1. George B

    George B Extinct but not forgotten Staff Member

    Welcome to Metabunk!!!
  2. Stephanie B

    Stephanie B New Member

    Hi there! I was upset when I saw the videos on fake snow and tried melting with a lighter. The results were what I now know to be a normal response.
    Thanks to you! Truth can be stranger than fiction. Cool website.
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  3. George B

    George B Extinct but not forgotten Staff Member

    Welcome . . . and Thanks!
  4. FrederickEason

    FrederickEason New Member

    I had signed up before, but apparently my account went missing, so I signed up again. I found this site from Contrail Science a while back, after the comments there were closed.
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  5. George B

    George B Extinct but not forgotten Staff Member

    Welcome back . . .
  6. KatzPajamas

    KatzPajamas New Member

    Hi! I am KatzPajamas. Found this site while researching someone I strongly suspected did NOT have the credentials she claims to have. I am reading Mick's How-To list to learn how to ask the right debunking questions regarding her untruths. Thank you for having such a great site.
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  7. George B

    George B Extinct but not forgotten Staff Member

    Welcome to Metabunk . . .
  8. mazer

    mazer New Member

    Hello, im an engineer with 18 years experience on the ISS and Space Shuttle programs. Conspiracy theorists just rub me the wrong way i guess , some people even think ISS is a hoax. Im looking for intelligent reading and coversation to restore my faith in humanity instead of pulling my hair out at every yahoo who guffaws at a contrail in the sky or thinks every off nominal weather day is a sign nibiru is coming. Thanks!
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  9. Svartbjørn

    Svartbjørn Senior Member

    Welcome aboard Admiral Rackham, hope you find a few things you can sink your teeth into.
  10. trthfndr

    trthfndr New Member

    Hey, came to this site after looking up info on the V3solar cell and really like the analysis of the tech. The tech seemed to be to Good to be true and it seems to be.
  11. PhilipAmos37

    PhilipAmos37 New Member

    Hello, I ended up here following up on a chemtrail post on facebook.
  12. George B

    George B Extinct but not forgotten Staff Member

    Welcome to Metabunk!!!
  13. nealhugh

    nealhugh New Member

    Hi! Neal H. Hurwitz here... Nealhugh Hurwitz on Facebook and Neal H. Hurwitz & Associates there as well... On LinkedIn... etc. I like this idea here to debunk...
    Many thanks! Neal NY NY
  14. Jason

    Jason Senior Member

    Hi guys, my name is Jason and I reside in NJ, USA. I'm a father of 4 and happily married. I struggled a great deal during the 2012 nonsense, and luckily found a site called 2012hoax.org which helped me out a great deal. Throughout my participation over there I've heard this site pop up several times with great recommendations, and so here I am. As I understand your site is more geared to all things that deal with conspiracy theories and psuedoscience, so I'm looking forward to helping people who suffer from anxiety and to ask a lot of questions as well. Great to be here, thanks
  15. Vicomte

    Vicomte New Member

    i´m here mainly because i have got a few questions regarding conspiracy theories.
    I need some help in debunking them.
  16. Tobes

    Tobes Member

    One question about burden of proof, on this site is it on the debunkers or on the conspiracy theorists?
  17. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Generally the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. However that can lead to semantic arguments about who is actually making a claim (i.e. is the claim "chemtrails behave just like contrails" one that demands the same standard of proof as "those trails are a covert geoengineering program"? Reasonable people would recognize the latter has a higher burden of evidence, but it's semantically open to question.

    But that' focusing on a broad claim. If instead we focus on examining claims of evidence, then the issue should not arise. The evidence is either bunk or not.
  18. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Senior Member

    Greetings to Mick West, other Admin & Staff, Members, et al.

    Perhaps some here will find my username oddly familiar. Rest assured, it is I. (And if this makes no sense to some, that's OK. Those who recognize this 'name' will know to what I am referring). I won't digress into what's called "board bashing", for example. Not publicly.

    This site is a welcome breath of fresh air.


