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Quick Answers

People in caves could not carry out the attack.

  • This racist comment ignores the education and training of the terrorists. Bin Laden graduated from college a civil engineer and some of the terrorists are out of college
  • You don't need government help or a university degree to scare passengers into thinking you have a bomb onboard.
  • You don't need government help to turn off an airliner transponder and hide among hundreds of other airliners in the area


It's the first time in history a steel frame high-rise collapsed

  • It is not the first time a steel structure collapsed by fire
  • It's also the first time in history an airliner rammed into a steel hi-rise building built like the towers (Tube in a Tube design)
  • It's the first time in history a steel framed building built like Building 7 (Con Ed substation in the lower floors and a cantilever column core) was hit by another steel framed building.
  • unprotected steel collapsed within 2 1/2 hours in Madrid fire without being hit by anything


They collapsed into their own footprint

  • The floors of the towers fell straight down while the perimeter columns leaned out
  • These buildings could not collapse any other way due to the design of the building. It was not a solid block.


Explosives were placed in the building during weekend power downs

  • Controlled demolition of much smaller buildings take months.
  • The power down can not be verified by any reliable source.


A fireman said there were only two small fires in the towers

  • The fireman was on the 78th floor, the lowest of the impact floors on fire.
  • A wingtip was the only part of the airliner which entered the 78th floor.
  • The 78th floor is a skylobby which wouldn't have much to burn
  • The fires above the 78th floor had heavier fires which followed the fuel/combustibles.
  • If there were only two small fires on the 78th floor just before collapse, it only agrees with the NIST report. Cooling trusses contracted and pulled the columns in because the fires moved to other areas.


The Madrid and Caracas tower fires lasted much longer yet those steel framed buildings never collapsed completely

  • Neither building had the tube in a tube design used at the WTC
  • Unlike the towers, both buildings had their steel columns encased in concrete
  • The steel which was not protected with concrete in the Madrid towers also collapsed early on just like in the towers


The towers were built to withstand more than one airliner impact

  • The NIST never said the impact collapsed the towers
  • The towers DID withstand the impact. It was a combination of fire, impact damage and lack of fireproofing over the steel in the impact levels which collapsed the towers.


Ex UL employee  (Underwriters Laboratory) Kevin Ryan says UL certified the steel of the towers which did not fail during testing for the NIST

  • UL does not certify steel. They certify assemblies which included fireproofing on the steel
  • Kevin Ryan worked as a water tester and did not have anything to do with the collapse investigation
  • Mr. Ryan was let go from UL because he was making false statements about the company
  • The steel assembly with 1/2 inch fireproofing was rated for only 45 minutes.
  • UL never tested steel assemblies without fireproofing


The towers lease owner was being forced to remove asbestos from the towers. It would have cost him billions of dollars to remove it all.

  • The towers only had asbestos up to the 38th floor of one building.
  • Asbestos does not need to be removed, only sealed with a spray on sealer.


The towers were white elephants and never reached full occupancy

  • The towers were at full occupancy at least since February of 2001. It was at 90% in 1998.


The photos and videos of the bowed columns were due to light refraction

  • Light refracts differently in different angles. It would be impossible for light to bend in refraction in exactly the same way on every camera and video lens regardless of angle
  • The bow was only on one side of each building. Why didn't it refract around the whole building if it was a product of heat?
  • Videos show the violent pull in of the columns at the beginning of global collapse. It would be impossible for it to be refracted light


The NIST changed their mind and said the buildings did not pancake

  • The NIST never said pancaking caused the global collapse
  • The NIST was talking about what they investigated which was the collapse initiation. The collapse did not start by pancaking
  • There is photographic evidence of pancaking on ground zero which happened after collapse initiation


Silverstein said he "pulled" building 7. Pull is demolition terminology for blowing up the building

  • "Pull" is not demolition terminology for blowing up buildings.
  • Building 6 was literally pulled with cables which is why they said "We're about to pull building 6" in a PBS special.
  • Silverstein say "they" made the decision and not Silverstein
  • They made the decision to pull the rescue operation out.
  • The fire commander's statements agree with Silverstein's statement
  • Many firefighters said they were pulled away from building 7 because they feared the building would collapse


Building 7 only had a few small fires.

  • Building 7's south side was covered by smoke for most of the event.
  • Firefighters said the building's south side showed fires on multiple floors
  • Firemen said the building was "fully involved"


Building 7 had no or little structural damage

  • The firefighters put a transit on the building and concluded the building was going to collapse
  • There was a very large gash in the building which ran from the top floor to at least the tenth floor
  • Firemen said there was a 10 story hole in the middle of the building


The towers fell at free fall/near free fall speed

  • In every video and photo you can see the perimeter columns far outpacing the collapse.
  • The building took over 12-16 seconds to completely collapse. The actual event was covered by debris so no one can say for sure. One rare video has the south tower collapsing at about 22 seconds.
  • Conspiracy theorists cut their videos out when the perimeter columns hit the ground and not the building.


Molten Steel found weeks after the collapse indicates the use of thermite.

