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    Chemtrail Kook -

    Read about me here - http://thestrongwatchman.com/war-room/51-war-room/756-worldwide-chemtrails-map-have-you-seen-the-map.html

    I built the Worldwide Chemtrails MAP

    We are many - you are few... we have the truth and you have lies...

    Keep breathing the air - looking down - nothing is happening - all is well...

    Is this board frequented by the NSA CIA DARPA trolls for SHILL ideas?

    Look into your kids eyes - tell them to breath deep - drink the fluoride - eat the aspartame - watch the tv... all is well...


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    Why do so many conspiracy believers preach like they're reading a manifesto, from a pulpit ?

    That personal observation totally aside.......... impressive map, Kook.....you obviously took some time to create it.
    Can I ask you....why do you not beleive that jet engines produce water vapor ?
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    By the way....if I reply here, am I automatically employed by the gov't ?...or could it be as simple as....that I just have an opinion different than yours ?
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    Look pal - I have 1000s of hours flying airplanes - Jets do produce water vapor. You are Captain obvious today - congratulations. Is that all you have? Please explain Aluminum - Barium - Strontium - found in multiple soil samples / snow samples. You want to bicker about quantity - how much is "normal" - after all radiation is good for us too - right? EPA just recently boosted the "safe" levels of exposure. I have so much trust in our government. You don't know history. Our government has conducted all kinds of Biological / Radiological / Chemical testing on the public without consent. Need an example - Google Tuskegee experiments. Or do I need to spoon feed it to you?

    Do a wee bit of research on all the PATENTS for weather modification.

    Spend some time in the cubicle reading this http://educate-yourself.org/ct/ while eating the govt. cheese.

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    Thankyou chemtrail kook

    You are right we are many, and we do have the truth, but they are many more and they only have blindness :'(
    The random question I had to answer to post in this forum was "What color are clouds?" LOL I could not honestly answer this question because I don't know what clouds are any more, I see grey, pink, and rainbow things in the sky but a lot of the time they are just made of "airplane shit". So I told the computer what it wanted to hear and now I can post.
    The more important question these days is "what colour is the sky?" as I look out my window on a sunny Australian morning the answer is white! Please keep doing what you are doing and maybe one day the sleepers will open their eyes.

    I have a facebook profile named "look up" if anyone would like to see information and photographic evidence of the chemtrail operation just look me up :p Btw I have no time for talk of slyphs or orgonite.
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    The EPA limit for aluminium in water is for colour and sediment purposes only anyway - it is not a "safe" limit at all (see http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/secondarystandards.cfm). Aluminium has been added to water for a century or more as a purification agent.

    Common sources for aluminium in your environment include aluminum cookware, aluminum foil, antacids, antiperspirants, baking powder, buffered aspirin, canned acidic foods, food additives, lipstick, medications and drugs, processed cheese, “softened” water, and tap water.

    Barium is also all around us - it is an anti-smoke additive to diesel fuel, it makes fireworks and glass green, it is in drilling mud, in many partos of the world it blows in the wind as dust from surface barite deposits.

    So if you are going to say that spraying them at 30,000 feet is somehow altering their quantities at ground level you also have to show that any changes ar not coming from all thsoe "normal" sources.

    What is the link between past experiments and eth current chemtrail theory? Governments have done all sorts of things in the past - massacred the natives (worldwide), practived slavery, conucted war and capital punishment, confined the mentally ill the asylums, refused native citizens the right to vote, jailed homosexuals, etc. Are you saying those are all still happening too?

    Past behaviour may make you suspicious, but suspicion of something happening is not evidence that it is happening.

    Patents have ben done to death - there are a million patents for all sorts of things and googling "silly patents" will find you many of them. Unless you can show that the patent is actually in use the existance of apatrnt means nothing more than somone had an aide they weer willing to put on paper.
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    Havent' clouds always been grey, pink and rainbow?

    There weer certainly a lot of grey clouds here yesterday (Wellington), and "pink" clouds were one of the things I was told to look for as a kid to indicte possible snow.

    All clouds are water, so make "rainbows" by diffraction if you are in the right place - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_iridescence

    There are mentions of iridescent cloud from over 100 eyars ago - eg
    -from http://www.lexic.us/definition-of/iridescent
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    So, is it true that you are a miltary pilot?

    What aircraft have you piloted?

