ghost sighting

  1. Mythic Suns

    Needs Debunking - a video my brother recorded nigh on 20 years ago of a ghost sighting

    I'm posting this with my older brother's permission because while he does believe in ghosts he's not above listening to sceptics, or at least that's how I've interpreted what he's told me (he is someone that will debunk other people's ghost videos even though he believes that what is in this...
  2. Mythic Suns

    Claim: chinless ghost photographed at a Police incident in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland

    The photo below was taken on November 15th by Lisa Todd and was featured in this article posted yesterday by the Daily Record I'm personally sceptical and don't believe that whatever is circled in is a ghost, but at the same time I'm having trouble figuring out what it really is. If I was to...