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    I've always been impressed with some of the truly creative explanations offered by conspiracy theorists regarding chemtrails. Please post any that you may have come across.

    Here are three of my favorite...
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    Theory 1. Electrolysis

    "They" are decomposing aluminum rods into Al ions via electrolysis, in-flight and directly inside the aircraft's fuel tanks. The Al ions then pass through the combustion process unharmed and are ejected into the atmosphere and voila... a chemtrail is born!

    The CTist was never able to expand on his theory with any details. The most I ever got from him was that a secret government organization capable of orchestrating a global chemtrail operation could easily figure out how to create a chemtrail through an electrolytic reaction in jet fuel. QED.
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    Theory 2. Stack and Pack.

    This theory attempts to explain the gap between the jet engine and the beginning of the contrail... ehem... chemtrail.

    Aluminum particles exit the jet engine at such high velocities that the low frame rates of digital cameras are incapable of visually recording them. At some distance behind the plane, the Al particles slow down and get "stacked and packed" into a visible chemtrail plume.
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    This theory also attempts to explain the gap between the jet engine and the beginning of the contrail... ehem... chemtrail.

    Trimethylaluminum, a pyrophoric compound, is injected into the combustion chamber of a jet engine. Because jet engines are 99% efficient, there is no surplus oxygen to ignite the Trimethylaluminum. However, a short distance behind the jet engine, the TMA reacts with an oxygen rich atmosphere and turns into a visible trail of aluminium oxides.
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    It's interesting how people seek to rationalize their theories with increasingly complex pseudoscience. It's like they are so emotionally invested in the idea that they will twist and turn every way to avoid having to admit they were wrong.

    There's not much you can do with such people.

    My personal favorite "wacky" theory is that all the science books in the world (along with old films, WWII photos, and newspaper archives) have been tampered with to make it look like contrails have always been persistent, when in fact it only started around 1997.

    The most strident, and perhaps desperate, believer in this is TankerEnemy, who here claims some books I have are fake - even though he himself ordered the same book off EBay - somehow HIS copy was fake as well:

    And that all the WWII contrail photos are fake:

    There's also a convoluted explanation of how the KC-10 video is not showing aerodynamic contrails, ignoring all actual science.
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    Theory 3 Debunk:

    While a modern high bypass turbofan engine might be very efficient, the efficiency is not a factor of complete combustion of air, it is a factor of complete combustion of fuel. Well over 1/2 the air entering the combustion chamber serves no purpose whatsoever in combustion, but rather provides cooling for the hot gas path components. The air covers all surfaces from combustion cans to hot gas ducts, it also passes inside hot gas nozzles and even the turbine blades.

    I know this because I was trained by the General Electric Company as a Gas Turbine Field Engineer n 1979 and worked with gas turbine engines for years in industry.
    But don't just take my word for it, ask any number of the thousands of other people worldwide, and they will tell you the same.

    Did your people look up the meaning of the word pyrophoric?

    Not really the sort of thing you'd want on an airplane at all.

    Verdict: BUSTED
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    @ Mick ~ Ah yes, the fake book story. I visited your YouTube recently and was really surprised to see a couple people commenting that your books are fake. I mean, WHA?! I never got that far out, and they sure do look real to me. Those chemtrail evildoers sure are thorough with their DISINFO props, don'tcha think?!

    TankerEnemy (old MySpace handle, 'SupaHumanDignity') is really something. So sorry to hear he's still posting. Several months ago he blocked me on his YouTube page after posting just one comment, and it was a polite comment, too. If I'd known he was going to block me after just one comment I would've posted something more interesting. I asked a simple question about how he was measuring aircraft altitude, and if I'd known I was only going to get one shot I would have done better.

    Interesting thread. Thanks Pogopoint99
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    The conspiracy theory itself tends to grow increasingly complex, until it ends up as a grand conspiracy that implicates everyone including other conspiracy theorists.

    e.g. I've had one guy claim that chemtrails were produced by small military detachments. As our debate went on, he expanded his theory to include commercial airlines, the pilots, ground crews, engineers, everyone at the production facilities, the media, publishers, all levels of government and finally anyone that disagreed with him.

    Further to my point, Tankerenemy begins implicating ever more people in the conspiracy:

    "...You-Tube USAFFEKC1O appears now in effect under the control of Italian hoaxers.

    This says a lot about the role of deniers, as part of the cover-up about chemtrails and co-operation of ItalianYou-Tube staff in this misinformation."