    PS - ...and it is only, and always has been, a garden tool! For removing "weeds" that seem to infest and sprout in otherwise lovely areas.
  19. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome WeedWhacker!

    Interesting I've been thinking about the analogy of bunk as weeds. The problem with whacking weeds is that they just grow back. One needs something better for the longer term. And not just generic weedkiller either. Something that occupies the same potential space as the bunk, and nullifies it. For each piece of bunk there is a debunking. "Antibunk" that needs to be right there for when the weeds spring up again, cancelling it out.

    I'm more about the creation of antibunk than about the destruction of weeds.
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  20. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Senior Member

    Hello, Mr. West (Uncinus)

    (Sorry about the 'full' quote)

    "Antibunk"...hmmm...that could be added to the lexicon. It is true that facts, reason and evidence should be sufficient as "antibunk ingredients". Seems that all too often, they might lack the ability to properly educate, at least in a written Forum. Difficult to counter some of the well-made 'slick' videos that promote the hokum, without actually making one's own videos in response. But, when I was just recently reminded that (for example) sites like YouTube have only been in existence since 2005? I realized that we are at a "genesis" of sorts (sorry for the term, but it's somewhat apt).

    "Antibunk"....hmmm....just as anti-matter will annihilate 'normal' matter when they come into contact. I can deal with that! (Testing emoticons)..oh, that was easy! :cool:

    Cheers again...it's been a while! ;)
  21. Rns

    Rns Member


    I found this site by doing some research about some new absurd chemtrail "evidence" and certainly hope I can take part in such a site.

    Your list of threats to aircraft "chemtrailing" is what made me decide to sign up as it can get quite disturbing with the gang mentality I have witnessed take place in conspiracy sites.
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  22. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Senior Member

    Great to see this as a reason for joining!!
  23. Rns

    Rns Member

    I was just over on that thread and it is getting worse apparently.

    The age of reason ended quite a while back now I guess and it is getting popular to ignore well known real world phenomena.

    Weird times.
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  24. Soulfly

    Soulfly Banned Banned

    That's what Round Up is for. ;)

    Welcome all new comers!
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  25. Rns

    Rns Member

    Thanks for the welcome and the Avatar is neat.
  26. Blue Collar Goddess

    Blue Collar Goddess New Member

    The latest bunk regarding the unfortunate demise of PS Hoffman has sent me over the edge.
    Evidently, the end is near. The world is run by a few psychopaths who own the media and spray evil gunk all over the world in an attempt to thwart the evolution of humanity because ... uh ... because ... well, they are psychopaths. Dirty, rich, scheming psychopaths in a murder/suicide pact. Instruments of The Dark Side (the New & Improved Dark Side with Gluten Free Cookies!) who want your children to suffer. Never mind their own children (spawn!) because they have a deal with the Reptiles in Space to save them.

    *crickets chirp*

    I can't stand it.
    I needed sanity.

    I needed to find a place online that is rational, logical and open to suggestions, proof and authentic reasoning without the name calling, bullying and hurt feelings that run rampant when disagreement follows credible resolution.

    For the record, I'm a parapsychologist (self named, no degrees) by day, bona-fide psychic at night. Sometimes it's the other way around. I've seen and heard things that I can't explain without adding in a touch of what we call the supernatural today. Tomorrow science might have a wonderful explanation for all things "weird" -- and how wonderful that would be.

    When people invite me to "clear" their homes of ghosties, or "bad energy" -- I do a great deal more of arm chair psychology than actual ghost busting. I've kept clear and accurate records of my experiences, and in 30 years of professional clairvoyance I can honestly say that there are very few incidents I have no explanation for.

    I'm grateful for the respite of a place where we can collectively ask questions without fear of ridicule, and present evidence with equanimity.

    As a side note, I appreciate the gentle humor here too. I've been lurking for awhile. Decided to come out of the shadows.
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  27. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Senior Member

    Well, for any reason, it's great that you joined! Somehow I missed that "bunk" you mentioned, but I am glad that I did...it might have set me off too.

