flat water

  1. Qulaey

    Explained: 17.61 Mile Mirror Flash Supposedly Proves Flat Earth [Refraction]

    In a Youtube video documenting an expariment done by youtuber MrThriveandSurvive. He observes a mirror flash of the sun through an inferared modified P-900 at a distence of 17.61 miles or 28.24km. See if you guys can help me debunk this. Video link: Source...
  2. edby

    View across Utah Lake

    This video Source: https://youtu.be/0V-tkCzfsT0 from ‘Taboo Conspiracy’ seems to provide apparently solid evidence of flat water. He claims to be filming across from Eagle Park in Saratoga Springs to a place on the other side of the lake where his wife is positioned with a flashlight. The...