1. CimPy

    CimPy New Member


    Stepped here while searching for a specific scam.

    Might be I will take more steps around in a near future.

    In the meanwhile, keep debunking up...
  2. Ratsu

    Ratsu New Member

    Thank you much for the add. I joined because I found a fascination with the Flat Earth craze and have been debating the issue on social media for a few months (regrettably at times). At first, I stumbled on this site without realizing how well-known it already was, or that it was even a thing to "debunk" all this crap online. I just didn't know how bad it was out there with the misinformation. I simply found myself reading an anonymous discussion here, about the inverse square law of light, and I was impressed, both at the communication of content as well as the moderation. I rarely ever read an accountable discussion online these days: anywhere. That is why I refrained from posting, because there was plenty to read about rather than post my own two cents. stick to posts that add value. I do still hope to contribute more in the near future.

    Thanks again for a well designed and well maintained site.
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  3. Lindy

    Lindy New Member

    Hi everyone, thanks for allowing me join. I joined because of the 9/11 conspiracy theories and also the craze with the Mandela effect.
  4. RichT

    RichT New Member

    Hi and thanks for approving my first post which is now in the "what to do when family members believe in bunk" thread. To stay on topic in this Welcome thread, I'm quite far down the rabbit hole but I'm not completely lost. A friend of my wife's is a little further down and I've managed to successfully debunk a couple of things he sent me recently so there is hope for me yet. Having seen a few of the Sandy Hook things debunked (no time to see them all) I'm actually looking forward to finding out more about, well, all of the others.
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  5. Rick Aucoin

    Rick Aucoin New Member

    How have I never heard of this site??

    And I'm glad I finally found it! Every article I have read so far has been of the highest quality, I'm very impressed with the effort made here.

    What a wonderful resource you've made available to the public. Thank you!

    And somehow I posted this to the wrong thread originally? Yet I arrived at the place I posted it via the automatic forwarding after signing up a new account and I could have sworn it said "post your first hello post here".

    I sense a conspiracy afoot...
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  6. Anuanki

    Anuanki New Member

    Still new to this whole rabbit hole theory world.

    Got my friends to admit there is no solid evidence for chemtrails but I still have some questions around some of the events of 9/11 and moon landings as any skeptic should

    Hoping I can use the resources here to get a better understanding
  7. MaartenTummers

    MaartenTummers New Member

    Hi all,

    I came across this site searching for a specific scam/fallacy and this seems to be a goldmine :)

    Thanks so much for keeping this up!
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  8. Ivan Davies

    Ivan Davies New Member

    My name is Ivan and I thought I would say hello! I love this site as I find myself constantly bombarded with [claims of questionable provenance] from conspiracy theorists, and tracking down the evidence to refute them is so much easier thanks to you! I have varied interests from history to science. I am currently floating on the Llangollen Canal on my 56 foot narrowboat, the only way to live!
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  9. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome. You might run into my uncle, he was last heard of living on a canal boat somewhere in the Midlands. He gets in touch with the family every few months... sometimes :)
  10. henry

    henry New Member

    G'day, first time poster
  11. Walker Mcmurrin

    Walker Mcmurrin New Member

    Hello nice to meet you all.
  12. Dave from MN

    Dave from MN New Member

    Hi everyone. I am both absolutely amazed and appalled that flat-earthism is somehow making a resurgence. I'm looking forward to collect, and hopefully helping to create, some good antibunk on this and other things.

    On a personal note, my name is Dave, and I'm from MN. :)
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  13. Toots

    Toots New Member


    Stumbled across this forum looking for something else (which I did not find), but then got distracted reading through various threads; and was impressed with the relatively civil discussion - a rare thing on internet forums.

    I as simultaneously astonished to discover that there are a significant fraction of people who actually seem to believe the earth is flat; and at the amount of patient effort put in by some here to demonstrate that wrong.

    Thought I would open an account in case I notice anywhere I have something to usefully contribute.
  14. Marcus Johnsen

    Marcus Johnsen New Member

    My name is Marcus. I work with automation projects in Sweden, mostly PLC's, industrial robotics & CNC Machines.
    I also have an interest for programming videogames, along with some other hobbies.
    I found my way here through Joe Rogan's podcast, and basically I got curious and joined.
  15. Birkenhead

    Birkenhead New Member

    cheers. former dutch guy posting. love your site, very interesting read so far. keep on the good work.
  16. LMR

    LMR New Member

    Hi, I am interested in a FE problem.
  17. JeffH

    JeffH New Member

    Found this place after listening to a couple of podcasts where [...] James Fetzer was being interviewed and did some Googling concerning Sandy Hook and other "conspiracies". This was a refreshing change from the majority of the [...] comments on YouTube.
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  18. Liza

    Liza New Member

    Hi there, thanks for adding me. LizA
  19. StarGazer

    StarGazer New Member

    Hello Everyone
    I'm pleased to meet you and to be here :)
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  20. Ph_

    Ph_ New Member

    Hi Everyone.
    Lurker since your appearance at Joe Rogan.
    I love the nature of the forum as it fits my Asperger view of the world.
  21. DemolitionParty

    DemolitionParty New Member

    Hi from Italy!!
    I found this site by chance, I think I'll continue to follow you with interest!
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  22. johnc

    johnc New Member

    I have joined because people don't appear to care about evidence and facts anymore. The number of people believing in conspiracies based on their "opinion" seems to be growing and has me worried for the future of the world.
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  23. JohnO'Neill

    JohnO'Neill New Member

    Been lurking around on this page for years. I'm not sure why I'm just now joining...
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  24. Cedtomcat

    Cedtomcat New Member

    French guy liking to find how things work (or don't). Got here by looking for infos about perpetual movement, got hooked by all the rest.
  25. Holy Irony

    Holy Irony New Member

  26. Cedtomcat

    Cedtomcat New Member

    Ouais je sui pas le seul!
    ( Yey, I'm not the only one!)