1. skephu

    Changing Conspiracy Beliefs through Rationality and Ridiculing

    A recent paper suggests (somewhat unexpectedly) that rational arguments and ridiculing can be effective against conspiracy beliefs, but emotional arguments are not. Orosz, G., Krekó, P., Paskuj, B., Tóth-Király, I., Bőthe, B., & Roland-Lévy, C. (2016): Changing Conspiracy Beliefs through...
  2. Critical Thinker

    Acknowledging and Confronting our own biases

    I am posting this to spur a Meta-level discussion where people can share their experiences in acknowledging and confronting their own biases. Not everyone here has an 'out of the rabbit hole' story, but maybe they have a story to share where they confronted their own intellectual biases. We all...
  3. Pete Tar

    Vox article on Debunking, avoiding The Backfire Effect

    Some good advice we should keep in mind. Lewandowsky: The moment you get into situations that are emotionally charged, that are political, that are things that affect people’s fundamental beliefs — then you've got a serious problem. Because...