apollo hoax

  1. PCWilliams

    Debunked: Apollo 17 helmet reflection shows an unsuited stage hand [reflection of astronaut]

    Has anybody covered this yet? The newest round of fake moon conspiracies says Gene Cernan's visor in the image below is reflecting a person not in a moon suit. A link to one such story: http://www.newsweek.com/fake-apollo-moon-landing-photo-claims-show-proof-mission-was-hoax-716221 I think...
  2. nickrulercreator

    [Debunked] Apollo 14 Flag Waving Before Ascent?

    Recently saw this video (link at bottom of paragraph). I want everyone to know I DO think we went to the moon, this is just an interesting point being brought up by a hoaxer. I just want to know if there's an explanation as to why the flag appears to be swinging in and out of frame. I can't seem...
  3. Hevach

    Debunked: Philae Landing Faked

    This one's pretty far out there, and thus doesn't hold up to scrutiny, but I'm bored and this isn't my first Rosetta/Philae debunk rodeo. The first full article: http://theguttertrash.com/2014/11/21/explosive-new-evidence-rosetta-space-probe-philae-landing-is-a-hoax/ The evidence shows that...