1. Cairenn

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    But the threads on GMO food may really upset him.
  2. Buildy

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  3. I'm a 45 year old American who found this site yesterday when I was researching chemtrails.
    In general I don't buy into any of the conspiracy theories such as 911, chemtrails etc.
    but there are some parts of alternative medicine that I do believe in/like.
    Although "alternative medicine" is a very general term.

    I post on the James Randi forum and actually used to post alot on a big
    alternative medicine site until the conspiracy theories became just too overwhelming to handle.

    The jews, chemtrails, nuclear bombs at the WTC etc.

    And while there may be some things regarding health I disagree with some of you on,
    it got old hearing people say that you can never trust a doctor and advising people
    not to go in and get labwork done to diagnose what could potentially be a serious health problem.
    And some people with only a high school diploma and a computer were/are diagnosing
    and dispensing treatment options to strangers on the internet.

    Anyway. Here I am.

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  4. Cairenn

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    My best friend is an excellent herbalist, but she has a chemistry background and she understands that while herbals can help, modern medicine is often what is needed.

    Some years ago, we did not have any insurance and my hubby's blood pressure got dangerously high. In the range of nearly 200/120, stroke range. Sue worked up a couple of herbal teas that helped it. They dropped it 20-25 pts. Once we had insurance, he went to the doctor and it takes 3 different medications to drop it more than that. I have seen her help someone prevent an asthma attack when they were camping out and they had left their inhaler at home. It most likely kept them out of the ER that night.

    It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both.
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  5. Buildy

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    Thanks to whomever is helping me with the local grocer.. Way more information than I could have anticipated. I just logged in to see the discussion. Thanks again!
  6. Cairenn

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    That is me, I thought that not attacking his chemtrail belief, might allow me to get some facts posted.
  7. HotRod

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    Hey All,

    I am a scientist from Boston (M.S. Biology) who is pro and anti conspiracy. Sometimes fiction is fact and vice versa. I think that going on a quest to debunk is as ignorant as a quest to prove a conspiracy. As a scientist, I try to employ logic to form my opinions. "evidence" is almost useless these days as anything can be faked.

    What I find ironic is that this site exists to debunk trivial modern " conspiracies" yet ignores the biggest and most contradictory theory of all time. Religion. If you believe 9/11 is an inside job:nuts. Aliens have shaped human evolution: nuts. The military is controlled by corporations to ensure the subjugation of consumers: nuts. The government manipulates mass media to shape public opinion: nuts.

    There is an invisible man in the sky who, like Santa Claus, watches everything you do and sends you to an infinite prison if you are a bad boy...and by the way his son was born from a virgin and rose from the dead (ps- we need 10% of your pay check). Totally plausible.
  8. MikeC

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    HotRod have a look at my sig :)
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  9. Joe

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    welcome . Maybe hes not a man ? Maybe a force of some sort ? Maybe a alien that our ancestors couldn't understand to be anything other then a God ? maybe we think we are so smart that we know everything in the universe when we dont ? I cant image the fact that all this creation just happened ? But guess some day we will all find out or not if we just cease to exist ? :)
  10. Mick West

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    Pick your battles. I think chemtrails are more plausible than a god ruling the universe. But other people have the god thing handled.

    And I strongly disagree that a quest the debunk is in any way ignorant. If it is, then you are doing it wrong. Debunking does not start with assumptions. It just seeks to find and expose bunk.
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  11. HotRod

    HotRod New Member

    And bunking opposes debunking. All postulation starts with assumptions. When given a wide set of variables, assumptions must be made in order to form a hypothesis. As data is collected, the initial assumptions are modified to accommodate new information. The key is being able to test, modify and retest the initial assumptions. That is the cornerstone of the scientific method.
  12. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Not really. The scientific method is to test hypotheses. If you are testing the "assumptions" behind a hypothesis then you have gone too far down the road of assumptions, and need a reset.

    But we are generally just debunking here, pointing out things that are wrong.
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  13. mmuami

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    Hi. My name is Nima, 26 years old, residing in Toronto, Ontario.
    I discovered this forum entering a Google-search for 'Anderson Cooper Sandy Hook Green Screen'.

    I'm shared with a lot of misinformation through conversation and social media (Facebook is the worst for it...) and am often correcting friends' assumptions or criticizing (politely) their misguided attempts at doing research. Once in a while, when something truly outrageous is posted on the FB, largely out of a sense of duty.
    I consider it important to

    I am open-minded; I don't dismiss viewpoints and conspiracy theories simply because they are alternative theories, and I entertain them until it is no longer sensible to do so. I am weary of sensationalism, so it is not like I inherently trust the news or an institution more than an independent body. I value that all individuals use their own faculties of perception and thought to arrive towards sensible possibilities and conclusions.

