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    Update since I converted my camera to Infrared.
    b. a.

    The above IR shot (the B&W one) is not necessarily ideal conditions, which is why it looks generally worse than the color shot. But, even with the limited test, I don't think IR would be a great benefit for the relatively short distance of the Wallace experiment.

    IR does cut through haze, but it does basically nothing with atmospheric turbulence (i.e. chaotic refraction from rising hot air).

    It also tends to lose contrast entirely on printed things. The red and white sign above now seems totally white. Even just that you lose color is probably enough of a downside.

    It would not hurt to have IR as well as visible observations, but I'd not make IR the primary observing mechanism.
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    Nice one Lee, I'll for sure be in touch if it looks like happening. I wrote a detailed proposal linked below, and have had plenty of interest. Perhaps next time I'm in England I'll look to making it happen.

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    Thanks for the head's up. On the unlikely chance I'm in the UK then I'll head down and throw a line of balloons on 13-foot strings into the canal and let them photo the curve with their P1000s. :)
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