1. boof

    boof New Member

    hola tuttis.. starting posting here as per recommendation. Looking forward to mingling with lucidity here.
    Boof .
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  2. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Senior Member

    "alarmour" I am NOT "new" here.....but I found your post quite nice. As an ex-airline pilot I guarantee that the world we live
    on is a globe. Welcome to this forum. You used the words "argue" and "myth". Be careful, there can be people very firm
    in their "beliefs". We bring facts, science and evidence to help educate, and erase false beliefs.
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  3. subodh shirsath

    subodh shirsath New Member

    Hi all.
    This is Subodh from India. I am a mechanical engineer.
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  4. dailyxe

    dailyxe New Member

    Hi everyone, excited to be here. I'm a teacher math.
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  5. Ed B

    Ed B New Member

    Hey all, glad I found this site. The level of pseudoscience and conspiracy [...] in my circle of friends appears to be growing out of control lately, so finding this [...] makes for a nice change. Hopefully, I can glean some insights here to help spark some lively conversations and debates with my [...] pals over some frosty adult beverages.
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  6. Romy

    Romy New Member

    Hi. Happy to be here in this rational space amid a whirlwind of conspiracies.
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  7. Owen Terry

    Owen Terry New Member

    Hellos. Im Owen Terry, a autistic adult, who was previously a conspiracy theorist and even a marxist a few years back. Now i'm a pro-rationalism, science and education skeptic.
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  8. Marty59

    Marty59 New Member

    Hello! Just came YouTube UFO [...]. So glad to stumble into [this]!
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  9. craogmont

    craogmont New Member

    Glad to find this oasis [...] in the desert of mystics, conspiracy [theorists], creationists, and flat earthers.
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  10. Eric LeClair

    Eric LeClair New Member

    Hey Guys - Eric is the name but although I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist, there is a lot of 'truth' that I've discovered from so called 'conspiracy theorist' than the media. That's why I'm here. To learn more.
  11. SpaceGuy

    SpaceGuy Banned Banned

    Hi Everyone! Great to be here! My ‘specialties’ are space, mil-space, & related topics. I see some interesting points made on topics of interest. I also see that though people argue details, generally there seems to be an “echo-chamber” here on specific topics… so I hope to bring some fresh perspective, where applicable, & look forward to lively debate, and within the rules framework. I don’t mind agreeing, but I also don’t intend to play “follow the leader” either – if your “debunk” is bunk – even if it’s a whole thread, I will call you (or you all) on it – hard and with facts… should be fun! :0)
  12. dailyxe

    dailyxe New Member

    Sorry I posted my first thread in the wrong location....lol I'm looking forward to reading and learning the right information concerning the conspiracies my son in law is always trying to convince me of.
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  13. Mauro

    Mauro New Member

    Hello everybody. I found this site through a reference in skeptoid.com: it's great indeed! Even if it's focused mostly on some specific conspiracy theory such as 9/11, chemtrails and flat Earth, I've found here (beyond the enjoyable and well documented threads) a lot of interesting points and ideas. Mr. West, I'm afraid the battle against human gullibility cannot be won, but you deserve a lot of praises for trying, and trying so well!

    About me: Italian, electronic engineer, 58 years old, skeptic.
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  14. Mauro

    Mauro New Member

    Well it was my very first post and I already said something wrong.. after reading the threads for some more time, I see there's not a special focus on 9/11, chemtrails and flat Earth, just a problem of undersampling from my side :)
  15. Clouds Givemethewillies

    Clouds Givemethewillies Active Member

    Even I would not go that far! How about some examples.
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  16. BeenAwake

    BeenAwake New Member

    Good day all I’m new to the site
    I’m all about truth and fact finding....
  17. BoneZ

    BoneZ New Member

    Hello, everyone. Been a lurker of this place for years. Love the work being done here. And sometimes reference work here to debunk others' nonsense.

    I am a former moderator of ATS. I am a long-time UFO researcher (very avid, never-ending). I am also a long-time 9/11 researcher, with CNN doing a story on one aspect of my research back in 2007. But that's a discussion for another time.

    Don't know what took me so long to sign up here, but glad to be here. :)
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  18. Martin Dennett

    Martin Dennett New Member

    Hi to all fellow Metabunkers, from Cheshire, UK

    Having read through every single page of Contrailscience.com and being a member of VORTEX on Facebook, I decided it was time to sign up here. I'll more than likely maintain a monitoring watch rather than join in on most discussions but I may chip in from time to time.

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  19. BoneZ

    BoneZ New Member

    Welcome, man. ContrailScience is a great website to debunk the "chemtrail" advocates.
  20. Aparallaxia

    Aparallaxia New Member

    Hello everyone. I am a philosopher by training, not a scientist; my acquaintance with the sciences is purely amateur. But I do hate the ways in which genuine knowledge and expertise in all areas have been so devalued and reviled in public discourse, and how political point-scoring and audience-pleasing have replaced evidence-based argument and the sort of discussion where it's OK to say 'I don't know' and what you mean is: I don't know, not: …but it looks very suspicious to me. This site looks like a great way to improve my understanding of applied scientific reasoning and really cool graphics.
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  21. edby

    edby Member

    Hi. I am Ed B, historian of science and philosophy. I co-wrote this book https://muse.jhu.edu/book/35455.

    I am fascinated by pseudoscientific belief systems and the sociology of pseudoscience.

    As I live in England, I am interested in recreating the famous Bedford Level experiment.
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  22. danno

    danno New Member

    hey I thought this might be a good place to share my idea for proving that the earth is FLAT!....or most likely, round. (HA! had ya there!) put down the tomatoes and check it out! id do it myself but im a little short funded. because my budget is zero! but if a few people were willing to loan out their garden hoses for a bit the whole debate could be put to rest for good for a few bucks! check it out in the flat earth forum.
  23. toutdoubt

    toutdoubt New Member

    Hi I'm a new member, I don't have any science background but trying to study all the 9/11 CT pseudoscience properly, is General Chemistry the best thing to start studying? I feel like I need a structural engineering degree do debunk a lot of the bs.. Thanks, love the site!
  24. Thomas lewis

    Thomas lewis New Member

    Hi All
    Great to be here .I saw Mick on the Joe Rogan's Podcast,and found it extremely interesting.I grew up in southern Calif during the 1960's and have a huge interest in science,technology,Apollo,NASA,etc
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  25. oudeicrat

    oudeicrat New Member

    Hey, I came here because there are some great resources here on the flat earth [subject]
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  26. risez

    risez New Member

    hey guys new to wonderful commnity
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  27. Alexandria Nick

    Alexandria Nick New Member

    Hello. I'm an aerospace guy by trade (not an engineer though): have very vivid memories of persistent grids of contrails on cold winter mornings all the way back in the 80s; have described to people how you can tell the Earth is curved based on watching airplanes land at DCA; personal experience of how hard it is to keep something relatively innocuous completely under wraps, unlike, say, a fake moon landing; and would actually enjoy finding out that weirdo lights in the sky are actually interstellar visitors (none of them have been, so far). Signed up because the Gimbal video explanation blew my mind with its level of detail.
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  28. Kevin McMillen

    Kevin McMillen New Member

    Hello all, my name is Kevin McMillen, I'm from Morgantown, WV. I began this "interesting" journey when I found out that a friend of mine, an electrical engineer, fell deep into the "rabbit hole"

    It's been about a year since I found out. As I get time I like to watch the FE videos, but........

    Just wanted to post here before posting on the Flat Earth spirit level thread. Yep, my college educated, electrical engineer friend actually took a level on a flight.

    Meet you at the spirit level thread for my reaction.