Chemtrailists articles on Las Vegas Tribune (in 2005)

First part is dead like you say, second part is archived on Wayback here -

It looks like a blog opinion piece, big on claims but thin on references or evidence.

From what little I can find out about it the LV Tribune looks like a local free paper rather than a "major city newspaper" as claimed in the first link - source

"Over the past several months Miller has written several stories for the free, weekly newspaper regarding Rizzolo's ongoing dispute with "Buffalo" Jim Barrier, who owns an auto repair shop next to Rizzolo's club.

Dowon Kang, who represents Miller, said chances are slim that the Tribune, which has a circulation of about 10,000, could influence a potential jury pool. Moreover, there are plenty of alternatives to ensure a fair trial, such as changing the venue."

Ray Von
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Talks about exposing the truth, but then kicks off by giving weight to "suspicions and insights". Basically it seems to encourage just about any anti-establishment story.
There is a thread on this at Rogue Valley Geoengineering watch. It is an open group, but I have pretty much worn out my welcome there. Anybody else want to post there about the Tribune?