1. Rebecca Hopper

    Rebecca Hopper New Member

    Hi everyone. I was reccomend to this site because of a video I posted on facebook of something kind of spooky and cool at the same time. Once I'm allowed I will post on here. I would like to know what it is.
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  2. DeBean

    DeBean New Member

    Greetings from Western Australia,
    About 50% of my workmates are conspiracists on just about every topic you great bunch of people cover here so thank you for all the ammunition I need to fight woo in the workplace.
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  3. WhiteLancer64

    WhiteLancer64 New Member

    Hello Everyone.

    I've been reading contrailscience and metabunk for years, but have just now joined up.

    How's the party going? Where's the break room?

    And very importantly, who do I need to talk to to get my shill payments?
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  4. Hello Metabunk!

    Greetings from the British Virgin Islands,

    I've been a lurker for awhile just figured i'd get official. I'm an electrical engineer who currently works in the PV industry. Never realised quite how many CT's I'd run into. Plus my whole family runs in that direction too so... ammo is always good. Haha.

    Really cool forum, glad to be here with everyone!
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  5. Johannes

    Johannes New Member

    Hi everyone. Joe Rogan turned me on to you
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  6. Danaluet

    Danaluet New Member

    So by posting means replying to this post?
  7. Lilleth

    Lilleth New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    It seems that I’ve been around here for yonks without getting verified. I’m not 100% sure how to make my first post, so I’m just taking a stab at it down here. It’s interesting that the last comment is at the bottom of the thread. Is it possible to change that around? I assume there is a setting for that?

    I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa. Widespread access to the internet has been slow here, for various reasons (mainly socio-economic), so a lot of people are fairly new to it, my parents being a case in point. I was lucky to start dabbling in it since the late 1980’s, and boy were things different then :). I had no idea then, just how things would evolve. We all were very idealistic then. Today you have to deal with conspiracy theories, with Nigerian and many other scams, phishing (I just received, a few moments ago, a phishing phone call on my landline), vishing, viruses, etc.

    One of my pet peeves is conspiracy theorists spreading their “truth” all over the place, as if it were true, and how difficult it can be to get through to them, show them the holes in their theory/ story, so to speak.

    My other problem is just how persuasive these theories can be, as I may spend precious time looking at something only to realise it’s bunk, or how difficult it can be to dissuade someone like my dad from thinking it is true/ real, and stop him spreading it around, which in a way gives it legs. He is getting much better at it, but I’d love to learn how to debunk these and then show him how to do it as well.

    I hope I will be able to learn the tools, here, to be better at identifying bunk, and at the debunking of the bunk.

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  8. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    No. Threads need to be read from the beginning. Once you read a thread, when you get a notification of a new comment it will automatically bring you to that spot in the thread.

  9. Lilleth

    Lilleth New Member

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  10. Tom Maxwell

    Tom Maxwell New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Tom Maxwell and I'll be posting about an underwater object I believe to be Amelia Earhart's plane. Many may have seen the subject and after bouncing around the aviation forums for a number of years, I've come to Metabunk with the claim in thinking more logical and scientific reasoning can be put forward than that found on the many forums that deal with the Amelia Earhart mystery. I'll post my claim in Sky Identify what's that in the sky-except it's -what's that under the water. The moderator may want to move it to general. See you there- after I choose an avatar.
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  11. Mechanik

    Mechanik Member

    Hi all!

    I first found this site while trying to find actual information instead of bunk during the Oroville Dam incident and have come back to visit occasionally since then. I've enjoyed(!) reading about conspiracy theories that were beyond my wildest imagination. My specialty is in data mining and big data analytics so I tend to go straight into the weeds in search of evidence-based answers both professionally and personally.

    Looking forward to the discussions!
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  12. Jonatron

    Jonatron New Member

    Hi all, newbie here looking forward to reading through the discussions and discovering new thoughts, theories and opinions.

    Spent a good number of years trying to find the evidence for those old embedded dogmatic beliefs and hopefully metabunk can add some fire to that fury!

    "The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance"

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  13. DavidRod

    DavidRod New Member

    Hello, i join this forum because I like themes that call into question our habitual way, especially about flat ground and conspiracy theories. There is something to ponder and discuss)
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  14. XSC

    XSC New Member

    Welcome! I' here to debunk theories/stories which I consider to be false.
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  15. Lorretta

    Lorretta New Member

    Howdy everyone! New here so just browsing until I get familiar with the site ! o_O
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  16. Nellie

    Nellie New Member

    Hello, I'm Nellie. I'm a musician/singer/songwriter. Researching Christopher Bollyn brought me to this place and I think I'm going to like it here :)

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  17. Whitebeard

    Whitebeard Senior Member

    greetings, always good to have another muso around
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  18. Jimmy D

    Jimmy D New Member

    I've been lurking around for a while on this site and think it's really good. I think the more people we get on here then the easier it is to refute the fact that "we" are shills. We can't all be paid by the government! Also if it helps a single person who is hovering around the rabbit hole to come back to evidence based reality then I'm all for that.

