1. Stephen Palmer

    Stephen Palmer New Member

    Hi, I'm Steve from the UK. I worked in Mental Health for the NHS but recently retired. I came to the website after seeing Micks posts on You tube when looking for some evidence based information about the recent "UFO" navy jet encounter. I am also curious about the "To the Stars Academy" more from a human than alien interest point of view.
    Look forward to looking through the posts.
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  2. Spicetooth

    Spicetooth New Member

    Hey All,

    I'm an ex born again christian believe turned atheist. As part of this process I've become extremely curious about facts and evidence on all topics.

    Looking forward to learning even more here.
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  3. Peter Perry

    Peter Perry New Member


    I'm a researcher in Biology also with a degree in Geology. Probably like others, I found this site recently when searching for background info on the New York Times UFO "revelations". This seemed like the only sane forum on the internet as far as the subject went, plus I was really impressed by the quality of the discussion here.

    Happy to be here.
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  4. Patrick Hayes

    Patrick Hayes New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm Parick, I simply like other hearing different perspectives on unusual occurrences, so if I ask childlike questions, please forgive me in advance.
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  5. Hello there, I’m an Air Force guy and space junkie. I found this site after watching a slew of Neil deGrasse Tyson videos and an interview with Mick West came on after one. I’ve been reading a lot of the old threads and learning some very interesting things and love that you all show the scientific reasoning and math behind your posts.
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  6. gwar822

    gwar822 New Member

    I'm glad i found this website. Ive spent many hours of my time wasted on these conspiracy's and thanks to Mick i have looked into many things i used to believe only to change my mind... 911/chem trails and many Ufo videos that i used to believe, I no longer do. I want to post 2 new threads (one the Sylvanic Bigfoot) and two the gold orb creating a crop circle). Hopfully i dont mess up and go against posting guidelines lol i have a hard time understanding things sometimes. Well anyways i feel good knowing that chem trails and 911 was not what i thought, and that many ufos are cgi / explainable... I still believe either we are the first intelligent beings in the universe (which is amazing) Or we are not alone which is also amazing. Either way its amazing right? Anyways... Im 29 years old, and live in sunny Florida. I enjoy long walks on the beach and looking for shells...
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  7. John Davis

    John Davis New Member

    I have some questions regarding instances that happened during or even before 9/11. I am just trying to get clarity on some things. thank you!!
  8. Joshua

    Joshua New Member

    Hi. I joined a few weeks ago and came here to debunk flat earthers.
  9. JezW

    JezW New Member


    Sadly I have been sucked into the absurd internet phenomena that is Anthony Riley, Flat Earther and general 'maker up of stuff', his misuse of your curvature calculator has brought me here, although of course it's been my go to place for the last couple of years of battling with the flatties.

    My Youtube Channel is called Gempanda2012, I have produced a 2 hour documentary presenting positive evidence for the Apollo Moon Landings, which is worth a look and I also have a few productions poking fun at and debunking Flat Earthers including the series I am working on currently which is called 'Faking Flat' where I address Riley's latest Isle of Man Lunacy.
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  10. Scott Pahlow

    Scott Pahlow New Member

    Hi Everyone...I'm Scott and for decades have had a keen interest in debunking conspiracy theories and using facts and reason to show the wrong thinking, techniques, and manipulations behind such things. I am interested in the power of peoples belief systems, the psychology behind it, the madness of crowds, and how these things effect people. I no longer see these things as purely laughable but realize a danger behind it as people become consumed with fear, lose critical thinking abilities, delude themselves and others, and end up leaving reality and going down rabbit holes that don't even exist.
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  11. Don Buckley

    Don Buckley New Member

    Hey everyone, just another curious mind that very much respects the work Mick is doing and believes it to be important.
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  12. das

    das New Member

    Hi, Enjoying the forum and different threads, It is an education for me to see many highly educated people, posting on many different subjects
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  13. DD-Dude

    DD-Dude Banned Banned

    Hi, new member! Am interested in some of these topics, so decided to join in the discussion and provide my own insight.
  14. David Gutierrez

    David Gutierrez New Member

    Hi guys saying hello from South Texas
  15. Glyph

    Glyph New Member

    I like to read peoples thoughts on subjects and will probably just read posts for a while to get a feel for the board.
  16. Jedo

    Jedo Member

    Hi, I am a physicist from Germany. I got here by watching a talk about WTC7 titled 'Fire or controlled demolition?' by a Swiss historian, who gets increasingly popular in Germany, particularly so within the pacifistic movement. In the course of researching for a blog article debunking his implicit claims (he seldom makes explicit ones) I came across this site as a resource, and I would like to contribute.
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  17. Luc The Lurker

    Luc The Lurker New Member

    Hi, I'm John and I've been lurking about these forums for a long time as I found the discussions here very educational as well as entertaining. I've probably read through all the major threads that interested me especially the 9/11 conspiracies, JFK and such.

