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    Dr Leroy Hulsey and two of his students are conducting an investigation for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth into the causes of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

    Dr. Hulsey is an experienced and active professor of Civil Engineering who has co-authored numerous papers in the last decade alone - mostly on bridges and the effects of cold weather on structures like bridges. He has a Ph.D in Structural Engineering, and is currently the department chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

    In the context of his AE911 work, Dr. Hulsey has been described as a "Forensic Structural Engineer". Richard Gage described him on 9/10/2017 as "one of the top forensic structural engineers in the country". However I can't tell if this is accurate, as it's nearly ONLY used in that context.

    Since many proponents of 9/11 Truth argue that for the validity of Dr. Hulsey's credentials, and since "forensic structural engineer" would be an ideal credential, then it would be good if this credential could be backed up.

    He is not described as "forensic" on his university web page, where the word "forensic" does not appear.
    Nor does it appear on this older resume (page 244)

    It DOES occur on his LinkedIn page though (misspelled twice)
    That's a little odd, as the words "forensic engineering" only come up twice on the uaf.edu web site, and neither are in connection with Dr. Hulsey.

    Dr. Hulsey's company Alignment Systems Inc does not have much a web presence. The Google Reviews page has five five-star reviews from 9-10 months ago that do not really indicate what type of work was done.
    https://www.google.com/search?num=50&q=Alignment Systems Inc fairbanks&oq=Alignment+Systems+Inc+fairbanks

    Their web site was created on 2016-09-23 (about 12 months ago) and is currently down, and has no history. http://alignmentsystemsinc.com/

    They have a facebook page from September 2016, with four followers and one five star review from an account with one friend who appears to be a professional positive reviewer whose friends are also reviewers.

    They have a Tumblr page from the same time period:

    Source: https://alignmentsystemsinc.tumblr.com/post/152644656314/construction-claims-service-in-fairbanksak-99709
    And then there's a Vimeo account with a video made with stock footage, and then the same thing on YouTube. And then a variety of company directory entries that mistakenly classify it as a wheel alignment company
    This odd cluster of social media sites, including a fake looking FourSquare account, and a suspended Twitter account, suggests that someone was paid to establish a social media presence in the fall of 2016. Probably http://411locals.com/ as that's listed as the contact to renew his expired web pageThis is not an uncommon thing for an older business to do. The lifetime of the company has variously been listed as 1993-present and 2002-2013 (both on Linkedin), and 2001-present (in 2011). Presumably he was acting as a consultant, and in about September 2016 decided to increase his social media reach using 411Locals, but did not renew it after a year.

    However there's basically zero mention of his business name on the internet prior to 2016. So it seems very difficult to determine what exactly Dr. Hulsey's experience is in the field of Forensic Structural Engineering. All that I can tell he has done that comes close is monitor the structural health of bridges.

    [Update] While the odd social media stuff might look suspicious, I looked up 411local on Yelp, and they had several terrible reviews about very pushy marketing. So quite possibly he just got talked into it by some salesman, then did not renew.
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    The review from Amy Springer smells of fake due to her wording:

    "I really admire people like Dr H";


    "It's an honour and pleasure to work with such a person"; which to me so far makes it sound like she knows him, but then the next sentence says:

    "Highly recommend THEM...". If you know the person personally, why would you then 'accidently' call him 'THEM'?

    Sounds like a bot.
  3. Mick West

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    Hulsey says:
    Okay, that's a start. Sometime before 1990 (when he moved to Alaska) he assisted in determining if anyone was at fault when a low metal structure under construction was blown down. That type of thing certainly fits the bill, bit it was a long time ago (nearly 30 years), and it's unclear what his personal involvement was.
  4. deirdre

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    It could be more a self imposed title vs an academic credential. Based on this page from Columbia, there may not have been such a thing as "Forensic Engineer" until recently. Wayback only has the page marked as of 2012 .

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  5. Mick West

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    "Forensic Engineering" has been in use at least since the 1980s. But yes, he might simply have referred to it as "structural engineering" back them.