    Background: I live in Scotland, married, two kids, normal professional job, Degree in Engineering. ex Navy guy so I've been around. I find all this conspiracy stuff fascinating in terms of why do they do it etc. Money mostly it seems but they do tend to hoover people in. Then there's the flat earth folk. Just unbelievable that it's still getting any traction. Anyway, hello all and keep up the great work.
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  19. Truthfulpietro

    Truthfulpietro New Member

    Hello. My name is Peter Watson

    Background: I first became involved in conspiracy theories when I was told that by 2030 humanity would be extinct through Climate change. Since then I was a believer of a number of conspiracy theories from Chemtrails to 9/11, from GMOs to Vaccines. I remember being told that we were supposed to be hit by an asteroid on September 23rd 2015 and when that didn't happen I realised that there may be some nonsense being spread by various groups meaning that something isn't right. I soon learned of the Genesis of the claim about vaccines and autism, which as an autistic person myself, I should've known better.

    Long story short I've learn't that a conspiracy bankrolls on ignorance, because much of what I was believing was something I didn't truly question until recently. Once I realised this I know that many people out there are terrible misinformed and that's a serious problem that I think is only going to get worse, not better.

    I hope to contribute and help any way I can.
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  20. dressic

    dressic New Member

    Forgot that I registered here a while back. Ended up here today via Metafilter regarding the "To the Stars" UFO thread.
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  21. The Leisure Student

    The Leisure Student New Member

    Hello all!

    This forum is awesome!!

    I'm The Leisure Student. I'm a skeptic and a science enthusiast. After a long time I got involved again in debate with the local 911 truthers. Currently about the lack of PhD-level structural engineers on truthers side and Dr. Hulsey was mentioned, so I got interested to find out has he and how has he contributed to this field and the debate. I found this forum by googling information about the Dr. Hulsey's 911-related research. I knew this forum from before hand also 911-related reasons and knew that here I can read quality arguments for and against about any 911-related issues. This time I just decided to create a profile to get access also to the registered only -topics for getting more info about the subjects.
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  22. Snake Plisken

    Snake Plisken Closed Account

    Hi Folks, first posting here but I have known about this place & visited many times before.

    I'm an honest guy & will say it as I see it, I would like to think that I am fairly intelligent person & can reason & use logic but sometimes you get things wrong...no worries with regards to this if other people can point you in the right direction & change your mind? if that's the TRUTH.

    That having been said, I do believe conspiracies abound on our PLANET but I am one for FACTS, LOGIC & RESPECT which I am always willing to consider.

    I will hopefully be posting many photographs & opinions on various things to do with SPACE, some I've known about for years, others more recently.

    There seems to be intelligent discussion here...and THAT is what I am after...intelligent & thoughtful ANSWERS but if the conclusions seem to head in a direction you never imagined then say so, be OPEN & HONEST about it rather than sticking with the debunking (even though this is mainly a site for such things)

    OUR UNIVERSE (if not our very own SOLAR SYSTEM) is far stranger than many may have envisaged & I will attempt to show you this.

    I am an avid Science Fiction fan from a young age, shaped by father who urged be to watch Star Trek TOS way back in the 1970's & was taken to see Close Encounters as a young child which I've LOVED ever since (I am sure many of you folks know the story about Mr Steven Spielberg & the supposed real footage he was shown before making this film...UFO landing at a USA Air Force Base & 3 aliens exiting the craft) and of course 2001: A Space Odyssey which of course has it's own interesting myths!

    You probably won't agree with many of the things I am likely to post here but let's just see if I can't change a few of you folks minds out there or perhaps you can change mine? I am very open minded.

    My first 2 postings will be Questioning objects that for all the world look unworldly & which were captured by myself.
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  23. Xxx Xxx

    Xxx Xxx Closed Account


    I was looking for a forum that was discussing a particular topic I would like some help get clarity on.

    I have used the 'search forum' option, but so far I have not been able to find a thread on the topic of "12-stranded DNA".

    So, I guess I will have to start that topic myself. I hope you are up for some great teamwork on this one! ;)

    Looking forward to it.