    I actually rather doubt that you are who you say you are.

    I personally think that your "Grand World Chemtrails Map" was a monumental waste of your time.

    Any joker can gather pictures of contrails, a real military pilot should have been able to do much better than

    In fact, I don't think you believe in chemtrails at all...........

    Nice to see you again, but you're not fooling me.

    Still haven't responded to our challenges yet, 'Chemkook'.

    Happy Trails,
    Jay Reynolds
  12. Jayreynolds

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    At your site, you wrote:
    So, what about the challenges? If you were able to tell all your buds the EXACT tail numbers of the planes instead of just silly lines in the sky, you would become the 'Most Powerful Maji of Chemtrails Maps'.

    When will you get started? I am waiting and holding my breath, please hurry!
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    message to the Kook...

    (I believe I'm speaking for everyone when I say....)
    See, the difference here on this type of forum/site, is that we welcome all well written and thoughtful information.
    So if you have studies, tests, and intelligent debate/discussion....we welcome it.....even if it contradicts our beliefs.
    If people begin making claims without the ability to back those claims up...you bet we'll ask for substantiation and credible references.
    This is only fair, right ? ....in order to weed out the "bunk".
    Let's all strive for the truth, and remain on-topic.
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  16. jay reynolds

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    I am thinking that chemtrailkook is one of the types I wrote about before, the type that does't really believe, but derives some benefit from having the hoax continue. The site really has no content, the person has no history before a month ago, and what he says about himself remains sketchy, absurd, and most of all, unconfirmable.

    Perhaps the site is just an information collecting site for some other purpose?

    BTW, he better watch his step, he has made some big mistakes that I am not ready to disclose yet.............
  17. Unregistered

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    Wake up call

    You people are twisted. Weather modification programs exit; only though federal obfuscation, media distractions and conditioning is it that most think persistent jet contrails have always existed. The truth is impossible for some to imagine, while others build convenient lies to buy themselves a little more time to figure out where to go from here. Other toy with emotions to avoid logical examination. The future is now and people will stop this geoengineering madness no matter how many echo chambers of shills are built online.
    "You can only have your head in the sand if you're on your knees"
  18. jayreynolds

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    So, you want some logic?

    So, if you want to stop building "convenient lies to buy a little more time..", why not simply begin to document and POSITIVELY identify EXACTLY who owns the planes, their EXACT identification numbers?

    After all, these planes will eventually COME TO YOU!

    Yes, all planes must eventually come down to the ground, and if you knew EXACTLY which planes they were, and EXACTLY who owns them, there would be NO WAY that any "obfuscation" or "distraction" could be possible, could it?

    Yes, Mr. or Mrs. whoever you are, I have given you below the key to solving ONCE and FOR ALL, the 'chemtrails' conundrum which has transfixed you, frustrated you, and left you bitter enough to come here and vent your spleen.

    So, why come here with your emotons on your sleeve, yet provide absolutely no logical examination whatsoever?

    You want logic?

    I'll show you logic, buster.

    Here you go, now get to work and show everyone on earth EXACTLY which INDIVIDUAL planes you think are spraying you. Then go to the planes, look for the spray equipment, speak to the pilots. But don't blame anyone else but yourself if you won't take your own future in your own hands.

    After all, what was it you said?
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  19. Chemtrail Kook

    Here i see the same people that will look at their government as the end all to their every need, so if they are being hand fed, via public service or protected by the government as in auto workers etc etc, they will not see that the hand that feeds them will ever harm them... The trolls are always here in these blogs and yes many are hired just for that duty to spread disinformation, thru their personal voices such as the i got proof Ghosts exist posted on this page...

    Are all that come here and agree to disagree and do not believe the "theory", government agents NO..

    But now my friends who can't see the forest because it is obscured by all those stupid trees!! This is not a ufo thing, this is not a big foot thing, this is not global warming scam... This is reality, some people high up in world politics has taken it upon themselves to create a barrier between our sun and our earth with man made clouds via aircraft... Yes yes yes hot exhaust makes vapor trails under the right conditions, however being water vapor, they dissipate within minutes, they do not shear off downward or spread clear across the sky for hours and hours...

    US Army taught me to look up and live, You all that are so quick to disbelieve this should pay more attention to Your surroundings. I too have been around aircraft for many years, i have seen contrails all of my life, since the mid nineties the sky around where i live is a haze, blue sky is always around early morning and then the "water vapor" lol start trailing out of aircraft and never go away until by mid afternoon there is no deep blue any longer just a haze.

