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    This showed up on the Bayou Corne page. There are a lot of references to it, I haven't had the time to track down an origin yet



    This is why the birds died in Arkansas on New Year's Eve---Wheeler's body had already been found.

    The video is so full of errors and misinformation.
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    The birds died Jan 1, 2011. A couple of days later, 125 miles away 100,000 fish died. Wheeler died December 30, 2010. That doesn't mean they stopped ejecting the gas into the ground or that some of it escaped.
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    But his DEATH had nothing to do with it. There have been similar bird and fish kills before. It's a HOAX, a LIE.
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    Those birds roasted their in Beebe, Ar for who knows how many years on New Years eve. This was the first time that fireworks have scared them. I don't believe that they ran into each other. It's a HOAX, and a LIE

    Just like 1,500 "DUCKS" birds die crashing into Utah parking lot, roads. Utah wildlife officials were cleaning up thousands of dead and surviving migratory birds that crashed into a Wal-Mart parking lot, roads and other land after mistaking them for bodies of water. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/nat...-after-crash-landing-in-utah-parking-lot.html

    Do you believe this? Just watch ducks come in for a landing on water. They come in at an angle, slow, and just before the land, They spread there wings and almost stop before they hit the water. They don't dive bomb the water and they did not dive bomb the parking lot. It's a HOAX, and a LIE
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    Roosting locations for birds come and go due to a number of factors like land cleared for new construction taking out trees where they had been roosting. Regardless, there is ample evidence that they were spooked by gunfire/fireworks then flew into buildings and vehicles. They were seen on radar at the exact same time that eyewitnesses reported hearing them slam into stuff.

    Those were not ducks, they were Eared Grebes. The only thing eared grebes have in common with ducks is they are both aquatic birds. Grebes legs are so far to the rear of their bodies that they can barely walk on or take off from land. In the incident in Utah the parking lots and roads were covered with a thin coat of ice which made them appear shiny like the surface of water to birds flying over them.

    I've watched countless ducks land on water and they often hit the surface pretty hard, especially if the landing zone is of limited size. Just a couple of days ago I was watching the ducks at a nearby park. The ducks that landed on the little 1/4 acre pond just plowed into the water at a pretty steep angle making quite a splash. Some of them would take off from the water, fly about 50 yards and land on the grass where they practically hovered before gently touching down. Big difference between the two landing techniques. Then there is the fact that birds are quite fragile with hollow bones and all.

    Do you spend any quality time out in the natural world or do you just watch it on TV from your comfy couch?
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    The rickmick text came from Sorcha Faal. Hoax stuff from a major hoaxer.

    So far as I have found, Pine Bluff never injected anything underground, chemical weapons were incinerated there.
    Not much need to inject stuff when you can burn it up, is there?
    63,000 metric tons of mustard gas?
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    They stated that they roost there.

    You are your own worse enemy. The link you gave me of the Eared Grebes there "Appearance Ducklike" They walk and act like a duck.

    I suggest you get some glassing and go watch them land again. Here is a video of ducks landing on ice. Notice that they didn't dive boob the ice.


    You talk like a shill so I'm done here.
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    The problem with the Grebes was not that they were splatting on concrete, but that they had trouble walking and taking off again, because their legs have evolved to function only in water.

    Try to find a photo of an Eared Grebe walking. They can't.
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    There have ALWAYS been mass mortality events- just look at the last 9 months:


    and you will see that that is no different than any of the last 16yrs:

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    Eared Grebes' appearance might be superficially ducklike, but that's where the similarity ends. They don't even have bills like ducks nor do they have webbed feet. They are never on land except by accident and even build floating nests. I've seen Eared Grebes myself and they do not walk nor act like a duck. In fact, I've seen dozens of different species of aquatic birds in the wild and many of them can be described as "ducklike" but exhibit completely different behavior. Here's more details on Eared Grebes. They're pretty cool, I enjoy watching them.


    The Grebes that landed in parking lots, etc. in Utah must have thought they were landing on water because they can not land on solid ground, period. For the majority of the year those unique and interesting birds can not even fly.
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    Unregistered never did explain why someone would be killed BEFORE the incident they were going to 'whistle blow' on even happened.

    They ignored the problem with the kills being upwind and upstream of Pine Bluff also.

    And the mustard gas had been destroyed months before


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    " ability to literally cause the lungs and respiratory system to explode."

    stopped reading.......