1. Mick West

    Earth's Radius Calculator (from the amount a distant object is obscured)

    By simply observing how much of an object is hidden by the ocean (or lake) horizon we can calculate the radius of the Earth. Take the three values (h = height of camera about the water, d = distance to object, x = amount of object hidden) and get the radius of the earth (r)...
  2. Mick West

    Earth's Curve Calculator To use it you just put in the distance to the object in miles and your height above the surface in feet. The Metabunk curve calculator was written to provide a simple answer to the question: "how much of a distant object is hidden by the curve of the earth from...
  3. PeteShasta

    Observations of Mallorca Island and the Earth's Curvature

    The following post was made by @jeranism, using a fake account "PeteShasta". This is a bannable rule violation. I have been watching this forum and the videos made by Eric Dubaz, Jeranism and Mark Sargent for about a year now. I thought the flat earth dudes were ridiculous. Dumbest thing I...
  4. Mick West

    Stand Up to Detect the Curve of the Earth

    A surprising fun science fact is that the curve of the earth is detectable simply by standing up. This works best with the surface of the ocean or a large lake, and it's something you can easily do at the beach. I recently gave it a go in a visit to Venice Beach near Los Angeles. With my Nikon...