1. JFDee

    Scientific Doubts about the "Welsbach Patent"

    There is a relatively recent article in the German Wikipedia about the theoretical base of the famous Welsbach patent which is often quoted by chemtrail believers. The article's critique in a very small nutshell: Welsbach materials can't emit light without being considerably heated. They...
  2. Mick West

    Debunked: 1975 U.S. Patent 3899144 for Powder Contrail Generation.

    Patent 3899144 "Powder Contrail Generator" is for creating a visible trail on a towed target (a target towed behind another plane, and used for target practice). With self powered targets they use smoke created with heat from the engine to create a visible trail, but in the towed target there is...
  3. U

    Geoengineering Patent 5003186 as Evidence for "Chemtrails"

    Here is a patent for chemtrail given to Hughes. US patent #5003186 Google it and look at the actual patent for adding 10 micron sized Aluminum Oxide to jet fuel. No need for aerosols, straight dispersal from exhaust. The purpose of this substance is to reflect infared spectrum heating from the...