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    It seems this sites only purpose is to protect the status quo. Debunking theories put forth by random individuals on the internet as if they stood on their own feet to begin with. There's also a strange ' us and them ' mentality. A divide and conquer technique. As if you need to pass through some academy to become a 'conspiracy theorist' i.e an individual on this earth who has questions.

    Most of the information is not even debunking, it simply has 'debunked' in the title with the opinion of the Administrator giving the impression it's debunked. That guy talking about the City of London is a perfect example, it IS a sovereign state within London UK. It has its own laws, courts, police force and is a tax haven. Yet the Admin does not debunk that, he lets that pro-status quo garbage sit there for all his followers to read.
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    I'm an equal opportunity debunker. If I see something that is bunk, then I'll try to debunk it. I'm no fan of the Government, and I believe that basic greed is causing a large number of problems in this country (the US specifically). I have significant philosophical and political differences with many of the "us" members of this board.

    The post on the City of London was a bit weak on details. I did not write it or title it. But you are quite free to refute it. I've not seen any evidence that the City of London is its own sovereign state, so you simply stating that it is is not a good counter-debunking.

    Things do not become true by repeated assertion. If you think there is something wrong, then demonstrate it is wrong, with references and evidence.
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    It seems that the 'City of London' is a strange area. See Wikipedia


    The entire area is just over one square mile and it has about 7000 residents. It does not seem to fit this definition of a sovereign state


    It is not considered one by the United Nations, either. Remember, the Washington DC is not a state, and not a city, it is something else---it seems that the financial district of London is another odd ball governing unit.
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    The reason corporate or governmental wrongdoings aren't debunked is because when they do actually happen, there's nothing to debunk. How can anyone debunk something that's true? Then it's the job of a good journalist to inform the public of the facts, and a healthy media infrastructure would insure these facts were known.
    When a claim of wrongdoing is falsely made, or exaggerated, then it is the job of this site to explore in what way it is false.
    Perhaps you mean why doesn't this site debunk false claims made by corporations or government? I'm sure that when the opportunity to do so arises, this site will rise to the occasion.
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    It's not a sovereign state. There's some discussion of this here:
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