but this just seems like plucking out the number that they like. Even in your example they mention "11 curtains" - how is 11 any less significant than 30 here? And the ark was 300x50x30, while Solomon's Temple was 60x20x30. There are some very convenient omissions there. Maybe you can find things in The Bible that don't measure 30 cubits on any of its sides (Exodus 26.2 has curtains that are 28 cubits, for example; why not make them 30?)

The second one is a real stretch: that's a tiny number of examples for a book that has thousands of characters, and I don't find the mention of the obscure Kohathites particularly convincing.

According to scholars, Jesus was 31-35 when he began his ministry. "About thirty" is pretty wishy-washy if it's to support some grand claim.

The third one seems particularly weak. Forty days is a far more significant and well known timeframe in The Bible (the flood, Moses up the mount, Jesus in the desert, among others).

The fourth one, again, feels like nothing. Sure, there are instances of the number "thirty" in The Bible, but if this is the best they can present - especially for a number that's often rounded off to, or perhaps expected in a formation of soldiers (because it divides nicely, as in 5x6 or 10x3) - it's pretty weak.

Just do a search for other numbers and I'm sure you'll find equally significant events, people, objects, timeframes and places attached to them - and probably even more significant for other numbers (and not just 3, 7, 12, 40, etc).

(Interestingly, the wikipedia entry for the number 33 notes as many significant meanings for Eastern religions as it does for Judaism/Christianity.)
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The Wikipedia entry for biblical numerology currently lists the numbers 1, 2, 3, 3½, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 40, and 1000. I also checked the article history for recent (2020) deletions, in case someone edited out the 30 or 33, but that didn't happen.

3: The implication of three is "perfection"[1]:1505 or "holiness."(e.g. (Matt 12:40).[2]

Examples include:

I think someone is missing the forest here?

Trump Tower is 664 feet tall, add a 2 feet high altar on the roof, and you can do human sacrifices at 666 ft, right?
It also bears Trump's name in golden letters, therefore violating the prohibition against worshipping golden idols.
Clearly, Trump is the Antichrist, if you believe in numerology. (Which you shouldn't, it's a scam.)
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Is there any merit to his claims that the numbers 30 and 33 are consistently significant in the bible?

I'm far from a theologian, but I've read the whole Bible and taken a few university courses on the Old and New Testaments. Here's what I think.

There are numbers in the Bible that have religious significance. One example is 7, the number of days in Creation and the number of days in a week. During Creation, God rested on the seventh day, giving religious significance to the Sabbath for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Another significant number in the Bible is 666, "the number of the Beast" in Revelation. The number has entered mainstream culture as a symbol of the Antichrist.

There are other significant numbers in the Bible, but 30 and 33 are pretty far down the list. This is backed up by Googling "significant numbers in the Bible" and looking at the lists. Here is the list from Wikipedia: 1,2,3,3.5,4,6,7,8,10,12,40,1000. Here is the list from 1,2,4,6,7,12,22,40. Here is a list from 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12,40,70,666. As you can see, there's no agreement on which numbers are significant, but 30 and 33 don't make frequent appearances. One source that does list 30 and 33 is, but they also list every number from 1 to 14.
I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I often struggle to dismiss these types of things if I don't debunk them, even if they are as patently insane as this example. I'm not religious and have no meaningful understanding of the significance of numbers in the Bible. Can anyone help me decode and debunk this? Link below.

I had a look at the link above and I see he presents a great deal more 'evidence' on the significance of the numbers 30 and 33 than in the the snippet included here, such as:

Harry S. Truman, a 33 degree Mason, became 33rd President of the United States. In 1933 Adolph Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. The Masonic Great Seal with the Latin “New World Order” was added to the dollar bill in 1933. During World War II, 33rd degree Winston Churchill gave us the “V” for “victory” two-finger salute, which since the 60’s became a symbol for “peace”. Before it stood for victory or peace and was a symbol of the 33rd degree. There are 3 joints to the knuckle on two fingers making 33; then held apart like a V is about 33 degrees. Likewise, the human foot has 33 joints. The human spine has 33 vertebrae. The number of turns in a complete sequence of human DNA equals 33.