    Still the point remains that there's almost no examples of his work in the field.
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  6. Ph_

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    Ever since the CSI shows "Forensic" has become a buzzword as a prefix for people who are experts in a certain field.
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    yea I keep looking in between and I cannot find any verification so far. Something he said about his [alleged] partner and computers rang a bell though, so I was rereading about a collapse we had near me and thought this excerpt was apt to the current situation
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  8. Jeffrey Orling

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    Your quote is basically why the NIST and the Hulsey approaches are feeble attempts at explaining reality with a model and expecting anything close to fidelity is represented. You can't prove a thing without the as built measurements and all the data from the entire building during the course of the day.
  9. deirdre

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    which is why professional forensic engineers would likely know to use words like "probable" in their reports.

    I was more referring to the computer expertise part with that quote though.
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  10. benthamitemetric

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    Using Lexis Advances's search tools (which are the gold standard among us attorneys), I tried to find a record of Leroy Hulsey serving as an expert witness in federal or Alaska state litigation. There is no record of his involvement in any case, which strongly indicates that he hasn't actually been qualified as an expert in any actual litigation (unless it was 20+ years ago or in some other state).

    There are literally thousands of structural engineers who do this sort of work regularly. It is serious work and highly lucrative to those who have the right skill set ($350-$700+ per hour for work on a major litigation, such as what Arup did for the Aegis Insurance case). If Hulsey hasn't even done this sort of work even once at a reasonably high level, it's a real stretch to call him an expert, let alone one of the top experts in the country.

    It's also worth pointing out that there are multiple sub-groups within ASCE particular to forensic engineering (see here for the largest), which groups hold conferences, publish working papers, etc. There is no evidence that Hulsey has ever been active in any of them.
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  11. Nada Truther

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    Does anyone know of his level of interest in 9/11 and WTC 7 Prior to this investigation? What I mean is... Was he one of the 1000+ Architects and Engineers that supported the new investigation and a cover-up prior to being approached by A&E for 9/11 Truth, or did he just get involved recently? It would make me wonder why he got into the game so late, if he is just getting into it. it would make me wonder what his motivation is.
  12. Oystein

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    When this story broke in 2015, I checked on Hulsey, but could not find anything that connected him to the Truth movement. He was at no time a signer of their petition.
    I didn't do a very exhaustive, stalking-level search on the interwebz, though.

    I think if he had exposed himself as a Truther before that time, someone would have recognized him and called him out.
  13. totallackey

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    With respect, what examples of any such work exists.

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  14. Mick West

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    A bit of googling will bring up several. Example:

    Sure, it might be the type of thing that does not get written about. However if he was one of the nation's top forensic structural engineers you'd expect at least one recent example. Instead all we see is 30 years of monitoring Alaskan bridges.
  15. LardyL

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    Having worked as a forensic scientist in the field of fire and explosion investigation since 1994 I can confirm that consultants describing themselves as forensic engineers have been around for at least 20 years. Generally there would have been some specialist forensic practitioners back then but not many at all, most of those involved were doing it as a sideline to their normal business roles.

    Not so sure about forensic structural engineers though as in the early days we would deal with forensic architects in the UK as they were involved in structural fire precautions and later with fire engineers who took over that role and have branched into their own field in the intervening years. We also dealt with some building/constructional failures in our firm and the building specialists there were of various types, but I can't recall specifics from the mid-90s.

    There are a wide variety of experts in the fields of forensic engineering however and some are more professional and "forensic" than others. You might find his Court appearances described in the various judgements, opinions and decisions. But on the other hand if he is a decent expert then there is good reason for him not to end up giving evidence. If your report is good enough then either your side will settle/fold or the other party will reason and settle/fold. Sometimes that depends upon the quality of the other expert!
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  16. Paradigm_shift

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    She was previously talking about Hulsey specifically, then she's referring to the company - Alignment Systems Inc. when addressing a company, "them" is applicable.