1. Mick West

    How Do You Take Good Photos of High Altitude Planes and Contrails?

    How to YOU get your best images of high altitude planes and contrails? With my 7D+500mm I would generally just use Shutter Speed Priority of 1/1000th, and leave the rest on auto. I'm not sure this is the best approach, but it's been okay for my needs. I've just got a new camera, a Nikon...
  2. Mick West

    Space Station Photos Disprove the "Flat Earth" Theory

    The above sequence of images is the international space station. I took them on Saturday, May 28th 2016, at 9:28PM in the Northern California town of Shingle Springs (near Sacamento). They are not very good, but you can still make out the general shape of the ISS, with the central body, and the...
  3. Whitebeard

    Contrail on Moon Disc?

    A friend of mine has posted this on facebook We suspect a contrail. Dunno any more details other than it was taken in Bristol, UK sometime this evening. Any thoughts?
  4. deirdre

    Cameras for close-up contrail photography

    plus there's the whole camera issue. not only how many people are looking for aerodynamics, but how many people can actually zoom in that far to see them! PS. Help: what kind of zoom do I need on a camera to do this?