    I'm generally frustrated with the lazy search and information habits of the majority of my peers; it seems that a viral image with some text is all it needs to make up our fact[oid]s, and our collective knowledge becomes polluted in a near-instant. My reason for signing up is to participate in a community that values information over misinformation and substance over style.

    Thank you,
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  14. HappyMonday

    HappyMonday Moderator

    Welcome Nima, hope you enjoy the exchanges here.
  15. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    That doesn't sound like a scientist speaking. Fact can never be fiction. Claimed facts can be found to be fiction, but then they were never facts in the first place, they were false claims awaiting debunking.

    Logic alone is not enough to disprove a claimed fact. Logic can only show fallacious reasoning in the conclusions one comes to based on the known facts. The claim can be found false due to any number of factual reasons but ultimately if false it will be found non-repeatable.
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  16. HotRod

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    The problem is that "facts" are hard to come by these days. Doing a google search of facts yields exactly what the searcher searched for. Both sides fall victim to self- fufilling "prophecies". The absence of first-hand data or speculations without apriori knowledge, makes conclusions spurious at best. Moreover, any debunking rests on the current paradigm. 800 years ago, we would be debunking that the world is round. ..actually an oblate spheroid.

    We might debunk a myth only to realize its truth later on when we have more empiracle data.
  17. Cairenn

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    The web is full of nonsense. We have to learn to search for the facts, and how to tell the difference between facts and opinions and what sources of information are to be severely discounted.

    I do a lot of research on many medieval topics. One of the traps of medieval research is Victorian sources and sources that depended on Victorian sources. If you find one of those, you have to see if there are modern references to it. Parts of it might be useful, but not without further research.

    The web is the same way. I tend to look for the published report. Then I look to see if there is any peer review of it. I look to see who sponsored it. I look to see if other similar studies have been done. It is a lot work, but getting the facts are worth it to me.
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  18. HotRod

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    I agree. But what are facts now might turn out to be wrong in a decade or a century. What we can say is that "this" is BS for now. It might not be so in the future. The less on makes declarative statements, the less foolish one appears in retrospect. That is my point.
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  19. Nick

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    Hi , good to be here. I have been looking in here for a while, decided it was time to join in.
  20. Tazmanian

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    Please delete my account. Thanks.
  21. Mick West

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    I don't delete accounts without good reason as it removes the identification of posts, and makes threads confusing to read.
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    Nowhere in the Terms of Agreement does it say that users will be held hostage against their will, indefinitely. Perhaps new users should be aware of this.
  23. Pete Tar

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    And nowhere in any sane description of reality does allowing posts to remain constitute being held hostage against your will.
    It's pretty standard for most forums, ATS for one.
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    The Terms and Rules say:

    You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content.

    Which is pretty standard for any online discussion board.

    I've created a new "Account Closed" category for Taz, which is essentially banning without prejudice. Closing an account deletes the email address and password associated with the account.
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  25. fonestar

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    I am fonestar, a being from far away in the mountains. Came out of curiosity.
  26. Skaredstiff

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    Skaredstiff here, I have watched this for a while. I am an engineer and have a degree in Astro Geophysics. It's a great site and I always get mental stimulation. Just really pissed off at all the UFO people and their complete blind belief that UFO are ET and that the governments of the world are keeping it a secret. Yes, like Watergate?

    Anyway I wanted to start a new thread but am having a hard time finding the page?

    Looking forward to some good feed back.

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  27. Mick West

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    Welcome Skaredstiff. See:
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  28. HappyMonday

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    Consider adding me on your Facebook,I love those kind of exchanges!

    PM me if you like.
  29. The Referee

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    Hi everyone, long time lurker but now would like to participate. I am interested in all forms of scepticism, particularly things like chemtrails.

    I won't say much but when I do I think you may find what I say interesting.
  30. XJarhead

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    Hiya, folks...I'm another critter that got here by accident. Wonderful thing, chance is. The CT folks entertain me but sometimes it's nice to get a dose of clarity to ward off infection.

    I'm 55 and former military, both Marine Corps and Army, enjoy spirited debate, am reasonably level-headed and insanely curious. Name's Jeff.

