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Towers Collapse: Impact

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The impact was one of the largest contributing factors to the collapse. It's the part conspiracy theorists like to forget when comparing these collapses with others. The impacts caused real trauma to all three buildings. (Two airliners into the towers and debris from the north tower for building 7. The building 7 impact is another one conspiracy theorists like to forget)

The impacts obviously took out many perimeter columns in the towers.

The towers had a number of floors destroyed from about the perimeter columns to the core. The impact sliced the aluminum aircraft into smaller pieces but the speed of the craft also sliced through the steel like butter.


The impacts also spread jet fuel into the buildings. Not all the fuel was used in the fire ball. In fact, eye witnesses say jet fuel was creating curtains of fire as it poured down from the impact zone. But the jet fuel only started the fires. It was never the NIST's contention that the jet fuel brought down the buildings as conspiracy theorists suggest. Conspiracy theorists use this as a straw man. They say the jet fuel couldn't have bowed the columns and sagged trusses. Just as lighter fluid doesn't cook your meat in a barbeque, the jet fuel didn't sag the trusses or bow the columns. You also can't leave this important factor out either. Conspiracy theorists say the columns couldn't have bowed and the trusses couldn't have sagged because the jet fuel wasn't hot enough and was used up within about 15 minutes of impact. That's like saying your meat didn't cook in your barbeque because the lighter fluid burns too quickly. All the jet fuel did was act as lighter fluid and intensify the fire for about 15 minutes.

The impact brought a 500 mile an hour wind to the impact floors as a wall of debris traveled from one end of the buildings to the other. The jet fuel blast added to the event with more than just a pyrotechnic show. This high wind (debris and blast) blew the debris into the furthest corners of the building. It obviously stripped the ceiling tile system off in an instant. Photographic evidence shows no sign of ceiling tiles on the impact floors. In that same instant the all important "blown on" fire proofing was removed from the trusses and some columns. This could be seen from photographic evidence in the NIST report. The NIST also replicated the fireproofing and conditions during impact and found the fireproofing easily blew off. As with all the NIST tests anyone can replicate them if they doubt the conclusion.

Click on the photo to see a larger image. Conspiracy theorists will point to Mrs. Cintron waving by column 134 as evidence the fires weren't hot. But it's absurd to suggest she was there during the impact. It's obvious SOMETHING protected her and she made it to where she is to wave for help. Even if you think a missile hit the towers, something must have protected her.  Apparently, all critical thinking skills go out the window when conspiracy theorists see her. As if the fires behind and above her must be cool because her location appears to be. Another of many logical fallacies suggested by deniers.

[Wind as in air that moves... Believe it or not, conspiracy theorists have attacked the word "Wind" as if I was saying an absurd weather front moved into the towers. It seems that if they don't take the words out of context they can't attack it. Another absurd point was made about the airliner having air pressure on its leading edge as if the plane was intact as it ripped through the building.]

The load was redistributed to the remaining perimeter columns and hat truss system over the core. The design was truly robust and prevented the building from crashing to the ground early.

The building was left wounded and on fire but not dead. Unknown to anyone who was used to the typical office building fire, the building was mortally wounded. Just like a wounded animal left bleeding, the towers' fate was sealed.

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