  • No one has scientifically proven the molten substance was steel. Can even be molten glass coating steel or an aluminum mixed with something else
  • Steel can burn/oxidize and would explain red hot steel
  • The photo of firemen over a glowing hole in the ground cannot be molten steel. The heat would have been too great for the firemen
  • Thermite cannot cut columns without large canisters all around the column
  • No demolition in history ever had steel glow for weeks
  • Thermite needs another primary charge to set it off. It would have exploded during impact explosion
  • The amount of thermite needed to collapse the tower would have been massive. (Tons) Impossible to hide.


A Thermite reaction is seen flowing from a window in the south tower before it collapsed.

  • The size of the flow would mean tons of thermite was in that corner of the building. Impossible to hide
  • The flow turned grayish as it fell to the ground, more like aluminum
  • The flow was seen only from one window which happen to be where the majority of the aluminum plane would have come to rest
  • The molten flow changed its direction with the sagging floor. Thermite doesn't walk
  • A UPS system on the 81st floor can account for the molten flow


Squibs were seen coming from the buildings

  • Because of the 'tube in a tube' design, each tower was about 95% air. Each story had an acre worth of floor space. The air from each story was compressed during the collapse. The air had to go someplace; out the window space, in staircases, down elevator shafts or other mechanical conduits. The compressed air is called "overpressure".
  • Firemen who survived the collapse in the buildings core felt the overpressure strong enough to push them down the stairs. They called it a "hurricane wind".
  • None of the so called "Squibs" could be seen before the collapse, which is evidence the collapse caused the effect.
  • Other very heavy equipment could have fallen down open elevator shafts (Elevators and motors, etc...) and rammed into floors blowing out windows on the floors and expelling ceiling tile debris.
  • The amount of these so called squibs are much smaller than would be expected in a controlled demolition, where charges are used on almost every floor.
  • Videos show squibs working in reverse from an explosive blast. The amount of ejected debris increases as the collapse progresses. Explosives don't work that way. Energy in an explosive is released almost instantly and would not get stronger over time.
  • What some say are squibs as building 7 collapses is nothing more than previously damaged exterior panels flapping about on a poor resolution internet video.


People heard explosions indicating explosives were used

  • Each floor had about an acre of 3" - 4 " concrete flooring. The sound of that plus office furniture and equipment collapsing on an office below would make a very loud boom.
  • Steel snapping under tension would make a very loud boom.
  • Large transformers exploding in the building would make a very loud boom.
  • Large oil filled transformers exploding from the fire in WTC 7 could account for explosions heard in the building before collapsing
  • Many of the people who said they heard explosions also said they realized it was the building collapsing causing the sound.
  • Even bodies hitting the ground sounded like explosions to some people.
  • Some say "It was like" before saying what they heard.
  • People generally try to describe something hard to describe by saying it's like something most people know. Like the sound of a hurricane is often described as a freight train by survivors.
  • You would expect a few people who are under attack by terrorists to think a loud boom is an explosive going off.


"Scholars" say the collapse of the towers is impossible

  • None of the conspiracy "scholars" have passed a peer reviewed paper in a respected scientific journal saying the collapse of the towers was impossible.
  • Many peer reviewed papers have been passed in respected scientific journals saying the towers collapsed from impact and fire alone.
  • The few scholars who say they are structural engineers and are conspiracy theorists are not working in the field.
  • Dr. Fetzer wrote books on JFK and moon landing conspiracies.
  • Prof. Jones was a physicist who worked on cold fusion and not structural or civil engineering.
  • Prof. Judy Woods was a dental engineer and did not have a job in structural engineering.
  • Gordon Ross is not a structural engineer. None of his so called "papers" have passed peer review by a respected scientific journal. He hasn't made a single attempt in a respected journal.
  • The scholars for 9/11 truth created their own journal which has no impact to the scientific community and is created by and for the conspiracy theorist community.
  • Conspiracy theorists haven't tried to pass a peer reviewed paper in a respected scientific journal. This proves they have little faith in their own work.
  • Structural engineers in Jones own university call his hypothesis "very unreliable".






Dr. Steven Jones says he found evidence of controlled demolition on Ground Zero in the form of Sulfur and Iron Spheres in the dust sample.

  • Sulfur is found in gypsum board
  • Iron Spheres come from flyash found in structural concrete, magnetic printer toner, torch-cutting of steel beams as part of the cleanup, aircraft impact, collapse,
  • The iron-rich content of all dust samples was between 0.1 and 1.3%. Not high enough to suggest it came from large amounts of melted steel.
  • Could have been there before collapse created during the construction of of one of the many buildings in NY.
  • Iron Spheres could be created by oxidation or chemical reactions during moderate office fires.



They would only need a handful of people to pull it off

  • They would have needed thousands for the conspiracy story to be true


A large portion of the American population believe the government planned 9/11

  • The polls are worded in a way to conflate the government hiding their incompetence with government involvement in 9/11.
  • Only 4.2% believe the government blew up the towers. 26.5% believe the government let Bin Laden fly planes into the building. That number is well below the 34% who believe in UFO's
  • If a large percentage of people believe the conspiracy story then why doesn't it show when they interrupt live events? Why no sympathy from the vast majority in attendance?



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