history channel

  1. MikeG

    "History" Channel: Quick Debunks

    For a very long time, History Channel has blurred the line between information and entertainment. Two recent documentaries have exposed the network’s over-the-top sensationalism in ways that are hilarious and extremely frustrating for serious professionals in the discipline. The first example...
  2. Bfahome

    ElectroBOOM debunks "Current Mohan" (History Channel)

    In his latest video, Mehdi Sadaghdar (of ElectroBOOM) talks about a segment from the History Channel which claims to show a man, named Mohan, who can pass electricity through his body without any ill effect. Of course, with the ElectroBOOM YouTube channel being more about entertainment than...
  3. derrick06

    Debunked: HAARP ELF waves causing a earthquake

    This theory is an older one I saw via a youtube clip I came across accidently. It's a classic History channel conspiracy program discussing HAARP and chemtrails. One of it's primary proposed theories is that "ELF" or Extremely Low Frequency waves can cause earthquakes and this is what Ionosphere...