1. MisterB

    Debunked: Isle of Man from Blackpool at water level proves flat earth [refraction]

    Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nCaGCUy6XMk Source: http://imgur.com/oqIx5oM The video shows a portion of the Isle of Man from the waterline of a beach in Blackpool, at a distance of roughly 65 miles, and claims that this should be impossible on a globe, therefore the earth is flat...
  2. PeteShasta

    Observations of Mallorca Island and the Earth's Curvature

    The following post was made by @jeranism, using a fake account "PeteShasta". This is a bannable rule violation. I have been watching this forum and the videos made by Eric Dubaz, Jeranism and Mark Sargent for about a year now. I thought the flat earth dudes were ridiculous. Dumbest thing I...
  3. Vogon

    Crepuscular angles and the flat idea.

    Hello! First post. I lurked a bit and this forum looks very interesting for me... I have had a look for this info here but haven't found anything yet, as a Noob, I'm sorry in advance if this has been discussed already... damn let me edit, of course this image is broken.. OK. We know that...