curve calculators

  1. Rory

    Earth curve calculator for obstructions

    I've been working on a calculator that outputs the predicted visible amount of a distant landmark when there's an obstruction above the horizon, such as a view over terrain with a ridge or intervening mountain. It seems to be working pretty well, and I'd say it's just about finished, but I have...
  2. Mick West

    Earth's Curve Calculator To use it you just put in the distance to the object in miles and your height above the surface in feet. The Metabunk curve calculator was written to provide a simple answer to the question: "how much of a distant object is hidden by the curve of the earth from...
  3. ConfusedHominid

    Need Debunking (Claim): Metabunk Curve Calculator Does Not Calculate for Angular Size

    Hello all, Youtube user Taboo Conspiracy posted two videos in the past few months in which he made the following claim: Curve calculators, featuring Metabunk in particular, do not calculate for the angular size of objects. When ''corrected'' for angular size, such objects would be hidden below...