All the pyramids in the world are on the 33rd parallel and also the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. The ancient city of Babylon was very near the 33rd parallel while modern Baghdad is on the 33rd parallel. This area was once thought to be the Garden of Eden and later, ancient Sumer. Mount Hermon is at 33 degrees latitude and longitude.

Having read the full post, my advice would be to trust yourself in your original diagnosis that it's "patently insane".

I also notice that he makes some quite specific predictions about the near future, which will be useful to check back on:

As a new world order globalist elite, Joe Biden’s goal is to bring the U.S. into the one world government system; where the U.N. will be in control of the government, military, and citizens of the world. America will succumb to the siren call of the New World Order, thus losing her sovereignty, power, independence, and freedom. America the Great will fall, and will never again rise to such prominence. We will soon become just another region under the dominance of one of the Ten Kings/Kingdoms that will rule the earth during the end times. Eventually the Antichrist will kill 3 of the kings and the remaining 7 will relinquish their control to him. That is when all Hell on earth will begin in earnest. It will be the time of the Great Tribulation, otherwise known as Jacob’s Trouble.

Looks like it's going to be an interesting 4-8 years. :)

PS A few notes on his 'facts':

- Truman became a 33rd Degree Mason after he became the 33rd president
- The Great Seal of the United States is not Masonic, it predates similar Masonic symbols
- The Latin on the Great Seal doesn't mean "new world order" but rather "a new order of the ages" (a reference to a passage from Virgil's Eclogue decribing a fresh beginning characterised by honor and justice)
- The Great Seal was added to the dollar bill in 1935, not 1933
- Churchill wasn't a 33rd Degree Mason, he was a 3rd Degree Mason (different system in England)
- The "V for Victory" sign had its origins in France and Belgium, then spread through Europe, reaching Churchill via the BBC
- To say the V-sign is "around 33 degrees" is headshakingly ridiculous. You could probably make a V-sign be 33 degrees, but I'd imagine 99.9% of them aren't
- Most humans are born with 33 vertabrae, but by adulthood have 24 due to fusing
- Not even the Great Pyramid is on the 33rd parallel, it's at 29°58′N. 33°N passes through the sea north of Egypt
- Mount Hermon is located at 35°51′E
- The mythological Bermuda Triangle spans a very generous 14 degrees of latitude - but falls short of 33 degrees (Bermuda is at 32°N, Puerto Rico at 18°N)
- I couldn't find anything to confirm the claim that "The number of turns in a complete sequence of human DNA equals 33". My guess is this is just a bit of nonsense based on a misunderstanding.

It's all really rather silly.
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Depends on what they mean by "turns" since DNA has the 2nm double helix turns, coils into short nucleosomes, which then coil into 30 nm chromatin fibers, which itself forms 300 nm loops like a coiled rope. Total length of human DNA is about 3 meters with all the chromosomes set end-to-end. There's a LOT of DNA in a person and I'm instantly dubious of any counting of it that comes out with some small unit like that, playing with the various coil sizes I can't come up with any interpretation that comes out to anything resembling 33" (whether that's inches or arc minutes).

As for pyramids:
Amazing pyramids around the world - Skyscanner India
First google result breaks down a number of countries with prominent surviving pyramids. Italy, Spain, Guatemala, Peru, and Bolivia have pyramids and the entire countries don't even intersect the 33rd in their respective hemispheres. Pyramids are widespread in the ancient world (largely because there's only so many ways you can pile up a massive amount of rock and have it endure for thousands of years), but even just looking at Egypt and Nubia: The kingdoms were arranged for hundreds of miles along the banks of a river running south-to-north with pyramids from Aelxandria to Aswan.
The thing is, name any number, and I can name some data (geographical, historical, whatever) that fits it and makes it seem like that number has significance, especially if I'm allowed to bullshit you as I do so because you're not going to check. Numerology is a scam.

