eric dubay

  1. Priyadi

    The Origin of the "Polaris is visible from south of the equator" Myth

    Executive summary: Rowbotham took the wrong conclusion that Polaris is visible from south of the equator from his misinterpretation of an article. His erroneous conclusion then was quoted by various flat earth publishers, including Eric Dubay who popularized the myth today. We know Polaris is...
  2. Rory

    Debunked: Eric Dubay "Flat Earth Proof" #13

    SPOILER ALERT: This post is very boring, and mostly pointless: not even flat earthers use this 'proof', and Dubay seems to have gone somewhat out of fashion, but I include it here because: a) I did the research already; b) others debunking his list on their blogs hadn't quite figured this one...