1. Z.W. Wolf

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    CBS News coverage of the international FE conference in Cary, North Carolina.

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  2. Rory

    Rory Active Member

    Looks like a religious convention, and the birth of a new religion.

    I guess that's okay. There's no requirement on this earth to maintain rational thought. No reason why we can't all live in harmony.

    Peace. :)
  3. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

    i just ignore FE brethren as are too beyond my patience or time to bother with... I did begin my steps into debunking when found myself analyzing a Neil Adam Expanding earth youtube claim,,,, well sure a silly idea too but at least he thinks its a globe and not flat
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  4. qed

    qed Senior Member

    Interestingly, the conference appears to have attracted mostly the very young. It is a conference of kids.
  5. Leifer

    Leifer Senior Member

    I usually place the FE ideas "on the side burner" so to speak.....I follow it a little bit, and watch it simmer.
    But in my kitchen analogy, more stoves are needed, because many hot pots keep getting added, as if they are all for a CT buffet. There's no charge for this buffet, but there is a cost.

    It's become "a thing", this whole group of "awakened" individuals and "truth seekers", where everything is a conspiracy.
    It's an organic mass growing on the internet, being dutifully nurtured by "group think".
    ....and I expect more to come.
    I still have the (personal) belief that there could be a foundation being created for some sort of futuristic new religion here, where social-media + (new) Truth + Google (top searches).... spawns a unique and absurd situation of A.I.
    A good percentage of them are already on the 2017 conspiracy-version of Christianity.

    And there's reasons why that could never happen....
    It could be that the very nature of CT thought, prevents it's overgrowth, because when anything gets super-organized, it eventually gets called a conspiracy (self regulating, or like a pressure-release valve).
    Evidence for this is the "in-fighting" among CT groups and between strongly opinionated and vocal individuals, which makes getting organized, difficult. In their world where "go with your gut instincts" and "idea-tossing", no man-made organization can exist within an architecture of "doubt everything".
    With no boundaries and limitations, it's run-amok.
    Science is a boundary for CTers, and that's why it's overlooked (or invented) a lot of the time......what-ifs in favor of what-is.

    Here's an article....
    "If a Scientific Conspiracy is Funny, That Doesn't Mean it's a Joke"

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