1. Mick West

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    welcome anderson (or david?)
  2. andersondavid1989

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    Thanks Mick. Yeah, it's David.
  3. Mumbles

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    Long time lurker, decided to nail some colours to the mast and sign up. I pitched up here, and contrail science for evidence gathering during a particularly epic NZ auction site message board chemtrail discussion last year (under a different username than this one). I'm from New Zealand, born, raised and resident, with a science/technical background. There is also a lot of military in my family, and I'm an avid aviation enthusiast, with I think a fairly broad knowledge of the latter for a layperson (there is always more to learn though :) ). I'm interested in a lot of other things besides, and am an almost compulsive non-fiction reader. I'm intrigued by the existence and propagation of conspiracy theories, and the chemtrails allegations in particular interest me because they confluence my interests (as do the 9/11 and moon landing hoax theories). I've always had a tendency toward sorting fact from myth and hype (thanks to some great critical/logical thinking role models growing up), and feel almost compelled to correction when I see things said that I flat out know to be wrong. I've always been interested in the secret, mysterious and unknown, and picking apart conspiracy theories and myths to see if they have any merit seems to be a logical extension of that to me.
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    Welcome Mumbles! Sounds like you'll fit right in!
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  5. Mumbles

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    Thanks Mick. I forgot to mention that I'm a weather and astronomy enthusiast too (and contemplated both as careers, but I'm rubbish at maths). Combine that with the aviation and I spend a lot of time looking at things in the sky :) .
  6. lalalala

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    Hi everyone! Found this forum and Google and thought I would sign on up! :)
  7. Fortean Slip

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    Hi I'm Fortean Slip! I am a Chemist who has been working in the medical device industry for several years. I tend to spend quite a bit of time on conspiracy sites and on YT debunking claims that just won't seem to die but in recent years that has expanded to a lot of the woo posted on my Facebook timeline. Looking forward to discussing these topics with you all!
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    Welcome Fortean Slip!
  9. qed

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    I have no time for racist "Illuminati" type ideas whatsoever. While I had never heard of "chemtrails" until this site, Google convinced me that there was no need to learn any more about "them". I have never doubted we went to the moon, given the reflectors, although I am aware that ontologically there is no proof yet (but it will come in time, either way). My reply to 9-11er's, is (an ironic) "Americans are so arrogant, we smash three of their skyscrapers to the ground and bomb the Pentagon, and still claim they did it themselves".

    I am, however, very concerned about the Boston bombing.

    I stumbled into this since I follow Cryptome for professional reasons (and as my gossip rag, if you want to be the first to know who Colin was tapping while searching for WMDs, Gucifer's your hack).

    Cryptome published many high resolution photographs of the crime scene.


    4chan crowed sourced these, identifying many of the faces, leading to the arrest of two obvious characters. They were both released the next day, since independently Jeff Baumann identified the brothers...

    There are now more pictures.

    I have stared at these images on multiple high resolution monitors for many many nights over the last four months. I know the characters involved, what injuries they suffered, how they moved in the first few minutes, what they have said in the press, how their stories have evolved, etc. I am deeply disturbed, and if I had any way of explaining what is in front of my eyes, I would not be at this site.

    I have been to all the debunking websites (lurking only), and to be honest, currently, they don't yet even know what the the real question is. This is happening in real-time. All the debunkers I have encountered so far have obviously not looked at the pictures. Some even admit to this! It takes a lot of work to do so. I have also read your threads, and you guys are also behind on this one. The questions being raised here are from you-tube type videos, the throwing of the towel/dust (I go for towel), the men in skullcaps, etc. Out there, the geeks are questioning at a far more subtle level.

    I hope that I am mistaken and that you guys are able to explain this. I assume that this will be a pleasurable experience for you because this is where you hang. I will only be civil, I hope you will be too. I am also going to take it very slowly. I do not enjoy public Internet forums. I like to properly understand an argument and need time to work out a rebuttal or admit defeat. I have no problem being beaten in an argument, that's how science works.

    I have to be honest and say that I have been (recently) influenced by http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/. He has put in a lot of work and is a great writer. It is not a discussion forum. [And yes, he does have a moon series. I rather enjoyed reading and debunking it (but was the shell of the lander really so thin that the astronauts had to be careful not to bump holes into it and has NASA really lost all 123 boxes containing the plans, diagrams, communications, radar, etc, during the trips, sometime in the 70s they say). Whatever.]