    So according to Tankerenemy, the Italian YouTube staff and anonymous hoaxers are now also part of the chemtrail conspiracy. Priceless!

    Anyway, here are some other chemtrail theories that deserve honorable mention...
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    Theory 4. Hiding Planet Nibiru

    Chemtrails are ALWAYS sprayed in front of the sun to obscure planet Nibiru from sight. Period.
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    My "favourite" one is this one - chemtrials are making the sky blue-er:

    - http://www.rense.com/general92/chmm.htm

    - chemtrails refract dark!!:confused:

    There's a couple of phrases in here you won't find anywhere on the 'net except in sites that use this article - "Manganese di-Bromo di-Fluoro-Benzidine ", and "coherent phase fiber optics refraction".
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    @ MikeC ~ That's got to be one of the weirder ones I've heard. Say, did you know the author of that Rense article (Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri) has "gone missing?" ~ http://illusionofpower.com/tag/dr-ilya-sandra-perlingieri-missing/

    'Last Seen in Portland, Oregon at a Chemtrails Talk in April 2010'
    'We lost track of her after the Chemtrails talk in Portland, Oregon in April 2010.'

    How do you lose someone like that? Is she really missing? Where's the police report and the panic? And if they found her again (and I'm sure they did, in fact I doubt she was ever "missing"), how come this alarming post hasn't been taken down?

    Anyway, I found the doctor. I think I'll call that emergency number posted on the link (above) and tell them she's right here ~ ~ http://consciouslifenews.com/author/perlingieri/
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    Hi MikeC

    Dr. Castle is quite a character. He claims to have developed a inert polymer that can clean up oils spills. He's also selling pendants that create "vortices of pure magnetic natural energy that bathes the face, heart and body (up and down) in a continuous stream."

    Here's a short segment from one of his radio interviews:

    "The earth's natural magnetic field is not electro magnetic. It's got nothing to do with the flow of electrons or positrons. Natural magnetic energy is the primal energy force/field, excuse me, it's not a force. The primal energy field of this earth. It was here before time existed. It was precambian."

    Hmm... any idea where he got his doctoral degree?
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    I was unable to find any references years ago when I checked. Ordinarily people are proud of it, those who don't mention it but rather put a bunch of mumbo jumbo probablyused a Diploma Mill. I looked into those and caught a chemtrails "doctor" who had bought his in SriLanka.

    Can't you imagine Ali headed home to Whatsitstan carrying this prestigious degree from the world famous University of Berkley!
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    I have came across it before, and from what I remember, it was definitely not a PhD in anything like chemistry or even scientific. I seem to remember it did seem like something sketchy when I found it

    OH, I did find it. Its TOTALLY BOGUS, it is an honorary humanities "Doctorate", from an online bible college of some sort


    That is absolutely NOT a PhD, nor is it a real doctorate, or a degree. You can just write them and ask for it apparently
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    Heh...and it looks like everyone associated with "The Institute for Christian Worship" is a "PHD" or has a "Dr." in front of their names ~ http://www.icwseminary.org/

    In fact, there's a lot of irony to be found on ICW's web site. They also track "cults", among other things.
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    Well, yes, this is the one I remembered. The ICW diploma mill has aken down the link, but here is a copy from the wayback machine for the Dr.:

    Also a link to the "World Natural Health Organization"(WNHO) has a bio for the Dr. Note the the non-specific MS (Microsoft?):

    The WNHO address is a Postnet mailbox:

    The same mailbox houses the "World Council of Postsecondary and Religious Education"(WCPRE) which 'accredits' various diploma mills:

    WCPRE accredited diploma mills:

    You get the picture, its a revolving door, with one diploma mill closing and another accrediation mill opening.
    General info:
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    Nice find! You guys should be private detectives. That Wayback machine is a great resource...
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    Thanks for the followups :)
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    If you find a hoaxer whose material isn't on there , be sure to put his url into the wayback machine, most likely it will begin archiving. I can't tell you how many times I've found stuff using it when they tried to cover up their tracks.
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    Anthony J. Hilder's web site is almost unreadable:

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    Anthony interview me at the WITWATS Los Angeles showing while I was handing out the Contrail Science piece about the film to the incoming audience members. He asked so many wacko questions in this slow overly dramatic character that I thought he had to be kidding. I tried to be rational with him even as he asked if I would eat the spider web like material he found recently coming down from a passing chemtrail. One of the strangest person I ever met, even a standout among the many "believers" at the showing.

