1. TEEJ

    Debunked: Claim of Iraq/Syria ISIS Convoy with US Helicopter Escort 2015

    Video footage appeared during late 2015 claiming to be from the Iraqi Syrian border. This was widely spread on websites and social media and claimed to show a large ISIS convoy being escorted by a US AH-64 Apache. The footage was very poor and likely uploaded like this in order to hide the...
  2. Mick West

    Debunked: CyberBerkut Video Supposedly Showing Staged ISIS beheading of Foley

    WARNING: While no actual cutting or gore will be shown in this post, some of the images and animations in this article and the comments may be disturbing. A low resolution video appeared on the web site of pro-Russian hacking group CyberBerkut, dated July 10th, with the description...
  3. Chuck

    Claim: ISIS: Created and Supported by the CIA?

    I have been bombarded with links purporting that ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State is a CIA/Mossad concoction, created to demonize Islam, spread terror and give the US further justification to invade other Islamic countries. As is typical of this argument, accompanying one post was the following: OUR...