1. Stephen Palmer

    Stephen Palmer New Member

    Hi, I'm Steve from the UK. I worked in Mental Health for the NHS but recently retired. I came to the website after seeing Micks posts on You tube when looking for some evidence based information about the recent "UFO" navy jet encounter. I am also curious about the "To the Stars Academy" more from a human than alien interest point of view.
    Look forward to looking through the posts.
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  2. Spicetooth

    Spicetooth New Member

    Hey All,

    I'm an ex born again christian believe turned atheist. As part of this process I've become extremely curious about facts and evidence on all topics.

    Looking forward to learning even more here.
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  3. Peter Perry

    Peter Perry New Member


    I'm a researcher in Biology also with a degree in Geology. Probably like others, I found this site recently when searching for background info on the New York Times UFO "revelations". This seemed like the only sane forum on the internet as far as the subject went, plus I was really impressed by the quality of the discussion here.

    Happy to be here.
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  4. Patrick Hayes

    Patrick Hayes New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm Parick, I simply like other hearing different perspectives on unusual occurrences, so if I ask childlike questions, please forgive me in advance.
  5. Hello there, I’m an Air Force guy and space junkie. I found this site after watching a slew of Neil deGrasse Tyson videos and an interview with Mick West came on after one. I’ve been reading a lot of the old threads and learning some very interesting things and love that you all show the scientific reasoning and math behind your posts.
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  6. gwar822

    gwar822 New Member

    I'm glad i found this website. Ive spent many hours of my time wasted on these conspiracy's and thanks to Mick i have looked into many things i used to believe only to change my mind... 911/chem trails and many Ufo videos that i used to believe, I no longer do. I want to post 2 new threads (one the Sylvanic Bigfoot) and two the gold orb creating a crop circle). Hopfully i dont mess up and go against posting guidelines lol i have a hard time understanding things sometimes. Well anyways i feel good knowing that chem trails and 911 was not what i thought, and that many ufos are cgi / explainable... I still believe either we are the first intelligent beings in the universe (which is amazing) Or we are not alone which is also amazing. Either way its amazing right? Anyways... Im 29 years old, and live in sunny Florida. I enjoy long walks on the beach and looking for shells...
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  7. John Davis

    John Davis New Member

    I have some questions regarding instances that happened during or even before 9/11. I am just trying to get clarity on some things. thank you!!
  8. Joshua

    Joshua New Member

    Hi. I joined a few weeks ago and came here to debunk flat earthers.
  9. JezW

    JezW New Member


    Sadly I have been sucked into the absurd internet phenomena that is Anthony Riley, Flat Earther and general 'maker up of stuff', his misuse of your curvature calculator has brought me here, although of course it's been my go to place for the last couple of years of battling with the flatties.

    My Youtube Channel is called Gempanda2012, I have produced a 2 hour documentary presenting positive evidence for the Apollo Moon Landings, which is worth a look and I also have a few productions poking fun at and debunking Flat Earthers including the series I am working on currently which is called 'Faking Flat' where I address Riley's latest Isle of Man Lunacy.