unknown creature

  1. JFDee

    Debunked: Sea Creature in New Zealand (Boat Trail on Google Maps)

    The "Daily Mail" and other publications have picked up a story brough up by one "Engineer Pita Witehira". The Google Maps satellite view of Oke Bay in the North-East of New Zealand allegedly shows an unexplained phenomenon: a long darkish strip resembling a giant snake between two curved lines...
  2. Whitebeard

    Explained: Colorado Man Photographs Flying Jellyfish-Like ‘Critters’ [Water on Lens, Caustic Bokeh]

    From Cryptozooloogy News http://cryptozoologynews.com/colorado-man-photographs-flying-jellyfish-like-critters/ A man released a series of pictures of unidentified flying “creatures” that have left paranormal investigators looking for clues to decipher their true nature. Larry Smith, owner...