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One of the benefits of the conspiracy theorist hit piece is that I get to read the E-mails from their minion. I found them to be, as Al Franken would say, "more a reflection on them than on me." I had to share them with you. I left the E-mail addresses in case some psychologist would like to try and deprogram them. The evidence that they are "programmed" is the way the hit piece tells them to jump and they say, "How high?" Note they all say just about the same thing the writer of the hit piece says. Note that they haven't even bothered to read my replies or address the evidence:


sure sound like a jew why dont you sign up for the army and fight with the troops if you are such a supporter 4 the war

dubman252 - http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=dubman252


So you cant even spell right and we are suppose to believe your dumb ass lol Why dojnt you go back to third grade - B2rian4@aol.com

hey dipshit learn to fucking spell, you piece of shit atty1chgo@peoplepc.com


maybe i'm being a little unfair, but you eat shit
no theories - Louis perry158@bellsouth.net


...brutally wrong.  I feel sorry for you and whatever crew you work with in
your shotty attempts to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy theories.  If you take a
level headed approach and seriously review the evidence that backs these
theories I'm sure you would eventually change your mind.  But until then,
keep doing your thing.  It's fun to laugh at the unthinking people like you.
All best,
Mike Hubbard raven_007@hotmail.com


Sorry but we cannot 'debunk'  3,000 lives.
 Best to seek the truth in all than be an instant lap-dog  
 of  Gov.or media or anyone.
              "Ignorance Is A Voluntary Misfortune", ya know....

No offense, but you obviously need to do a little more research. You didn't even address most of the biggest conspiracy claims concerning 9/11. Also if you want to be considered more credible, MAYBE YOU SHOULD RE-TAKE 5TH GRADE ENGLISH. You have the worst grammar, and clearly you don't know the difference between "singular" and "plural." Ryan Winch stoneygaming@gmail.com

Great stuff. Too bad it's not true. I wish none of the so called 9-11
conspiracies were true but unfortunately they are.
Who are you?
Bob Stevens
Genoa, Oh
419-344-1183 Bob Stevens mcse123@woh.rr.com

FOOL! fhicks@xtra.co.nz


Nice try, but it isn't going to fly in the halls of truth ...but maybe it will fly in your face where it belongs.....Whatever right??!!!!

Carolyn Dwyer

Just a quick note to let you know we are winning the race, and there is
NOTHING you shitty little neo-con fascist terror peddlers can do about it.
The web is buzzing with talk of your laughable debunk site, all in our
favour HA HA HA HA HA HA
Try a little harder maybe?
Please wake up! Miranda Fox mirandafox@hotmail.com

this site is a joke Jzwahoo@aol.com

Pathetic!! Jim & Marilynne Mellander (mellander@sbcglobal.net

Just checked your site, wow! It really has that 'professional' look, commonly found with government type sites. Since you do not let us know who you are, that in itself renders your site a complete joke and will be rated as such as it gets passed down the line. History will show that whoever you are, you aid and abet those who have commited this heinous crime, therefore your site is a criminal misrepresentation of the facts. Nice try, but don't quit your day job.

                                          Secret Squirrel,   Salem Mass.

Jeff Tanzer dexterousdigits@yahoo.com

www.dictionary.com - Darren Gibson drjdtrox@verizon.net

Dear ????,
I guess you're so proud of the pathetic information you've got on your web site, you have no reference to your name, location, credentials, experience, or anything that remotely shows that you have any reason to comment on what occured on 9/11/01!!
You shame the victims of that day, with baseless NON-FACTS that you portray as truthful....you should be ashamed of yourself!!  Each and every single person who is part of the 'Scholars for 9/11 Truth' has more experience, integrity, and credentials than you could ever wish for!  You contradict yourself and the facts more than a few times on your web site!  In fact, the web site appears to have been created by someone about 11 or 12 years old because of the high number of grammatical errors throughout!!  It's almost satirical of itself, in parts proving "the gov't. story" cannot be true and accurate.
Look at the facts, look at the facts, look at the facts......if you're not a gov't. shill, you'll come to the only possible true conclusion!!
Philip Markowich philmarkowich@hotmail.com


Seriously dude (or chick)!
We can argue over the details, but everyone knows that the official "TV news" version of 9/11 is bogus. Join us! COmphale@aol.com

I was just wondering who runs this website. The only story that appears to
be a conspiracy is the official story. It appears as though a government
agency is affoliated with this site because it appears to go along with the
911 fairy tale. The truth is going to come out to the main stream media very
soon and you will all be subject to the full extent of the law. The people
are tired of your mind controlling propaganda and will see through your lies
and deceit. Your wasting your time with this website because people know it
is bologne.
A true patriot Justin David justindavid3@hotmail.com

Are you CIA? Are you in bed with the bankers? You know we are 
laughing at you,Right?
Zachari Miles mistermissaloop@mac.com

You obviously are not even a liberal because no liberal would want a college professor silenced for his views even if they were wrong or from smoking pot for that matter.  SHill. Pat phair@wi.rr.com

Save the whales and leave 9-11 to the Pro researchers.
The Freedom Cowboy George Fry cowboyupcafe@tampabay.rr.com


debunk, debunk, debunk, debunk, debunk
get a life
go back to skool dumass
debunk debunk debunk.
Debunk Ben Petrie benno77@shaw.ca


Gatekeeper,your site is riddled with false statements & bogus photos,no wonder you will not put your name attached to it ,without knowing who you are I will spend  ZERO time here!
             ENJOY WORLD WAR III terry shepard shep21754@iglou.com

cry baby. Stephen Allen Plantscapes@cox.net

The words on your site make you come across as some uneducated, deep south, Bush-loving red neck. Mark Williams Mark-Williams@dsl.pipex.com

You stupid commie bastards....you'll never take over america so quit tryng. DIVOTDUDE69@aol.com

As a college student, I take great care to make sure everything in my papers is spelled correctly.  I looked at your site and noticed several things that were misspelled.  The first thing is a link entitled "World Trade Cener 7"  You need a "T" in the word "center.."  "Massive Conspriracy" is another thing you should fix.  I could give you a whole list of things to fix, but I don't have the time to do that.  Please make sure you fix all of your spelling errors because those diminish from your credabbility.  Yes, the Savior Jesus Christ did visit the American continent after is resurection.  I know that to be true.  I know that the Book of Mormon was translated by the gift and power of God through Joseph Smith, and that record is accurate and truthfull.  This book documents the Visitation of Jesus Christ.  Well, take my advice and fix your mistakes.  If you need help, I will buy you a goood dictionary.  Good Luck!

Riley riley1986@skyviewmail.com

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