1. flarkey

    Historical Satellite Pass Data

    Many UFO sightings at night can be explained by Satellites, particularly the bright ones such as the ISS. Some websites such as use a very text based interface which can be difficult to use making it hard to find satellite passes that match the observation. The website...
  2. Mick West

    Explained: "It's photoshopped because it has to be"

    Much has been made of Robert Simmon's statement about the Blue Marble image (above) that "it's photoshopped because it has to be" I think the misunderstand of this statement started out as trolling, but has evolved so that now some people are convinced that it means ALL images of Earth are...
  3. Astro

    Identifying Sun and Moon Transits

    I wrote a python program for identifying potential sun or moon transits involving a certain observer location but an uncertain observing time and/or date. It searches a TLE file containing satellite orbits for transits of the sun or moon over a user-specified number of days at a given location...
  4. Walter Bislin

    Checking the Oblateness of the earth with highres Satellite Images

    Hi. I'm an engineer and try to educate Flat Earthers, sometimes with a little success :) According to geodetic measurments the shape of the earth is not exactly a sphere, but slightly bulged at the equator - oblate spheroid. Flat Earthers claim that this oblateness can not be seen on satellite...
  5. Mick West

    Explained: "Satellite" crashing attached to a balloon [Google's Project Loon]

    Something that has recently been presented as evidence of faking the space program, or even of a "Flat Earth" is the occasional discovery of what looks like a crashed satellite, but one that has more gracefully descended to Earth on a balloon. One such example is the video "Satellite crashes in...
  6. Mick West

    Debunked: "Blue Marble" Photos show a Changing Earth

    This month NASA released a new photo of the Earth from space, (the 2015 image above) taken from the DSCOVER satellite, 930,000 miles above the Earth. Some people have claimed that this new image shows an increasingly hazy Earth, and that this is evidence of an increase in pollution, or a...
  7. JesseCuster

    Identifying satellites

    Is there a website where you can put in your co-ordinates, specify a date and time, and see a map of the sky and where various satellites were? I found this website via Google: - which looks like what I'm after, but when I change the date and time to the what I...