    Oh, and obviously I'm a "noob" too...so, welcome!!
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  28. Blue Collar Goddess

    Blue Collar Goddess New Member

    *heavy sigh*
    You didn't hear that PSH was an Illuminati sacrifice to the bring in the Year of the Horse? Yep. The name "Philip" has something to do with "being fond of horses" and heroin is "The White Horse". Randy Quaid has claimed that there are "StarWhackers" (surely, you must know of these folk, what with whacking weeds and such?) who systematically murder successful actors for the royalties they can obtain if there isn't any star to cash them thar checks. David Bar Katz (dude man bro man dude) who found PSH is just part of a long line of Hollywood Aristocracy who "Find Dead People". Evidently they are employed by the StarWhackers ...


    'nuf said.
    Ah! Thank you for the welcome. I hope my very brief detail regarding Mr. H (oh dear, no no no ... H? H!? As in ... Heroin?! Oh Noh, it must be true ...!) hasn't disturbed this peace or you too much.
    Carry on ... nothing to see here!
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  29. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    Oooerrr...yes - phil-hippos - friend/lover of horse - OMG - a horsey fiddler!!


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  30. DIANA

    DIANA New Member

    Hi, Thanks for showing the water ballast inside the boeing planes. I had many family members who worked there.
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  31. George B

    George B Extinct but not forgotten Staff Member

    What are the reactions from your family members ? Welcome to Metabunk!!!
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  32. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Senior Member

    I also wanted to say, to any and all who read this: There is an implied "aura" of anonymity that is part-and-parcel of the online experience. BUT, at this point in my life? I really don't care (I didn't want to get into the controversy over "could care less" versus "couldn't"...easier to avoid that mess by re-phrasing).

    I just don't care (about "anonymity"). I'd be happy to meet anyone here, in real life, if this should ever happen to be a circumstance that developed. Just recently was made aware that a good friend, who I had lost contact with in recent years since my move out to the West Coast of the USA, committed suicide last December. It hurts, because a few years back, he mentioned these impulses, and I "thought" I had convinced him ... I have no words. I had hoped that my support, little as it was, would suffice. BUT, people make their own choices.

    Still....I miss the opportunity to know him better, as the years go by.

    Sorry folks. One life. Make of it what you can.

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  33. Yin-Diddle

    Yin-Diddle New Member

    Hey guys whats the craic, Irish fact junkie here, curious where to post things to be debunked?
  34. George B

    George B Extinct but not forgotten Staff Member

    You can view some of the Threads under the groupings under Forums and see if any fit your subject to be debunked or eventually start your own thread under the proper Forum . . . Welcome!!
  35. Rns

    Rns Member

    I understand where you are coming from but always be wary of giving too much personal information over the internet as there are some VERY unstable and unreasonable people everywhere.

    You live and learn

    Fortunately nothing catastrophic has happened to me personally but it can get uncomfortable when you challenge peoples beliefs.
  36. Mark Barrington

    Mark Barrington Active Member

    I was anonymous for many years on the internet, because of the sensitive nature of my job. Among many other duties, I, along with two other people, actually wrote the application that the Texas legislature uses to draw legislative districts. As part of my job, I could not endorse any political ideology under my real name. Since I'm now retired from that job, I'm using my real name, but I'm careful to be polite. I realize there's still a risk, because there are a lot of crazy people out there. But I'm actually enjoying being myself for a change now. I try to be respectful when I challenge other's beliefs, but it's hard at times when their belief is contrary to easily checked facts.
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  37. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The amount of people who actually do anything is vanishingly small, and probably more likely to go after someone actually famous.

    I use my real name. I just don't engage with actually crazy people, and I keep everything polite.
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  38. Rns

    Rns Member

    I understand and I am referring more to lame harassment techniques rather than physical encounters.

    From reading at GLP though apparently the owner there had some actual scary encounters.

    I guess it's just a reminder to be mindful and try not to make the mistake I have in the past and think that you can appeal to reason in even MOST people on the internet.
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  39. TheEye

    TheEye New Member

    I The Eye say hi to my-etabunk friends.
  40. Rns

    Rns Member

    Hello and welcome to a small pocket of reality and common sense.
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