    Back when I was 15 I was one of them 9/11 truthers, mainly because I didn't understand how the towers came down or why there was no footage of the pentagon crash, until I saw it explained simply and was shown evidence of the plane's path flattening lamp posts and such. Since then I've been interested in conspiracy theories and people debunking the ones that are clearly wrong and are yet are still prevalent (Moon Landing Hoax, Chemtrails and, as of late, Flat Earth).

    I'll no doubt continue lurking, although I might chip in now I have an account.
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  18. Priyadi

    Priyadi New Member


    I'm Priyadi from Indonesia, and I spent too much time debunking flat Earth in my website BumiDatar.id (in Indonesian). I used Metabunk as my reference far too numerous times, and it is only fitting that I join here and try to contribute.

    Only recently I started writing them in English in FlatEarth.ws. It is not much at the moment. I'm still in the process of translating my old Indonesian articles to English, an article every other day. I think some of the in depth works I did can be useful here, and I plan to post them here after I get them translated to English.
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  19. Roger

    Roger New Member

    Hello guys,

    I'm Roger from the UK, an engineer by trade, and I discovered this place while looking for something to help educate a poster in r/conspiracy.
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  20. Starman

    Starman New Member

    Hello everyone , I am interested in esoteric etc: UFO and many other things . I've found this forum on https://twitter.com/ufoofinterest "Scott Brando" UFO blog. I do like debunking UFO stuff ( etc: look at photo ) . I'm not a journalist , but once in a while i write articles about UFO . Nowadays ufology is more a religion than an explained phenomenon . It's sad . I already translated one of my articles from lithuanian to english and posted here ( i hope moderators reading this , cause im still in moderate mode ) . BTW , i forgot to say , i'm from Lithuania and english is not my native language , sorry for my grammar .
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  21. TruthMakesPeace

    TruthMakesPeace New Member

    I have a Master of Arts degree in Education and did my thesis on Critical Thinking, Open Mindedness, and EEG Coherence in students who practice the TM Technique as compared to national norms. Objections to theories, just because they involve more than one person (a conspiracy) is illogical. We need a new, scientific investigation on many matters. I enjoy reading about new ideas, such as Bitcoin in 2011 (not discussed much on main stream media until 2014), which have been very profitable, enabling me to pursue the truth full time.
  22. Fearful Jesuit

    Fearful Jesuit New Member

    Hello there. I'm an independent podcaster whose show, The Paranoid Strain, is devoted to reviewing conspiracy theories in a historical context, explaining why their evidence doesn't add up, and investigating the ways in which people's beliefs in these theories can impact the real world, usually in negative ways.

    My latest episode, which deals with theories around chemtrails and the HAARP station in Alaska, features an interview with Metabunk's very own Mick West. If you're interested, it's available on all of the standard podcasting platforms, or you can access it directly here:


    I look forward to finding new topics and evidence for future shows here, and to hearing feedback.
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  23. Akiyama

    Akiyama New Member

    HI I'm Akiyama, I'm a new member here after occasional lurking over time. Came here from FSTDT and Rational Wiki. I like reading about conspiracy theories and woo, and watching people debunk them. So I figured that joining here would fit in my interests.

    I've seen some new health woo popping up I might have to write a debunk on soon. Saw a couple videos on youtube and such about the topic I have in mind.
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  24. Hi guys. I am Tim. I love moving information around. I am an occultist, and I like to study things that are hidden. I'm not super great at message boards, but do well at interpersonal relationships with people I decide to get along with.
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  25. Nth

    Nth New Member

    Hey everyone, I'll leave my real name anonymous, but feel free to call me Nth. Anyway, I've been a lurker here for around 8 months now, and finally decided to sign up. As with many others, apparently, it was the rise of flat earth-ism that brought me here, and this site has been invaluable in evaluating and debunking that particular movement's claims. (Incidentally, it's a particular claim that spurred me to finally sign up; there's reasonable cause to doubt it already, but I'm looking for some additional verification of that doubt.)

