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    Have you looked at the videos that prove it?

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    It's quite bizarre. Either he's just trolling, or he's got some kind of face-blindness. The comparisons he make are only very superficially similar, and are quite obviously different people.

    However, there's a small percentage of the population with some kind of face blindness, and hence a small percentage of the conspiracy community with face blindness, and so he's got a small following.

    It might even be a bit more that that, some broader form of visual agnosia.. He often compares ears and noses, and finds them to be the same when they are obviously different:

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    That was my thought, also.
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    Wellaware1 and his youtube channel DallasGoldBug (and I believe he makes more screen names too, so he can convince his followers that he's legit) is nothing more than a joke. You can look at what his "findings" on what he says about the people from Sandy Hook. He's even that delusional where he believes he exposes the medial examiner from Sandy Hook and got him to "cut and run". The laughable part is when he provided a link of when the medical examiner wanted to retire, was that it said. M.E. (medical examiner) Withdrew From His Resignation. He only wanted to retire because of the short staff and low budget or something to that sort, but he change his mind in Feburary of 2012.

    Some people believe that Wellaware1 guy is hired from a CIA agent to debunk conspiracy theories, but all he does is confuses his followers, and even himself. Like Mick points out that he's face-blind, the "Ear biometric" he spews off is someone I wouldn't trust period; especially, when they're not a match to begin with. As well as, not only is he trolling, but he's scamming people to donate to his false causes. I guess he has it in his head he's some kind of cult leader; if you try to argue with him, he'll block you from his channel.

    Here's where a radio show host exposes him as a liar.
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    "Unless you have studied psychology, greed, the "el-ite" & many other linked subjects not may are qualified to just dismiss "eds" work ..."

    Er, what?
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    Has Ed made an appearance? Or is it his sock puppet, Richard B Dawson?
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    Mick, with all due respect you chose one example. Not saying you are being divisive as I actually agree with you mostly. Although I would say that some do seem to be the same person judging by their facial structure and ears but it doesn't take a genius to work out that his claim of measuring an ear to be as accurate as finger printing are mistaken at best. The only way an ear could be as good as a finger-print in that sense is if it was an actual ear-print of course.

    You said there were only two options. I think there is a 3rd one that is just as rational. He is possible trying to make anybody who does criticise government or the globalists to be a crazy conspiracy theorist.

    His "work" is being ranked well on Google and its often the first thing people see when they research things like Sandy Hook conspiracy.

    He has made these for some people I know. Like a friend of mine called Ryan Hall. He said Ryan was JACK BLACK. Ryan was really upset by that understandably.
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    When people would go on Chiarini's FB page and question him, he would frequently go look at their photos and claim their children were Rothschilds or some other family he thinks every actor is a member of. He is such a johnny one note I don't even look at his material for the humor factor any more. My fascination lasted all of about 2 days.
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    I would be upset too if I was associated with jack black.
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    Agreed, although, this was just one example. Some really do look very similar if not identical. I will find and example when I have more time. But I am not saying he is right. Only an actual ear-print would prove anything conclusively. Not simply ears looks very alike to the naked eye.
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    Walt's ear edge makes an oval "O"....Hitler's ear makes a reverse "C" (in the left ears).

    (bet you didn't know all ears are Latin)...haha...Auris l'inganno

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