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  1. Yanut

    Yanut New Member

    Wow ... This Story in Mega Troll-Worthy... !!! Keep sharing Wolfgang W Halbig's story.... Watch the Trolls SPIN!
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  2. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Did you actually want to add something to the conversation? If so you need to rethink your post. At the moment it's roughly the equivalent of 1984 valley-girl speak in both clarity and content.
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  3. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Senior Member

    But when they visited his home they gave him all the validation he needed to be convinced he's onto something big.
  4. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Senior Member

    The parent who won the lottery twice has now become three parents winning twice.

    It's like they deliberately get things wrong so they can justify the suspicion.

    There's people that still think there was recorded footage of him entering the school.
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  5. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    My friend's cousin's boss's gardener has proof that nine of the parents won three times on alternating Tuesdays. You can trust him because his chiropractor's acupuncturist was born in the year of the ox
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  6. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

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  7. havan1

    havan1 New Member

    Not really a conspiracy theorist, just a sympathizer. I enjoy researching conspiracies, but I don't get emotionally invested or anything. Sort of like devil's advocate, I guess.

    You're right, it was a press release.

    The domain seems like it was created in Oct. 2012;

    Wolfgang is a self-promoter, that's for sure. Aside from appeal to authority, his background does bear on the question of credibility and whether he is a notorious nutjob or conspiracy theorist.

    I think he was only a Fla. State Trooper for three years in the 1970s. I can't independently verify it at this time.

    For more information on his background, there is a voter guide from when he ran for county commissioner in 2010.

    Here is his youtube video where he makes his case.

    He seems quite earnest, but in my view those e-mails he sent and the comments he made seriously undermine any air of legitimacy he may have created for himself.

    (Incidentally, he has made his number public. Someone ought to give him a call and report back.)
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  8. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    less then 3 years according to (one of) his letter(s) to the school board.
    ...almost 40 years ago!
  9. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Halbig's "Children's Safety Institute"'s address is:

    5703 Red Bug Lake Road Suite 103, Winter Springs, FL 32709

    This is a UPS store. Just a mailbox.

    In addition the CSI seems to be nothing to do with regular school safety, and instead focuses on the safety of children with special needs, such as autistic children, and how to handle potentially violent special-needs children.
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  10. Influence

    Influence New Member


    You do realize your quote "how that qualifies him in the area of police procedures is beyond me" shows you ignore the fact he was a police officer. So, now ask yourself again the question, "how would a former police officer know police procedure?" Do you see your own mistake in such a comment as "how that qualifies him in the area of police procedures is beyond me." Also, is there a problem with asking some basic questions of such an event? Is it only oh kay for CNN to ask questions, but not a man who deals with Children Safety? He is not asking over the top questions, he is asking some very serious and yet general questions that no one should have a problem answering on procedures. I personally see no issue in asking questions.
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  11. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I think the point was that he was just a Florida state trooper, for three years, forty years ago. And hence his experience is not incredibly relevant to this type of event, where procedures have certainly changed, and where Florida state troopers were unlikely to be involved.

    There's no problem with asking questions. It's just a problem asking questions when the answers are pretty obvious. See here regarding the helicopter:
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  12. Wedge

    Wedge New Member

    Halbig is now accusing Lt. Vance and Kehoe of "visited by Detectives from the Lake County Sheriff’s Dept in late December 2013 and told to “back off,” or the Connecticut state Police would arrest him on harassment charges, all for filing FOIA requests, and calling law enforcement officials concerning the event."

    Just like his 10 Questions, this claim isn't rooted to any evidence...just assertions.
  13. Wedge

    Wedge New Member

    The only difference being, his questions are nonsensical...they don't really ask or prove anything. Not know the answers to his "questions" in no way clouds what we in Connecticut, all know happened.
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  14. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    what Mick said.

    He's not asking over the top questions? wondering why a fire department might be selling Christmas trees 10 days before Christmas, isn't over the top? Fixating on porta potties and a highway sign isn't over the top? i could go on but if you don't see it already, why waste my breath.
  15. Keith Johnson

    Keith Johnson New Member

    Fact Checking Wolfgang Halbig's Claims:

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  16. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Senior Member

    (video description)

  17. Tiggs

    Tiggs New Member

  18. Melbury's Brick

    Melbury's Brick Active Member

    Perhaps there should be a minimum age requirement for posting on Metabunk.
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  19. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

  20. Redwood

    Redwood Active Member

    LOL! Go to the 25 min. mark of Halbig's "American Free Press" interview and hear him claim that "45 to 60 gallons" of blood would have been spilled.

    Really, Wolfie? REALLY? Hmmmm.... There were 7 dead adults (including Lanza), the rest children. Total blood volume of a human adult is about 1 1/2 gallons, on average. Small children run to less than half that. Assuming that EVERY LAST DROP OF BLOOD were drained from their bodies, that doesn't come close to "45 to 60 gallons". I have yet to meet a conspiracist who could do math.