    Remember You disbelievers You and Your family members are breathing the same air and drinking the same water, protect Your family, take Your heads out of the sand, refuse the government kool aide treatments and protect Yourself and Your family by seeking the truth... The Truth does not exist on the TV .

    Remember if they can make us believe this is not happening and it is a hoax, they could depopulate the planet via the same method while You all just keep blogging with Your head in the sand mentality.

  20. jayreynolds

    jayreynolds Guest

    None of what you have posted here is reality, all you have done is try and plant more trees to obscure things.
    If you want reality, just identify the planes and all will be revealed.
    I can't take anything else seriously, NOTHING else shows that you are anything at all but lip service to a hoax.

    You want REALITY?

    Here is how to get it............


    Now, get to work, Bub.

    I'm calling your bluff. Show me something serious, stop being a 'talking head'.
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  21. jay reynolds

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    a true story

    When this hoax first started, a female chemmie who lived on the shore of Lake Ontario also claimed that she would nightly witness strange lights on the water of the lake. She would set up a camera and took endless photos of the light. She claimed that the light would submerge and then reappear and that it was a big mystery.

    Never once did she even mention taking a boat out on the lake to determine the source of the light.

    What is wrong with this story?

    You are acting like children afraid of a monster under the bed, yet afraid to look.

    Why is this?
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  22. ok so i will go out and buy a 18 megapixel SLR, and a 15000 to 25000 dollar lenses, spend time trying to take photos of aircraft traveling at high speed and high altitude.. digitally enhance the photos and maybe get some numbers off the tail or wing, and see what colors it is flying... Then find a way to get the FAA to cut loose information on the aircraft, trust that if they do it is accurate and truthful information...

    Come on! I am not some inbred country hick, i know how to mind rape folks just like You... There are many many ways to discredit people and their beliefs.. This is just one of them, others are as simple as agreeing with folks, getting close to the well of information and slowly poisoning it.... The latest and most effective way to discredit people is simply label them as terrorists in someway...

    Not all of us are uneducated as You might have hoped..

    Here is something for me to You, something to think about "
    If a fascist revolution occured... Would You know it?

    it is ok to disagree it is what makes us Americans, You have thrown out a challenge You know is not possible without more than a few duffle bags of undeclared cash LOL..

    All we are trying to do is put the information out for people to question what is happening, and it is for those who are doing this to their people, they have a self appointed duty to try to discredit us by pulling out of their disinformation magicians hat clever buzz words and phrases like "lights in the sky, ghosts, bigfoot, jersey devil etc etc etc..

    Yes it is far too easy for those who do discredit, there are far too many people who judge things by what they see on the TV... just look at some of the people who get to government office thru voters rofl...

    Anyway i may try to get some photos of tail numbers and colors and will post them on Your web site if You want the heat lol
  23. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    It really does not take much to get good photos of planes from the ground. Surely there are hundreds of chemtrail believers that already own an SLR camera? All it then takes is 12" 1500mm dobsonian telescope, which costs around $1000, to get photos like this:



    Questioning is great. But when there's an opportunity to provide definitive evidence of spraying, then why can't a few believers band together and get it?

    Michael Murphy is in Maui promoting his film - he could get set up to take photos like this for less than the cost of that trip. Why has nobody tried this?
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  24. nice photo, no tail numbers, clearly flying british airway colors, but that is just paint, contrail is light, most likely low altitude. still nice photo, thru a telescope? small window of opportunity and very lucky shot... unless You know what it is like to use a telescope and lets say track the moon via auto star or some other program and know just how fast the moon leaves the view of the telescope You might be impressed with this photo and think it is as easy as pie to create... people are impressed with photos, have no idea how they are taken, how the process works, the difficulties getting a good shot.

    so You can show a picture of anything, claim it is something and most everyone in the world will see the photo and proclaim it as what You say it is...

