1. Balance

    Met Office - Case Study Contrail-induced Cirrus Apologies if already covered elsewhere (I tried searching but no obvious hits). Although a lot of the science goes over my head, it gives step-by-step analysis including tools used, which I assume could be useful to...
  2. I

    Dark arc associated with cirrus ice cloud

    The halo (photographed in Bangkok) is probably a circumscribed halo (at 22 degrees) that is due to a predominance of longer hexagonal crystals that are falling horizontally. The feature that I do not understand is the dark concentric circular arc at four-five o'clock at about 31 degrees. It...
  3. Mick West

    Explained: Flying Carpet Rhombus-shaped Cloud in Exeter

    via: The straight-edged rectangular formation was seen in the sky in Exeter, Devon - and images were quickly posted on social media. One picture of the rhombus-shaped cloud was...