    It also might have helped Wolfie's cause if he had cited an actual case of a bloody crime scene where a biohazard company was called in to clean it up.
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  21. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    I appreciate you pointing that out…what you say is so absurd that I forced myself to
    listen to that portion, and yes, he actually does argue assert the insane "45 to 60 gallons" figure
    you noted. It's hard to imagine that an adult could possibly think there would/could
    be even half of that crazy amount...
  22. The latest I have read is that Halbig has since been "fired" from his job, a claim he posted on his personal Facebook page,

    Then later he posts that a business partner left due to suspicious conspiracy theorist activity,

    And now and if you click on his webpage for CSI aka Children's Safety Institute, the site is no longer there.

    He seems to post in a frantic manner, but that is simply my perception, however, here is another post to further explain his plight with the whole situation.
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  23. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Senior Member

    I thought he set up the CSI? So he was fired from his own company?
    (I guess that can happen)

    ETA. Wayback archive only has the title page so no links to the 'about us' sections.
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  24. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    Yes. Yes it can.

    --Steve from Cupertino
  25. Schneider

    Schneider New Member

    Funny how when certain "sensitive" questions come up involving situations like sandy hook or 911 or Boston bombing the thread is quickly dominated by "senior member" its so obvious this site is just out there to cloud the truth from being found im sure if mick or the lizard pix person were around for any of the many false fags of the past they would havd been carrying the water for the PTB. have you ever scene footage from the mass killing at the school in russia; absolutely heartbreaking. that is how a real ordeal like that would go down not in any way like sandy hook: to sanitized, controlled, neat and clean. What happenned to common sense? Im a parent and know many many parents. Obviously everyone is different and deals with extraordinary situations differently. But come on people; why did every single Hook parent act like they were right out of a bad sci-fi movie like the stepford wives. Reason & logic & historical precedent absolutely point to us, the public, not getting the full story. The admins on this site are too niave to be running it. If the truth isnt sitting on their coach; they go dumb and buy the PTB line of BS. sad really the only topics you can rely on getting revealled is maybe some concrete natural phenomenon. But when it comes to exposing the dirty little secrets of the elite in this world; look elsewhere. Im not bright enough to know but its only 3 possibilities: they are on the payroll of the PTB, terrified of the PTB, or naive newbs. Come on metabunk stiffen up that spine and start admitting that there are some real problems with the way the Hook case was and is being handled. I leave you with 2 points: 1. if I had gotten word of a incident at my childs school you would need atleast 3-4 officers holding down from going into that school. 2. No one would tell me that I will not be seeing by own child again; regardless of the damage their little fragile body had sustained
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  26. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    I bet if you try REALLY hard you can come up with a few- MORE trivial and LESS correct- "points".
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  27. Mark Barrington

    Mark Barrington Active Member

    Have you ever been involved in a similar crisis situation? Because I can tell you that however you predict you will react will probably be wrong, because people almost always act differently under shock than they predict they will while not under stress. I hope you never find out how wrong your predictions are.
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  28. Schneider

    Schneider New Member

    do I sense sarcasm? Are you aware that sarcasm is a typical defense when coming from a position of weakness?
  29. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    they didn't 'react' like that anyway. lots of parents showed up at the school UNTIL there were enough extra police to push them back to the firehouse. there are plenty of articles stating that. police reports talking about it in the case file etc.
  30. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    no, I didn't know that ; )
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  31. Schneider

    Schneider New Member

    Unfortunately, yes sir I have experienced a situation with co-workers being held at gun point and police would not allow us to go onto the property. I do agree crisis can and does effect everyone differently. that is the point all of victims families have the same reaction. do you not find that the least bit curious?
  32. Schneider

    Schneider New Member

    there are no reports, no photos, no video of families being held back
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  33. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    Honestly, I found very little persuasive in this odd ramble…two, maybe three words of it had the ring of truth.
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  34. Mark Barrington

    Mark Barrington Active Member

    One, they didn't all have identical reactions, there was considerable variety in the way they reacted. However, none of them, to my knowledge, physically interfered with police operations during the crisis situation. How would have that been helpful? Did you try and bust through the police line and try to save your coworker, or did you wait until you were cleared to enter. If you did the first, you are a fool.

    People tend to get pretty emotional about this issue, where they see conspiracy theorists causing additional grief to parents who have already suffered enough. I've written plenty on this subject in the 'Not Enough Tears' thread, and I don't have a whole lot to add to that.
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  35. Schneider

    Schneider New Member

    Well now you. And where are the less trivial and almost correct points you speak of? Stop clouding your mind with mindless Television programming like Abfab ;-(
  36. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    there are some less trivial questions/points out there. not a lot. Halbig even has one or two.
  37. Landru

    Landru Moderator Staff Member

    Do you have any proof to support ANY of your assertions?
  38. Schneider

    Schneider New Member

    Tell me how many people did you see displaying anger? panic? confusion? How about denial? How about hysteria like crying and laughing simultaneously? check out beslan, Russia Please stop attacking the individuals that are bringing up uncomfortable questions. I'm speaking from the perspective of a student of human behavior. I'm telling you something is not right here from parents to cops to local media to state officials to national media
    Maybe I should start a thread for debunking metabunk LOL
  39. Mark Barrington

    Mark Barrington Active Member

    I'm done with you. I can't reply to any more of your posts without violating the politeness policy. Please read the rest of the site.
  40. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Since this thread has devolved into discussing generalities, it will be closed in ten minutes.
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