    For a little bit about me, I'm in my early twenties and studying for a mechanical engineering degree, so I hope to be able to contribute on topics pertaining to math, engineering, basic physics, etc. Hobbies include guitar playing and listening to music, arguing with people online, building things out of LEGOs, and keeping up with TV shows. Please note: All of this is done in spare time from homework or when procrastinating on homework. :p
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  26. Thomas1982

    Thomas1982 New Member

    Hi there, I am from Croatia so English isn't my native tongue (sorry if I make grammar mistakes). I've found this forum while researching various topics on fridge science and related subjects. I find it very interesting and informative. I hope that I will have opportunity to post some interesting stories from my country, if I find something that can be analyzed.
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  27. pony

    pony New Member

    I guess it's about time I posted here. I'm currently living in Vegas, I'm old (over 45) and believe it or not I'm actually just here for the 9/11 resources.

    Full confession, I do lean towards being open to some conspiracy theories. There's 3 I fully buy into:

    1) The JFK assassination (I don't believe LHO was the only shooter, if he even was a shooter at all)
    2) TWA Flight 800 (no way it was a center fuel tank explosion)
    3) The Oct 1st shooting in Vegas (don't even get me started)

    However, there are many (flat earth, chemtrails) that I'm 100% sure are nonsense.

    But, again, I try to keep an open mind with most things.

    I felt myself being pulled down the 9/11 rabbit hole, so I'm grateful for all the resources this site has to help with that.
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  28. Max Hawley

    Max Hawley New Member

    Hello everyone. I have often dropped by into this oasis of reason whenever I needed to reassure myself that the entire spinning globe hasn't gone completely hatstand! Since childhood I been fascinated by the science and mechanics of space travel and aeronautics and whilst having the weakest of layman's grips on these subjects, I have found some very precious nuggets of knowledge within this learned domain!

    PS. Not a good start...I meant to post this in the 'Welcome' thread! Illuminati at work I expect!;)
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  29. James W Wing

    James W Wing New Member

    Hi Everyone!
    I was looking into QEG and find it fascinating, but wanted to find out why it isn't. So here I am! I didn't read all of it, but I get the point. I guess that one is quiet now because not much has happened since 2016. I asked for info from one of their suppliers and they have a price tag of over $3000 for all parts unassembled except the stator which is another $2500 or so; over $6000 total for a non-working, unproven system. I am sure it is accurate, but too much for my blood. I thought that one of the last entries in the QEG 10k fable thread was pretty good and makes my point pretty well. The people aren't promising anything - they warn the person that they have not provided a developed system, etc. and insist that they get competent help and that they are not in the business so proving something to the skeptics costs them time and money. Ok I get it - they are probably wrong, the thing isn't Tesla anyway according to Gerard Morin - though QEG claims it is.

    I thought it to be quite interesting that people are severely stuck on what they 'know' - like those who consider the Big Bang Theory to rule out Creationist Theory, while the Creationists say that it proves a Creator; and Einstein's theories are questionable, but Darwin's theories are sacrosanct. I don't say that to start a discussion, just an observation. And worrying that Flat Earth might be taught in schools - unless I missed my classes somehow, I understood that all of these things are theories and should be taught - not pushed as proven. The classical Newtonian 'laws' are theories - so where do we get off 'debunking'? All these things are presented as true because they are the best that we have until someone proves them wrong somehow. Even Newton realized that his laws didn't explain everything, but were good enough for classical physics. Rather than debunk things, let's just disprove them or show why they don't work, but I don't mind calling them debunked as long as you don't mind having your ideas called 'debunked' - kind of depends on whose ox is being gored, doesn't it?

    I am looking for more information on Over Unity, but that doesn't appear to have been discussed - is it not considered to be impossible? I don't agree that Over Unity is impossible and am looking at Gerard Morin - what is wrong with his questioning - what he proposes seems very logical. Pulse modulation to drive motors rather than DC - sounds like a winner! No? And if what he shows is true, the implications are enormous. I have some inclination to tinker with it - is it a waste of time? If it is, at least I will solidify what I thought I knew about electric motors. (And it won't be the first time I followed a rabbit trail when I wasn't hunting for rabbits!) By the way, the motor driving a generator which produces an output greater than needed to drive the generator is only using a motive force different than what we normally consider - magnetism.

