1. tryblinking

    ‘Whistleblower’ video: “The TRUTH about chemtrails from pilots” (Richard Vobe)

    1 hour video, posted mid June 2024, presenting the anecdotal accounts and theories of two self-professed pilots, covering almost all of the current claims about the chemtrail conspiracy theory. I’d be interested to know whether it can be concluded that they are/have been pilots, or if any of...
  2. cmnit

    Malpensa technician whistleblower on chemtrail activities in airport

    The well know Italian chemtrailist "tankerenemy" aka Rosario Marciano' interviewed a technician working at the Malpensa airport (MXP, North Italy, close to Milan). A transcript of the interview is available here (in Italian only). The two main points raised by Enrico Gianini (the...