1. TheoryQED

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    Hi I'm new here. I'm from Reddit and currently falling down the rabbit hole, particularly about UFOs. So I'd like to either escape it, or go as deep as possible. But don't worry, I'm not a believer for the sake of believing. I think believers are typically as bad as deniers, and both sides should always try to form their beliefs based on the evidence as much as possible. What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. And extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
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  2. JohnP

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    Hello. I'm a JohnP, former chemical physicist and intermittent science fiction writer, who these days mostly treats science as a spectator sport. Problem-solving still intrigues me, and that is what brought me here.
  3. bill houston

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  4. Reto Streiff

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    Grüezi / Hi everyone. I`m a new member but i know this forum for some years now. I`ve used some debunks for some arguments from my friends and family members. Please excuse some spelling mistakes, as English is not my native language. Due to my hobby as a planespotter and aviation enthusiast I am confronted a lot with the Chemtrails theory and 9/11.
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  5. Nick Ramos

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    Oh hi there! Long time lurker, first time posting here. Well, I'm quite into this world of pseudoscience and quackery debunking and mockery in general, mostly on my Twitch stream, in which I try my best to make fun of the absolute absurdity of some so-called arguments that permeate conspiracy theories. 9/11 "truthers", chemtrails, illuminati crap, antivaxxers, holocaust denialists, climate change denialists, woo woo "medicine"... you say it, I've probably laughed hard at them already. My motto is "castigat ridendo mores": Corrects customs laughing. I'm here to learn, understand arguments and enter the discussion with respect. I guess that's it for now, thanks for this amazing place!
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  6. Traci Youngblood

    Traci Youngblood New Member

    I am very pleased to have stumbled upon this site. There are numerous platforms out there that seem to focus on opinion driven by emotion instead of opinion driven by facts or current evidence. I'm quite interested in delving into the various posts and reading them as this site appears to fall into the later by focusing on supportive evidence.

    Some of my interests include : reading declassified government documents, reading UN documents, reading bills that have been introduced into Congress (especially those that pertain to gun control issues ), and analyzing current events (mainly those that have the characteristics of a false-flag ).

    I am looking forward to participating in the discussions and reading the contributions made by others.
  7. Caractacus

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    Hi Mick and Metabunk.

    Glad I found your very interesting site. I'm here mainly because my significant other is deep down the rabbit hole regarding many things - dedicated David Icke/Bruce Lipton follower, believer in HAARP/Chemtrails/9 11 Truther etc which has led us to some huge rows. I'm not necessarily interested in debunking her, because I'm not sure I can, but this year I have done a lot of research into Jungian psychology that I would love to discuss here because it seems that some personality types are much more likely to fall into these rabbit holes and it's important to understand how to deal with that. I'll save the rest for the thread I'm about to start.
  8. RenToo

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    Hi everybody. I've been in and out of various bunk-related sides all the way back to talk.origins days (remember that?) but hardly ever participated. Mostly I just like to learn things, appreciate good logical argument, maybe laugh at a bit of silliness. (So I avoid the really upsetting conspiracy theories such as Sandy Hook.) I have professional/academic experience in a couple areas of chemistry alongside longtime interest in a few other topics such as evolutionary biology (Stephen J Gould is my intellectual hero; Richard Dawkins is NOT) and rocketry. I've taught high school physics.

    I have a particular frustration with it when people who are trying to debunk something over-step into assertions they can't support -- at least if it's in an area I know enough about to know where the mistakes are. I've seen far fewer such issues here than I have in the past on debunking sites at large, which is appreciated.
  9. Mockingbird

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    Hi y'all I enjoy facts and truths more than confusion and lies. I found y'all by ways of looking up this organite for protection from 5g. And very grateful for y'alls clarity amen ✌
  10. derwoodii

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    welcome, this thread link may be of help and consider Micks book,
    Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Respect

  11. Jones66

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    Hi all new to this site, from the United Kingdom so glad to find this site i have some theories which i believe 100% but don't want to be judged or called stupid so i was hoping to put my theories on here
  12. TBrighamPhD

    TBrighamPhD New Member

    Hi all,
    New member. I'm a PhD former psychology professor and have been a 'skeptical believer' and researcher of UFOs since the 1990s. Former contrib Ed to Jim Moseley's Saucer Smear magazine.
  13. pudgy bob

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    I am interested in the current wave of UFO sightings and discussions fuled by the whole TTSA affair with the Nimitz enounters etc. I think this is the best place to balance all the suggestive material out there trying to pull me into the rabbit hole. [...]