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  24. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    Please be sure to read the Posting Guidelines before starting new threads. https://www.metabunk.org/posting-guidelines.t2064/
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  25. Rillington

    Rillington New Member

    Hi,greetings from Sandhurst,England
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  26. Maccabee 2A

    Maccabee 2A New Member

    Hi all. I'm actually a former conspiracy theorist. At least, I'm not as big of a conspiracy theorist as I used to be. A long story short, I believed in conspiracies from 9/11 being an inside job, which was my red pill so to speak, to Sandy Hook being a hoax. How I left most of the conspiracy theory community is another long story but basically it started by being friends with people who would've been "players" in some of the conspracy theories I believed in. The breaking point was me sitting down and watching the 9/11 series by Myles Power on Youtube with an open mind. After realizing that the conpiracy theories surrounding the attacks were baseless at best, I wanted to see what other conspiracy theories I believed in also were baseless. So here I am.
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  27. Apanthro

    Apanthro New Member

    Hi everybody! I've been reading this website for several years but just recently decided to make an account and to start posting. I'm fascinated by conspiracy theories and how they spread. I would like to put together a short podcast series about the history of different CTs and figured that the best way to gather information and sources would be here. Shout outs to Mick West and the mod team for all their hard work in keeping this place curated!
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  28. dooski

    dooski New Member

    Hey everyone! I was brought here researching facts on 9/11. The work you guys do is much appreciated and saves alot of research time.
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  29. J. N. Enriquez

    J. N. Enriquez New Member


    My name is J. N. Enriquez. I recently joined this forum in hopes of finding a community of true skeptics and conspiracy debunkers. After spending a year mingling with the other side, the conspiracy theorists, I decided to search for their opposites. Consider it as part of my research for a series of political satire novels that I am currently working on.

    Now, let me be as blunt as humanly possible: I don't consider myself as a conspiracy theorist for the very simple reason that I was bullied by such people growing up. And as much as I would love to talk about the details here, I feel it is best to keep this introduction of mine short.

    That being said, it is nice to meet everyone here. I hope we all get along.

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  30. Agonist

    Agonist New Member


    I think there are plenty of conspiracies which are entirely probable and some almost certain to be true. I am largely here to steelman the arguments of debunkers and those that accept official narratives in order to strengthen my own positions and cover my own backside, so to speak.

    Look forward to engaging you.
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  31. brennie

    brennie Closed Account

    Hi just found this site
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  32. bobbobskin

    bobbobskin New Member

    Just a quick hi to all
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  33. Maccabee 2A

    Maccabee 2A New Member

    Welcome. I'm actually here because I recently renounced my belief in a lot of conspiracy theories. I look forward to have discussions with you and maybe liven things up here.
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  34. Khan Desi

    Khan Desi New Member

    Sup everyone. I've been lurking this forum for over a year now, and I've found it an incredible resource. I recently picked up an Audible copy of Escaping the Rabbit Hole, and figured it was time I made an actual account to participate in future discussions.

    I work as an engineer in the space industry, so conspiracy theories relating to those are the most interesting to me (and often times the most humorous). When it comes to discussing conspiracies with friends, the #1 thing I'm trying to work on is not laughing at what I think is outlandish, but they clearly take very seriously.
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  35. Steve S

    Steve S New Member

    Drawn here after coming across flat earth nonsense on the internet. Has sparked a bit of an interest from me in geodesy, so I don't find I've completely wasted my time reading all the rubbish on youtube videos. This site is a great resource.

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  36. Thomas lewis

    Thomas lewis New Member

    Love the site,my interest is in the misguided and ridiculous Apollo Moon landing conspiracy.
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  37. Danaluet

    Danaluet New Member

    Glad to join the forum! Hopefully will come across some interesting info here
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  38. TF2014

    TF2014 New Member

    Greetings from Kuala Lumpur.
    And usually I prefer to use anonymus names when using certain online sites, with TF actually meaning TransportFan.
    Anyway. I am here due to the (sickening) conspiracy theories regarding 9/11 and I intend to, gain conclusive proof that the events that happened on that day are totally consistent with the official story.
    I might be here for some flat earth related stuff as well.
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  39. Jacs

    Jacs New Member

    Good day all and warm greetings from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

    Happened upon this site while searching for information this morning and am very interested in 90% of the topics raised here (yes, I am a speed reader).

    May, in due course, discuss a UFO encounter I had a few years ago - am still searching for answers which seem to be few, and difficult to discuss with most people (both online and off) who tend to brand one with the "crazy" label before you can get your first sentence out.

    Looking forward to finding some plausible answers to many topics.

    Have an awesome day!
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  40. Griffin

    Griffin New Member

    I stumbled on to this site and I'm very pleased I did. I am increasingly bemused, baffled and enraged by the plethora of unsubstantiated nonsense that comprises so much of the public discourse. The tipping point was discovering someone I knew offering patently ludicrous solutions to mental health issues. The evidence-based community needs to congregate and share, and this site would appear to offer a decent (and civil platform). Yay!
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