    This site appears to be a God-send.
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  31. Pete Tar

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    But verifiably interesting right? [​IMG][​IMG];)
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    Can't you just delete your own account if you want to?
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  33. Keef Wivaneff

    Keef Wivaneff Banned Banned

    Hello I'm Keef Wivanef.
    I was lucky enough to get an excellent training in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering as a student apprentice at the Radar Establishment in Malvern UK.
    I gained a high distinction Higher National Certificate.I then fled the dreadful weather and came to Australia to enjoy the sunshine and the wonderful skin cancer that comes with it.
    All of this just to explain that I know BULLSHIT when I see it.

    Mick, your description of the "New Invention Scam" on the V3 thread was brilliant.
    I couldn't have explained it better myself except that I would have probably said BOLLOCKS more often.

    I have been a proud scam buster for many years. This has won me few friends and cost me heaps.
    If anyone would like a good laugh they could visit http://www.gofundme.com/3qsxzw and buy me a beer.

    If you Google keefwivanef or keef wivaneff you will see many examples of my handiwork (caution...may offend some viewers!)
  34. Ben Klumaster

    Ben Klumaster New Member

    Hi, I'm Ben. I've been lurking for gods know[1] how many months, I was bound to get here eventually since I keep googling the steady stream of lizards UFOs and chemtrails in my Facebook feed. I finally registered because I couldn't resist making a smartass comment on something[2].

    [1] May not know
    [2] Hopefully won't[3] set the tone for all my future posts
    [3] Probably will
  35. DieKnowSoar

    DieKnowSoar New Member

    My name is Jacob and I live in so cal. I found this site a while back after the ballast barrels were shown to me as "evidence" by a chem trailer in my life. I already knew what they were so I set out to find the image origins and turns out Mick and others already did the work for me. I probably don't have a lot to add when it comes to the technical side of debunking but thought I'd go ahead and create an account to show support for this site. I've been on here almost every day since discovering and finding new interesting things, and I haven't even been to contrail science yet! Seriously, thank you to Mick and ALL the regular posters for trying to bring reason and accountability to some of these far fetched claims by CTrs. And a notable thanks to Jay Reynolds for the wealth of information on the subjects that brought me to this site.

    I do have a quick question to pose to the regular debunkers on chemtrails. Do any of you ever consider (or maybe you have) making a YouTube video addressing and debunking the claims made by advocates? The reason I ask I because I have seen chemtrailers do "research" which usually consists of watching YouTube videos and following link after link in the comments section down the wormhole. I know a lot of your rebuttal comments on the vidoes get deleted by the uploaders but if you were able to just post a link maybe it would reach a wider audience of belivers.They do love links and videos. I know all the subjects have already been debunked here but I don't think a lot of current belivers will take the time to read thru these threads as part of their research. Too muck work. I do think however they WILL watch a 20 min video if they stumble upon it. Just a thought. Working title: What in the world are they Saying?
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  36. D34DT0Y

    D34DT0Y New Member

    Greetings All,

    I enjoy taking casual walks on broken glass and eating flies ...
    Why do introduction posts feel like opening statements for a dating service?


    In all seriousness ...
    I hope I didn't come off too much as a troll, although I did play a troll in Everquest. I'm just an average guy with an odd sense of humor. Some may be wondering about my username, avatar and signature ... let me assure you that I'm not suicidal, I'm just a huge horror buff. I never know what to say on these introduction posts, but felt I should at least say "Hi".
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  37. TiffSmith

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    Hello, my name is Tiffany. I am a programmer and science enthusiast. I have enjoyed lurking here a little bit and decided to finally create an account and introduce myself. Hi everybody!
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  38. Brainiachick

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    You are welcome. Looking forward to your thoughts.

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  39. dirk

    dirk New Member

    Hi, I'm Dirk, TV commercial director, thrown out of facebookgroup "in a mad world world, only the mad are sane", because i insisted a JFK quote was false. :) Looking for 'evidence' i discovered this great site.
    I'm interested in conspiracy theories, like religion :), how they grow and exist. I'm skeptic, but also on official stories. So I dont believe in the governments truth also, they have their agenda on what they want you to believe....
    So lets keep on thinking!
  40. andersondavid1989

    andersondavid1989 New Member

    Hello! After hearing about HAARP and Chemtrail conspiracies a few years ago, I've been very interested in learning how to debunk them and understand their thought processes. I've been lurking on this site for a few weeks, but thought I would just make a profile and introduce myself. You may see me join the fray every now and then.

    I hold a BS in Meteorology, so I'm not a expert in the science by far, but I do know my stuff. Glad to be here!
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