Some more "highly significant" 33 facts: AC/DC's record "Highway to Hell" has 33 minutes runtime and rotates at 33.3 rpm!
But that doesn't mean anything because every vinyl LP record rotates at that speed, and there are probably a lot of these that have 33 minutes runtime, so I can just pick what I want to make my point--because the aim isn't to convince anyonem, I just need to affirm a belief that already exists, and who fact checks things they already believe in?
Which version? On mine its over 40.

Highway to Hell [Vinyl]​

Digitally remastered European vinyl LP pressing of this 1979 release from the Australian Hard Rockers, reissued to coincide with their 2008 studio release and world tour. 10 tracks. Sony/BMG.
  • Run time : 33 minutes

For some reason, it's wrong. But when I searched for highway to hell 33 lp , that's what I got, because Google knows I'm looking for the number 33, so it selects results that show that number.
HIghway to Hell.png

The search is manufacturing significance because I was looking for that number.

A real-life analogy is that when you buy a new car, the streets seem suddenly be full of that particular model: but it's your observation bias, because you're now noticing them especially when you didn't do that before. But the number of cars on the road never actually changed, only your perception did.

Numerology works the same way: if you search for a particular number, you'll find a bunch of items of significance that you never knew of before; and of course that works the same if a "numerologist" points them out to you. But that doesn't mean the number is actually special!
You could find little-known facts about the other numbers as well, you just didn't look for them. (The numerologist knows this, but didn't tell you!)

If you had bought another car, you'd see that make and model more. If I had been looking for another number, I'd have gotten Google to show me unexpected results for that! The fact that I suddenly have more knowledge about that number is a result of me looking for that number; it doesn't mean that this number is special in any way.

And obviously, these results also include bunk featuring that number! If I go looking for the length of that album and not the number 33, I get the correct answer. But I didn't do that because I was focused on the number 33 in my search.

Numerology is a scam.
666 is a great number for deriving repetitive but meaningless sequences of numbers which can then interpreted in some mysterious way.

Looking at a few significant dates from British history:

AD Mysterious Number
54 - 0.081081081
1066 - 1,6006006006
1815 - 2.7252252252
1914 - 2.873873873
1945 - 2.9204204204
1954 - 2.9339339339
2016 - 3.027027027

The universe was created 13.6 billion years ago. Divide that by 666 and you get 20420420.420420. This is very similar to 1945/666 which is when the New World Order was created out of the ashes of WWII.

Divide my phone number by 666, strip off the whole digits and I get .603603. Two threes is six so the number can be read as 666, in a nicely circular argument.

You can do virtually anything with this nonsense. All of it meaningless.
I notice on that Rapture forum site some people have pointed out that 30330 is a zip code for Atlanta, Georgia - and Georgia being xxx, they're thinking that's significant. But, really, as it's unused it can't be referring to that, so it must be referring to the city of El Albujón in Spain - also zip code 30330 - where (if I remember correctly) a crucial battle took place on 9/21/1706 between the Bourbons and troops loyal to Charles the Sixth.

Looking at the date of the battle and applying numerology:


30330 is also a zip code for Belo Horizonte - the sixth largest city in Brazil.

It's so easy to make anything fit. :)

Likewise, I've been puzzling over why Mendel keeps saying "numerology is a scam". The repetition is conspicuous, as well as the use of the word "scam". Then it clicked: three times he's said it, and if you add up all the letters they come to 75 = 12 = three. Plus it's 4 words minus "a" (1) = three. 333 = 2x33 = 666! :oops:
Well, you know what they say:
No Numerology Are A Fake
No Numerology Are A Fake
No Numerology Are A Fake

That comes to 666 if you add up the values of the letters with a tool like
and obviously that's also a treasure trove for making carefully crafted phrases have a "hidden" meaning