    Is there a thread somewhere or do I need to start one to get some more information?
  30. Rowland

    Rowland New Member

    HI all, Glad to have found this oasis of sanity in a desert of [...]!
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  31. Lithops

    Lithops New Member

    Hi to all!

    I don't frankly know how i ended up here.. i was searching info on something and just kind of link-drifted around :). Anyhow, got lost in reading thread after thread and wound up amused and sucked in since my inquisitive mind is always searching for something new to know and learn.

    I'm situated in southern Finland, have an endless fascination towards nature in all aspects ranging from pebbles on the beach to the great cosmos. No real education after elementary 9 grades, i was too busy to see how the world works that studying never fit into my schedule. I've learned along the way as needed and when things have emerged. So i guess i'm one of those who knows a little something about everything and not the other way around.

    And those fascinations have steered me to photo/videography years back.

    I'm here mainly to pick up new knowledge and of course share the bits of wisdom i've dredged up so far in order to help shed light on things if needed.

    Now being from a tiny country with a difficult language to which a huge mountain of technical english is not even translated to, or is poorly translated to mix things up even more, i might occasionally get some of the serious scientific "jargon" understood wrong. Just bear with me and correct...

    That's me in a nutshell with compulsory language barrier warning.

    Oh and, i must warn everyone that the government pays me, since i'm unemployed for the time being ;)

    That's it, out.
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  32. Luthens

    Luthens New Member


    Stumbled across this site a few pages down in Google, away from the circulated generic hysteria to do with the Skripal poisoning. Nice to know there's someone out there looking behind the curtain on news stories. I'll try and drag some friends in (kicking and screaming) as we go along. I think they'll benefit from lucidity.
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  33. cloudspotter

    cloudspotter Senior Member

    As long as it's polite kicking and screaming then that's fine ;)
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  34. jarlrmai

    jarlrmai Member

    Hi, IT nerd here to fight against the rising tide of ignorance.
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  35. Nathaniel

    Nathaniel New Member

    Hi! I'm Justin--I'm a grad student at the University of Chicago Divinity School. My program is in the History of Religions (South Asian Religions in particular--"Hinduism" and South Asian Islam)--but conspiracism is a side interest. I submitted two prospectuses to the American Academy of Religions--one on Alex Jones and Islamic Apocalypticism, one on the intersection between the pseudo-science surrounding the study of Vimanas in South Asia and ufologists / ancient aliens people. So if these are accepted, I will be doing some serious research on conspiracism and the "cultic milieu" in the months ahead. I'm a bit tired now, but would be happy to elaborate on these topics at some other time.
    I've watched Alex Jones, Icke, William Cooper, etc., off and on for years casually, and am very interested in the growing popularity and influence of this sub-culture.
    I have been following your debunking of the To the Stars videos, and admire your work.
    I've never personally sworn by or subscribed to any "conspiracy theory," but have known people / had friends who did (to various degrees).
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  36. flexiverse

    flexiverse New Member

    I'm not convinced that forums really work anymore.
    For example, everyone is saying Russia did this nerve gas thing, when ZERO evidence is presented of any kind.
    Are we living in an age when hard facts simply do not matter?
    That's all I'm seeing, that facts are not important anymore.

    I hoping meta bunk will correct my view on the matter.
  37. Harlou

    Harlou New Member

    Hello. My name is Harry. I have been reading your site for some time now, and you have great information here.
    I am a believer in the "official story" as they say
  38. Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas New Member

    Ahoy, Dave Thomas here. I've written articles on 9/11, chemtrails, UFOs and etc. for Skeptical Inquirer. I like experiments, and have lately been having fun with horizon measurements, which are described on this page. I am president of the local skeptics group New Mexicans for Science and Reason, and am a fellow of CSI.

    I met Mick at CSICON 2016, and am looking forward to informative discussions here.

    Cheers, Dave
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  39. Maui454

    Maui454 New Member

    Hey I'm new I consider myself as a open minded free thinker and I try to examine everything from both sides.
  40. alarmour

    alarmour New Member

    I found metabunk via Chemtrail and Flat Earth debunking efforts - I've flown more than 4.5 million Km and have a lot of experience that would argue with both of these myths.
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