    Oh hey btw got some reading for ya all <-----(ya all) lol my efforts to convince You i have a low IQ rofl

    link http://www.thehiddenevil.com/techniques.asp

    more cannon fodder for You lol

    but honestly if there was a way to get tail numbers thru the FAA and then thru the airlines to see if and where they are landing, then get access to the fuel supply (ever heard of homeland security) test said fuel supply, assure that the test is not jacked, and the truth comes to You untainted...

    simple right, without drawing harmful attention to oneself just in case there is a true plot in motion...

    disinformation techniques are so very cool, i love the challenge and in fact i have been toying with the thought of using the same techniques on the other side...
  25. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The challenge of getting photos of "chemplanes" will obviously not disprove the entire chemtrail theory, just the aspects of there being things like nozzles, or specific unmarked planes. Then you are left with the trails coming with from the fuel, or from secret tanks that either mix with the fuel, or inject into the exhaust stream.

    Debunking is about identifying bunk, so the truth will rise to the surface. Aren't you interested in clarifying exactly what is going on? Or do you prefer your theories to be vague and amorphous?

    That's not a lucky shot, above. It just takes a little practice. Is that really too much to ask to expose a plot that affects (and is possibly poisoning) the entire planet? Really? A few hundred dollars, and a few days work to save the planet? what exactly is stopping the chemtrail proponents from actually making a believable case?

    Check out these photos:


    There are hundreds of such photos on that forum alone, most of which clearly identify the plane, airline and flight. And they show contrails.
  26. jay reynolds

    jay reynolds Guest

    Well, Mr. High IQ,
    You chemmies need to ask yourselves why you haven't gotten even CLOSE to the expertise that hobbyists who call themselves "Planespotters" have gained. They are MILES above you, Mr. High IQ.
    Why haven't your GREAT WORLDWIDE CHEMTRAIL MAP creators shown you what you need to know.
    After all, it's been over a decade you people have been making these claims.
    I don't even have to be facetious to tell you that the answers to all your prayers, the HOLY GRAIL has always been so EZ for you, Mr. High IQ.

    Why do we always have to do your work for you, eh?
    Maybe your own IQ is lacking somewhat, eh?

    Here is another pearl:

    FAA and worldwide military databases of tail numbers. Basic aircraft ID techniques, the whole bag.

    Access to fuel supply?, hey that's your problem to solve creatively. I thought you had a high IQ, didn't you?
    Hey, go get a job as a fuel man if you like.
    But, after all, if there was something in the fuel, just take your exhaust sample at the end of the runway,
    or hire a turboprop and get it delivered to your plane on the tarmac and ask for your own sample.

    Hey, why not just go ask for a sample, have you even tried?????

    All I'm seeing from you, Mr. High IQ is jawboning, complaining abou how hard your job is, and thinking up excuses about how I caaaaaaaannnn't do it!

    Stop acting like a spoiled little child and show us some results.

    Man up for once in your life.............
    Then, maybe, just maybe, you can be taken seriously.

    Till then, you're just another chemmie, garden variety, clueless, IQ<70
  27. jay eynolds

    jay eynolds Guest

  28. ROFL at You

    PSYOP 101! It does works both ways... I see we are into name calling now, Your anger has risen which leads me to believe i have completed my mission here.. i will not be posting any longer ROFLMAO. MR High IQ LOL

    Good Luck with Your future, oh ya next time when standing in line for Your kool aide subsidy ask for the grape flavored it is wonderful.

    Trust Your government it has never made a mistake that they are aware of
  29. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I don't think name calling is at all productive, and I have a specific politeness policy in place over on contrailscience.com. But it's perhaps somewhat telling that you use Jay's insults as an excuse to avoid answering the real hard questions about the lack of evidence for your theory.

    Sorry to see you go, as you did at least attempt to produce some response to the suggestions, although somewhat clouded by your own "don't trust the government" rhetoric.

    I don't trust the government. I make zero reliance on the authority of the government. I just go by verifiable facts, observations, and science. All of which tell me that there's no evidence that what people are calling "chemtrails", are anything other than persistent contrails.

    I think people get your point about people in power having a history of corruption and covert operations that don't have the public's individual concerns at heart. But given that - what's the actual evidence? Why this theory in particular?
  30. jay reynolds

    jay reynolds Guest

    You haven't seen me angry here yet.
    Perhaps my words were strong, but the time for nicey talk was long past for this sort of person.
    I've seen his type many times before, he is just as interested in the truth as tankerenemy, and
    when shown a logical common-sense way to get it, he chose to drink the kool aid and escape it all
    back into his very small world.
  31. jay reynolds

    jay reynolds Guest

    BTW, a question for some of the pilots out there.
    Who provides fuel services at most airports, specifically Jet A.
    Is it centralized or do airlines get their own?