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  11. qed

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    I better admit it before others catch on. I speak British English not American (what have you done with our language?).
  12. Mick West

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    Am from Yorkshire mi'sen. Still like to focus on more concrete claims.
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  13. qed

    qed Senior Member

  14. Amidoinitright

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    greetings! I'm a recently disabled hyperactive type person. Having a lot of time on my hands all of a sudden, & an intense curiosity, I have plumbed the depths of the internet. [...]. I stumbled across this site while looking for an article to send to one of my wife's [...] friends who believes that autism is caused by vaccinations. Your debunking of Andrew Wakefield made my morning. I've been poking around, & LOVE this forum! I've been online since the net was born, & this is only the 3rd forum i have EVER joined.( the other 2 are forums for video games I play). Keep up the good work!
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  16. Amidoinitright

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    woops, sorry about that. Policy read & understood!
  17. Gavriel

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    Welcome Amidoinitright. :)
  18. Ignorant_Ape

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    hi all - been reading you guys for a while - but only just got round to signing up - some of you will recognise the moniker , yup - its me :)

    about me - I am just a bloke from the UK with a very limited tolerance for pseudo-science
  19. I stumbled on this forum from some random thread link. I wanted to reply so I signed up. Looking around, I think I might find some interesting discussions here. So Hi!
  20. Marie

    Marie New Member

    Hi Guys, I'm Marie and I'm really interested in health effects from long term prolonged exposure (24/7 for 9mths) to large qtys of JP8 + 100 including associated chemicals generated as part of the combustion process. If you know of any threads plz let me know!
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  21. Noblelox

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    Hi Everyone
    Just making me first post. I'm a 51 year old, married English dude. I have been around a few conspiracy forums in my time but it's left a bitter taste. None more so than doing the rounds with the Chem trailers. That and the illuminati / NWO crews is why I quit that scene back in 07. Lately though, I've been battling it out with the Wool'ich hoaxers...name calling, reasoning and presenting visual evidence.

    After a threat a certain individuals name came up here as I searched the individuals personal details. No! don't worry. I'm not here for that. Although I've read this site before I've been skipping back the last week or so. There's some forum posts that I'd like to contribute to. Other than that I probably won't make many threads of my own ...just comment from time to time.

    My spelling, grandma and punctuation isn't up to scratch at time but I figure you're all intellegunt :) enough to get what I'm talking about.
    My second post may seem controversial to this forum but you'll see I'm a level headed guy. Oh! I'll miss the odd word out from time to time.
  22. "They"

    "They" New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm probably like a lot of others. I just happened to randomly get to this site and I really like it. I've been here about a week or so but just noticed this spot to post a First Post. Its not my first but oh well.
    A basic explanation of myself is: I'm the type of person who actually liked math classes in high school and I always build my own computers piece by piece, none of that buy a whole system junk. :)
  23. otend

    otend New Member

    I've just recently arrived after being pointed here by many subreddits devoted to debunking. once i saw a forum discussion, my main thought was, "I'm home."

    There isn't much to me that's particularly interesting, so I think the introduction should be left at that.
  24. MrFathoms

    MrFathoms New Member

    Instantly attracted to the basic premise of this forum. Being someone who thinks from a critical analysis POV naturally, I have always felt it imperative to look at both sides of the proverbial coin. Recognizing that one cannot just simply take any and/or all information we are subject to for granted, seeking a logical, balanced conclusion is essential to seeing things as clearly as possible..... Even if it means ones instincts are, in the process proven incorrect or mis-informed. So, hello to all. Look forward to some lively discussions............... MrFathoms
  25. Bill McDonald

    Bill McDonald New Member

    Hi, I'm Bill. Just joined recently and I want to share one of my early attempts at chemtrail debunking:
    I worked in an office in the late 90's where a woman names Jane was handing out photocopied literature about chemtrails. I confronted her about it, saying it was nonsense.
    What are they if not chemical spray says she.
    Why normal moisture condensation triggered by a passing aircraft says I.
    Well, why do they make parallel lines and grids, says she.
    Because planes fly designated routes at high altitude, and the prevailing winds tend to push the trails to the side before the next plain comes by, making parallel lines, or at the intersection of two high altitude routes, a grid, if conditions are right, says I. How do you know all this, says she.
    Well, I was an aircrew-member in the military, says I.
    YOU'RE ONE OF THEM, says
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  26. CurlyBurl

    CurlyBurl New Member

    Hi all!

