video analysis

  1. Mythic Suns

    Needs Debunking - a video my brother recorded nigh on 20 years ago of a ghost sighting

    I'm posting this with my older brother's permission because while he does believe in ghosts he's not above listening to sceptics, or at least that's how I've interpreted what he's told me (he is someone that will debunk other people's ghost videos even though he believes that what is in this...
  2. persephone

    Claim: UAP filmed by pilot over Monterrey, Mexico July 2023

    Hello, long time lurker here, first time making a post because I couldn’t find a topic on this particular video. Sorry if this is a repeat post. This clip was posted to Reddit a few days ago. It shows a clip played on Mexican TV apparently recorded by a pilot coming in to land at Monterrey...
  3. N

    What's the best way to find an angle subtended in a video?

    I figured you guys would be the best to ask. If I have a video of a skyline and an object in the sky (say an al jazeera video of a rocket that may have fallen and hit a hospital parking lot), what's the best way to find the angle that object is making with the horizon at the point of the...
  4. AllTheQuestionsToday

    New UFO video from Karlsruhe, Germany. What is it?

    Source: Source: Google Drive to original: Source: The sample photo is FAR less interesting than the video. What is it?
  5. B

    Bob Lazar 1989 Video Analysis Method

    A couple people have been using what they call "Video Analysis / Feature Extraction" methods to see what an object in a blurry or dark video actually looks like. (below is link to the analysis visuals) I know NVIDIA is making some great progress in image de-blurring techniques using machine...