    How would a chemmie go about getting some fuel?
  32. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    Basically the big fuel companies provide it - in these parts Mobil, BP, Shell (Aeroshell) all provide fuel. In some places they share storage tanks, in others they have their own. Airlines have contracts with companies to supply fuel.

    buying some out of the tank would be a matter of ringing up their local office (possibly at hte airport concerned) & asking how to go about it.
  33. jay reynolds

    jay reynolds Guest

    I'd be willing to bet that Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin have never even tried to buy some fuel and have it tested. I know for a fact that no chemmie has ever offered up an independent lab analysis of jet fuel to test any of their claims. You might note I don't use the words "their theory", because what they say doesn't rise to that level.
  34. back again lol

    i apologize for breaking my own promise of not posting again.. But maybe i have found a reason why, if it is truly happening, there is spraying of the atmosphere to create artificial clouds. Also i did find a video eligibly filmed by some Air force pilots of a plane dumping something... Thought You might want to see it, even if You do not believe it.


  35. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The first link is about the thermosphere, which begins at 90 km up (about 300,000 feet, ten times cruising altitude, so way above any contrails or visibile "chemtrails")

    The second is an aerodynamic contrail, and is addressed here:

  36. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Guest

    For someone who makes that claim, you seem to have little knowledge of the atmosphere.
  37. First off learn to read what is printed without conclusions please. The information was presented as a reason for such a thing as geoengineering, nothing more nothing less. You see if the thermosphere has contracted far enough to allow less protection from UV radiation, then maybe this is a reason for such geoengineering.

    it would appear that all You are good for here is to have a debate on who is stupid in Your eyes and has little or no concern about the truth or what is not the truth.

    You are angry for some reason, idk why but it seems all You are about is flaming people which leads me to feel You are only here to discredit.. PSYOP?

    All the more reason to never return here as it is what it is. "The truth is what i say it is" new forum name suggestion maybe
  38. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    It seems like a poor reason for geoengineering.

    1/ the information is new, but geo-engineering has been around for decades
    2/ the "collapse" of the thermosphere has stopped, and it is "rebounding"
    3/ the reasons for the collapse are not known, so how would you know what to do to address the cause?
  39. jay reynolds

    jay reynolds Guest

    I do sometimes get angry when I see people manipulated by lies. You want an example?
    You have been programmed by reading chemtrail websites to beleve that geoengineering is loading the atmosphere wih aerosols, right?

    Yet yesterday I posted on is forum research from 4 years ago that proves aerosol density has steaily declined during he time period of the chemtrails hoax.

    A google search for chemtrails and aerosols yields 670,000 results.

    Yet none of the websites will tell you that aerosols have been in decline for the past 30 years.
    They lie through omission.
    They have created a mind-numbed army of zombie chemmies.
    They must do so to maintain control over your mind, dude.
    Don't be a mind controlled robot, think for yourself.
    See how you are being manipulated, and wake up from the hypnotic trance you seem to be in.

  40. Leifer

    Leifer Senior Member

    You are either greatly exaggerating the prices of the appropriate lenses, or have not bothered to investigate the possibility and cost to add potent factual evidence to your beliefs.

    I don't understand why you are resisting the opportunity to prove your case. Surely you would want such hard evidence, right ? ....to satisfy yourself, and also pass that information on to others (??)

    It's best to not digitally enhance any photos, other than cropping and light contrast adjustment.... If enhanced, also include the original unretouched photo as proof of the amount of digital manipulation involved.

    (how to do that...is explained earlier in this thread....very easy.)

    Bragging about your ability to "mind rape" people, is not the best resume attribute. I'd rather hear about your ability to adhere-to and promote real, verifiable facts.

    Yes, please...that's the good heat.

    So, to summarize.....We are not only asking you for more verifiable evidence.....we are actually telling you how to do it.
    This is not only to satisfy our curiosity of your beliefs, but is an opportunity for you to become more well armed in defense of your position regarding "chemtrails"......and a way to prove us mistaken.
    Perhaps you and a few friends band together and cut the costs and time involved. Much of the photo equipment can be rented.....rent it on a Friday, and it need not be returned until Monday....most of the time this is considered a "one day" rental, saving even more $$.

    How interested in this subject are you ?