    Here's a new theory on the reason for chemtrails supported by a YT video that should bring a laugh.
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    Youtuber “Dutchsinse” produces an amazing load of bunk.

    5/5/2011 -- serious chemtrail activity -- Seattle Washington -- Clouds AND Precipitation ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJU_q06Q9pE

    I’ve been looking up since 2006. I used to believe in the chemtrail hoax and I’ve been looking up ever since. There is no such thing as “chemtrails”. Persistent lingering contrail formation are a normal phenomenon which occurs when aircraft pass through a very cold and moist atmosphere.

    I’m already banned from posting to this guys site, but I live in Seattle and there was nothing bizarre about the weather here on 5/5/2011. It was a very nice day for persistent contrail formation, but to be honest it didn’t come close to anything I observed in my area in 2007.

    Here’s a good question; Are there too many planes in the sky? I don’t know, maybe. On the other hand I think flying off to faraway places is probably “good” for my fellow travelers. It’s just one of many hard choices we’re all going to have to make as a species, because CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL and we are running out of time.

    “Adepto er Perfectus=dutchsinse” ~ Jesus...really? This is just some 34 guy living in Missouri (no offense to 34YO guys living in Missouri), he wants to be supported by Paypal donations, he posts total bunk, and look at this cat’s YouTube hits ~ http://www.youtube.com/user/dutchsinse

    If you watch the video you might learn a new word, “HAARPering.” Alien space craft (?!) are also involved ~ JD
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    I mean...COME ON...Ha ha ha... ~ http://www.dutchsinse.com/ . BTW, if you watch the use of normal May (5/5/'11) moving sats dutchsinse posts in that vid, right around 3 minutes he shows a huge weather front moving across the NW, and claims it is "a chemtrail". I kid you not. Two normal May weather patterns moved over the NW, and dutchsinse claims it is a chemtrail. "A" as in ONE. Ha ha ha...yeah, I guess that would be a very large ship, so I suppose jumping to the logical fallacy that it can only be described as "alien" makes sense.

    I'm just guessing. dutch hasn't returned any of my emails for two years now.

    Janet D
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    Thought I'd bump this thread with this gem from Contrail Science

    In conjunction with HAARP, the top secret Chemtrail program is being used to halt our cell mutation disallow our mutation to 12 strand DNA… It’s 2012 don’t you know? We are due for a DNA upgrade! TPTB don’t want that apparently, and will do everything in their power to keep us under their control… preventing us from ascending by using biological agents that attack our DNA will accomplish just that
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    Looks like it ends with an appeal to ban someone who found the "hole" in the argument!

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    That was written 12 years ago, and they said,
    Sounds like a false prophet to me. Stan Deyo is in the business of selling. He sells fear-based books and advertises for others selling gold, freeze dried food, and sundry other "preparedness" supplies. This is Stan Deyo's stock in trade, in order to sell the sort of things he offers, he thinks he must generate a continuous state of fear of an impending apocalypse of one sort or the other. He has been doing this for a long time, and will continue doing it since it must be lucrative enough to do so.
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    And yes ... I was banned. Interesting attitude. Keep the guy peddling absolute hokum and ban the person pointing out, politely, the galaxy sized flaw in the reasoning.
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    Well yes....what did you expect???
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    Heard the one about black chemtrails?

    Titanium dioxide nanofibres with an organic coating,which draw energy from your body when inhaled to replicate and eventually destroy your vital organs.

    Over the US today,apparently.
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    Oh yes, titanium dioxide. Well known for being black. :D
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    You can make it black:



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    "And yes ... I was banned. Interesting attitude. Keep the guy peddling absolute hokum and ban the person pointing out, politely, the galaxy sized flaw in the reasoning."

    Aww c'mon TWC. Surely you must see the logic that keeping all those black holes in a secret lab somewhere is causing all the earthquakes that are happening as well as offsetting the gravitational disturbances caused by Nbiru?

    (why is there no sarcasm icon??)
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    Indeed. I think this particular theory is another example of the "magic words" source of bunk. Titanium dioxide was suggested as "what they are spraying" many years ago by William Thomas. "Nano" is always something evil and nasty. "Fibers" are linked to Morgellons, which is basically a sister theory to chemtrails. So when you do a Google search for "Titanium dioxide-coated nanofibers", then a giant lightbulb must light up.
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