1. derrick06

    Claim: Brazil "Night of the UFOs" and "Moment of Contact" film claims

    So an article came along my timeline from the oh so hyped Barstool Sports containing a clip with released audio featured in a recent documentary film "Moment of Contact" from a Brazilian fighter pilot confused over the sighting of apparently "a dozen UFOs" going approximately "11,500mph" over...
  2. D

    Possible UFO sighting on Live TV, São Paulo, Brazil

    Hello everybody, this is my first post in this forum, so i am sorry if I do anything wrong, Last week 16/02/2021 during a newscast, something with a weird shape ran across the screen, Here is the link, the possible UFO appears at 1:51:57 after some "research" i managed to find a Reddit post here...
  3. Dan Wilson

    Zika Virus, Pyriproxyfen, and Monsanto: What's Causing Brazil's Microcephaly Outbreak?

    Zika virus has quickly gained the attention of the world in the past few weeks due to its association with a large outbreak of microcephaly cases in Brazil. However, not everyone thinks the microcephaly outbreak is simply due to Zika virus. Everything from vaccines to GM mosquitoes to man-made...