Boris Johnson in ICU with Coronavirus Symptoms

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If Johnson dies or is unable to continue as Prime Minister, then this is very significant news. So far I've seen a few conspiracy theories suggesting that this was the reason for the Queen's speech yesterday.

He's 55, seemingly no existing health issues other than being overweight, which seems to be a significant risk factor.

Mick West

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So far I've seen a few conspiracy theories suggesting that this was the reason for the Queen's speech yesterday.

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Obviously I wasn't looking hard enough. But the QAnon people are so quick to fold everything into their grand conspiracies that it's hardly worth reading them. Here they seem to think Johnson's hospitalization is something to do with a hoax involving Hydroxychloroquine.
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Or that he's being assassinated:
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Ha! So if he gets fine on his own - or dies - or gets better with medication - or is found to have contracted corona from a testing kit - or goes into a coma - or has to leave office because of some subsequent problem - or any other outcome -

They're all confirmation of the conspiracy?


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He is out of danger and discharged

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain was discharged from the hospital on Sunday, a major step forward in his recovery from the coronavirus and a welcome relief for a nation whose political leadership has been harder hit by the contagion than that of any other Western country.

Mr. Johnson, who spent three nights in intensive care at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, will convalesce for some time at Chequers, the prime minister’s country house, the government said in a statement. But he will soon be able to sign off on major decisions, including when to ease the country’s lockdown.

In an emotional five-minute video, Mr. Johnson thanked the country’s National Health Service, declaring it had “saved my life, no question.”


I saw someone share a link to this TruePublica blog post: Editor at The Economist: ‘Something fishy’ about Boris Johnson’s intensive care stay


To summarize the timeline:

March 26-April 4 - Symptoms, stayed at home
April 5 - Tested & Admitted to hospital
April 6 - Admitted to ICU
April 9 - Left ICU
April 12 - Discharged from hospital

All together about 17-18 days between first symptoms and giving the speech. While we have heard cases of people being on ventilators for 10-15 days, that is more likely to be most severe cases or people with preexisting respiratory conditions. Boris (who doesn't have a known preexisting respiratory condition) was in the ICU for 4 days and then monitored for 72 hours. That seems about right for someone who is otherwise healthy.

WHO says that mild cases run their course in approximately 2 weeks, and more critical cases in 3-6 weeks. Boris being sick for 2 1/2 weeks is normal.


We also don't know if or when he started taking a treatment like Hydroxychloroquine when he arrived at the hospital with severe symptoms. According to the limited (non-peer reviewed) Chinese study that took place, patients started seeing a significantly shortened recovery time for symptoms of cough and fever (around 5 days). That would be pretty consistent with his recovery period.

As for Johnson's partner, she too had COVID-19 symptoms, last week, though I'm not sure she is still ill, or will even be staying at Chequers right away during Johnson's recovery. There's a possibility she developed immunity, but it's unclear at this point if people can become infected twice.
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It was reported that Johnson was tested negative for Coronavirus before his discharge from hospital.
Presumably after a negative test he is not considered infectious.
I wonder if the same people who are now saying the whole thing looks 'fishy' were among those who eagerly reported that he looked and sounded terrible in the week before he went into hospital, and wasn't taking the illness seriously enough. Boris really can't win: short of actually dying, there will always be some people saying it was fake, or he was getting preferential treatment, or whatever.
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According to the limited (non-peer reviewed) Chinese study that took place, patients started seeing a significantly shortened recovery time for symptoms of cough and fever (around 5 days).
IIRC it cut off about a day on average?

And if we're talking about the same study, weren't the patients treated while the symptoms were relatively mild, and only the control group had severe symptoms?
I don't think we should speculate on how BJ was treated, if it isn't reported; and from what I know, the timeline doesn't feel unusual to me, so any claims that it is unusual I'd like to see backed up with evidence.


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At 6pm on the day the PM is released from hospital and only two days from leaving intensive care where breathing was a life or death issue, Boris Johnson makes a full unbroken 5-minute speech to declare that – “the NHS had saved my life – no question. It hard to find the words to express my debt.” Not once does the PM seemingly struggle to pause for an extra breath in an address to the nation
People always say things like "if it wasn't for x, I would've died". Cycle helmets, healthcare, car accidents, near drownings. They don't really know if it's true, it's just a turn of phrase, an overdramatisation. If he wasn't on a ventilator, I doubt he was at death's door, and far from 50/50. But it makes a better story if he paints it that way. And I'm sure it probably feels true to him as well.


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