1. Max

    Debunked: Stonehenge fake?? [Patched with concrete in the 1950s]

    These pics are going around. Can someone explain why this stone looks fake? there's a few pics of the prez walking by this stone and it doesnt look natural? It looks like a layer of plaster. There's also this whole notion the the stonehenge was built in the 50s and there's some pretty compelling...
  2. Mick West

    Debunking "Contrails don't Persist" with a Study of 70 Years of Books on Clouds

    One problem I have in telling people that contrails can actually persist, and can even spread out to cover the sky, is that people tend to be suspicious of random people on the internet. So I decided to simply let 70 years of books on clouds speak for themselves. Result: Every single book on...