1. Giddierone

    Two planes near-miss over New York Airport

    I orginally saw this on social media and am surprised to see it repeated on the mainstream BBC News website without any further analysis. It seems to be an obvious perspective trick. Surely we know exactly which two aircraft are being filmed here and their actual distance apart? In fact i'm...
  2. Mick West

    Debunked: Hovering Ship "Fata Morgana" or "Mirage" [False Horizon]

    Tabloid media love to invoke the cool sounding "fata morgana" or "superior mirage" to explain images of things floating in the sky. The problem is that a real fata morgana superior mirage (above the boat) looks like this: An inferior mirage (under the boat) looks like this: In both cases...
  3. Mick West

    Above or Below: How to tell if a contrail is above or below a cloud layer

    Something that often happens when looking at contrails (or when people are looking for what they consider "chemtrails") is that a trail will pass though a thin region of cloud, and it's not clear if the trail is in front of the cloud (at a lower altitude), or if it is behind it (at a higher...