    I'm Kyle. I got my start with debunking as a kid when my English class speech at age nine was about the moon landing being a hoax. Afterwards, the teacher (in private) very politely pointed out some major flaws in my arguments. She wasn't scolding me or trying to make me look stupid, she just wanted me to understand the science better. I learned an important lesson that day - yes, question everything. However, you should keep questioning. Always. Never stop. Questioning the official story isn't enough - everything should be scrutinized. Just because you read it on a blog doesn't mean it's any more true than what the newspaper is saying. Despite being debunked, it only made my interest in conspiracy theories stronger. Not as a supporter, nor an instant disbeliever, but I find them incredibly entertaining and love debating.

    Some great work going on here - big fan of Mick and all the other regular contributors. Glad to be part of the community!
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  27. Mick West

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    Welcome CurlyBurl/Kyle, and that's a great story about your debunking origins. I remember something similar when I declared I was a Conservative after seeing a political ad on TV. My sister told me "you can't believe everything you see on TV", which for some reason had never occurred to me. After giving it some thought I became much more skeptical.
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  28. jackdale

    jackdale New Member

    Quick intro.

    I spent 33 years teaching social studies during which one of my major interests was media literacy. I prefer the Neil Postman term "crap detection."

    Among my "crap detection" interests are AGW deniers, healthcare (I am Canadian), and conspiracy theories. Generally I am opposed to sloppy thinking. I look for cherry picking and quote mining as signs of "crap".

    I think these forums will be a great resource and maybe I can provide something as well.

    My posts tend to be under "jackdale" or "Jack Dale" I use my "real" name - Jack is actually a nickname.
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  29. tdw

    tdw New Member

    I''m just stalking you Jack.

    in truth ... we happen to share a few common interests via our common interest in sailing. I stumbled across this place while searching for something or other that needed a firm application of debunking fluid. JD purely coincidentally just slipped in ahead of me. No conspiracy here.

    I'm Australian which I'm sure is worse than being Canadian.
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  30. jackdale

    jackdale New Member

    I was looking for some stuff an Agenda 21 for poppy and jrd.

    Great minds seldom differ.
  31. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Hi, I'm a former design engineer for the military industrial complex. I found this site while following links related to NASA's revelation of the plan to take over the world in 2025. I visit a number of skeptic sites for a dose of sanity as well as several conspiracy and fortean sites to keep up with the stranger beliefs in the world. Does this site discuss alternative histories along with everything else?
  32. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    We try to focus on concise debunking specific individual claims of evidence - so "alternative histories" sounds maybe a little broad? Check out the guidelines for new threads:
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  33. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    I was thinking specifically of the Ancient Alien and America Unearthed bunk the History Channel is foisting on the public. Ancient history has always been a passion of mine and I hate to see college students that try to write papers on "Pyramids and the Aliens" and don't understand why their work is not accepted by the professor.
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  34. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The topics are fine - just take it one bit at a time.
  35. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    My friend and I have been sharing a motel room on trips recently, neither one of us have cable so I wanted to check out the offerings there. And I watched too much of the Mermaid special on Animal Planet and the Megladon one on Discovery. I think they had her half convinced they were true and she is a skeptical type.

    In fact I was wondering if these fake documentaries were worthy of a thread here.
  36. Graham Stewart

    Graham Stewart New Member

    Hello all.

    I am a Scot, living near Barcelona. The clear skies (chem/con-trail free) help with clear thinking.
    I think I found this site when I searched Google about Monsanto ("sacred mountain" in Spanish). I devoured the many threads on the subject and was impressed by the respect that each member gave to another and the rigorous thinking.
    I have already used some of this site's contents to challenge friends and friends of friends on various subjects.

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  37. RyanRL

    RyanRL New Member

    Hey there, I'm Ryan, and have always been interested in conspiracies (most any and all). I'm 26, a franchise owner, and glad I found this site! Should be interesting...
  38. Vegvet

    Vegvet New Member

    Hey! Swedish veterinarian here. Curious about everything, especially facts. :)
  39. Animalist

    Animalist New Member

    Hey guys! Just thought some of you might like this funny video from a web series I work on called "Truther Cats." Our cat host theorizes about all the secret animal organizations, plots, and societies that are working together to keep humans down. Enjoy!

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  40. george walker

    george walker New Member

    My name is George Walker and reside in West Virginia. We have witnessed heavy aerial spraying over our area and have observed some strange atmospheric phenomenon . I have found a video posted from New Mexico showing what I recently photographed. It was referred to as a rainbow cloud vortex. I would rather have not seen any of this stuff, the contrails, etc., but its undeniable and more than a little freaky. I'm 57, have been a pilot and have been an acute observer of the skies my entire life. They are spraying the skies and Chemtrails are very real. I welcome any intelligent reply. The blind can find their own discourse. I will not argue with non-believers.