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  14. Tez

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    Hi everyone, my name is Tez. I've always been suspicious of authority and have a long history of being thrown out of organisations for asking the wrong kinds of questions: college, the civil service and even the Boy Scouts, to name a few.

    (moderator: specific vague claims removed due to posting guidelines)

    Perhaps I'm also looking for a clearer definition of what constitutes legitimate conspiracy, e.g. it's now pretty clear that the UK and US governments lied to the people about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, using that as an excuse for war, leading to anywhere between 150,000 and a million civilian deaths, many of them violent. Clearly, when Blair and Bush were lying about WMD, they were conspiring to mislead their people; and I recall at the time that anyone who didn't believe them was often branded as a "conspiracy theorist".
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  15. Tez

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    Hi everyone, my name is Tez. I'm here looking for a clearer definition of what constitutes legitimate conspiracy and what may be my imagination working over-time. Best wishes, Tez.
  16. Dingo

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    Hello all! Call me Dingo. I came across Metabunk due to an extremely click-bait-y news article about UFO videos - specifically Go Fast, Gimbal, and Flir1. Simply put I figured that the videos were most certainly bunk, googled them to find out an explanation, and ended up here.

    For more about me in general - I've got a Bachelor's Degree in science - biological sciences major - and I'm just the well-read nerd type in general. I'm the sort of guy who'll spend all day researching a topic for the sake of curiousity. I hope to contribute to threads here where I can - they bring back fond memories of debates I'd have with a former coworker about conspiracies, Buddhism, and the universe in general.
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  17. Hama Kavula

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    Hello metabunk and it's users. I'm new here but read for a long time.
    I'm from switzerland near Zürich and I'm an independent grafic designer, painter, photographer, videoediter, 3d-modeler.
    I'm glad I found this site and hope I can maybe contribute something to it.
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  18. alexb

    alexb New Member

    Hello all,

    stumbled upon this site rather by coincidence (yes there are still people who don't know it!) and could not stop reading for hours!

    Thanks for creating this place, and the many posts that people made already. Special Thanks to Mick West, of course!

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  19. Ed Mann

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    Greetings All,

    I discovered metabunk by “accident” while performing a web search. I’ve looked at a few threads and I appreciate the level tone sustained by the moderators, even with those who might have more to learn about forum etiquette. I’m concerned about the trend I see within the ‘truther” community. While it’s a branch of conspiracy research, it’s also become an umbrella for factions who’ve been successfully triggered or lulled into the ignorance>fear>hate trap. Things I didn’t associate with conspiracy researchers even 5 years ago. What alarms me the most is seeing research and vetting falling by the wayside, with dogma and snarky defiance becoming an acceptable substitute for learning and knowing things. It’s factions, of course. I don’t intend to imply a broad stroke characterization.

    So that’s me in current form, and thanks all,

    Ed Mann
  20. themaxednoob

    themaxednoob New Member

    Hello, New person here

    Found interest in this site after seeing many of your debunks of the chemtrail theories and the sandy hook hoaxes (especially the book "nobody died at sandy hook").
  21. Jesse3959

    Jesse3959 New Member

  22. yankee451

    yankee451 Banned Banned

    Greetings all,

    I am what you might call a conspiracy theorist but what I call a concerned grandfather. I believe the best way to stop the wars wars is by exposing the lies that spawned them so I started a project called 9/11 Crash Test which was intended to either galvanize the 9/11 Truth Movement or expose it as a bogus opposition movement.

    As a truth seeker I have been aware of Metabunk for many years. As a new member I hope to debunk some of the more ridiculous chapters of the official story.

