jade helm

  1. Graham2001

    Debunked: 'First' FEMA Camp opens in Arizona

    First up the original story as it appeared on a Fake News site ('The National Report') seeking to keep the 'Jade Helm' clicks'a comin and which was repeated by various people as 'real news'. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has officially opened their first “Political Realignment...
  2. MikeG

    Military Trains

    Conspiracy theorists constantly post videos of freight trains carrying military equipment around the country as evidence of some type of impending disaster; military coup plotting, preparation for an economic collapse, takeover by the New World Order, a United Nations invasion, as a precursor to...
  3. occams rusty scissor

    Claim: US military are preparing a major PSYOP/martial law - Op Jade Helm

    A planned military training operation is gaining the attention of the consipracy crowd at the moment. The claim is that the US military is conducting a Psyop upon the American public with a large scale military drill called Operation Jade Helm 15. For the last few days, more well known sites...