    Thank you,

    Steve De'ak
  23. Z.W. Wolf

    Z.W. Wolf Senior Member

    You're a geodetic surveyor, right?
  24. Jesse3959

    Jesse3959 New Member

    Not exactly. I'm an student of the wonderful world of observable science - electronics, optics, chemistry, computer science, robotics, etc.

    I'm also not Jesse Z who is an honest to goodness surveyor.

    Earlier this year when a new real-life friend popped the news to me that the earth was flat and challenged me to check into it, I did. And it wasn't.

    But I did realize that I didn't at that time know of a single way to personally observe the curve.

    Thus began my journey of looking for ways to show the curve in ways people (some more than others) can understand.

    And one of those ways was to hit up eBay for old theodolites. That was a big mistake for a person on my budget and with my space limitations. Now I've got about 6 old digital electronic theodolites, over half of which work.

    In any case, I found youtube videos that showed how to use a theodolite, and with my background in electronics design engineering I was able to repair most of them. (because I've been getting old cheap ones. Some of them worked fine, some had problems.)

    Ironically, one of them from like the 70's or 80's actually has a NASA inventory sticker on it. Of course that's not the one I bring out when I'm doing a demo for a flat earther, because, well, yeah, for obvious reasons.

    Pictured in my avatar is one of my two Pentax ETH-20F units which seems to be a really nice entry level theodolite (and they are old enough they were made in Japan, not China which is where Pentax now makes their stuff).

    The ETH-20F seems to be as low as $150 to $350 if you watch and wait, otherwise it's $500 to $1500.

    It allows the output to be set to pure decimal degrees which is really nice for engineer types like me, or it can be set to a number of combinations of degrees, minutes, and seconds.

    I have mine set to just decimal degrees because that's easier to parse when typed into a script or calculator for doing calculations.

    The theodolite has been carefully designed to keep errors as small as possible. When leveling, you use the level on the rotating part, then when you think you got it level, swivel the head 180 degrees and see if it's still level. If not, you adjust your level so that it's true, then you check again.

    With care, you can level to within perhaps 5-10 arcseconds on mine, but probably much better on more expensive ones.

    And they have a built in software routine to calibrate the vertical scale. You sight a distant target, mark that as point one, then flip the telescope over then turn around the head and sight again and mark that as point 2, then it applies (and saves) the calibration so that guarantees that a reading of 0 degrees will be a true level.

    I also made a tutorial showing how to use it and how to check the missing height of a mountain:
    (And how to check the instrument to make sure it's working correctly against a water level.)

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPkRNVA70Sc

    And here's an unrelated photo set that shows Victora BC from across 20 miles of water:
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  25. Dave Struthers

    Dave Struthers New Member

    Hi, all. Newbie here, so please be gentle! I have a keen interest in all things science, and a lifelong fascination with the UFO phenomenon. Looking forward to getting to know you all. This is the kind of site I've been searching for.
  26. Nandude

    Nandude New Member

    Hey Everyone,
    I've been kind of a wannabe skeptic for a long time now, finding the SGU years back and eventually branching out to all sorts of stuff. Found Metabunk form listening to Skeptoid and seeing Mick on the Joe Rogan podcast. I really like Mick's style of engaging with the other side. Calm and friendly and with respect. I feel like we need more of that, especially since I have friends who hold fringe beliefs.

    I decided to sign up because, after just being a kind of a passive skeptic this whole time, I'd like to get more involved. I've also been challenged by a friend about the moon landing so I'm trying to do a debunk. Maybe this community can help me out and hopefully be a good place for me to hang out going forward.
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  27. Jesse3959

    Jesse3959 New Member

    Howdy Dave!
  28. NoBeardMarch

    NoBeardMarch New Member

    I am NoBeardMarch, a happy guy from Norway who likes pickles and sauerkraut. Also I like to read about conspiracies and finding out what is more likely, which more often than not probably means something is debunked. I heard about Metabunk on the Rogan and H3-podcast.
  29. Dave Struthers

    Dave Struthers New Member

    Hi, Jesse3959!