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    I live in NYC and one of my classmates was best friends with Dan Wallace, who lost his father, who was a firefighter, on 9/11. He was so upset by the 9/11 commission report lies that he started a movement calling for a new investigation. Here is a clip of him giving a speech. He was found dead shortly after giving this speech.

    The government offered money to the family victims in exchange for them not to sue the government. Beverly Eckart, who lost her husband on 9/11, REFUSED this money and pushed for a LEGITIMATE investigation. She actually met with Obama in 2009 at the White House to get his support for a new investigation. She died just 6 days later in a weird plane crash.

    “If we don’t get answers to what went wrong, there will be a next time. And instead of 3,000 dead, it will be 10,000. What will Congress do then?” ~ 9/11 Family Victims Advocate, Beverly Eckert.

    Read her full statement entitled "MY SILENCE CANNOT BE BOUGHT."


    John O'Neill was an FBI agent and counter-terrorism expert who was on the front lines investigating Al Qaeda/Bin Laden. In the crucial months leading to 9/11, his investigative attempts were thwarted and blocked.

    Long time friend and informant of O'Neill, Janet Parker, said O'Neil was stopped by his bosses only months prior to 9/11 from getting a wire tap on a major cell leader, Shadrack Manyathella, who had close ties with Ali Mohammad, a suspected CIA double operative and Mohammad Atta, the alleged 9/11 ring leader.

    John O'Neill was then removed from his position and lured into a higher paying WTC gig where he officially started working on September 10, and died next day on 9/11 when the plane hit the north tower.

    This was one of the main guys investigating Al Qeada, who was actually about to get a wiretap on an associate of a hijacker... COINCIDENCE?


    Phillip Marshall who used to work for the CIA as a pilot during the times of Iran/Contra scandal who was in the process of completing a new book on CIA and 9/11 is found dead with a bullet wound along with his children and it's ruled "murder-suicide". Neighbors’ houses are “practically on top of” Marshall’s house, so dozens of neighbors would have heard any gunshots that weren’t muffled by a silencer… and Marshall’s “patsy gun” did not have a silencer.

    The crime scene was illegally and surreptitiously cleaned up by professionals, including “a SUV, license undetermined, with an array of communication antennas bristling from the roof.”

    According to Madsen, Marshall had stated that he was holding explosive information that would be revealed in his next book. The repeated professional-clean-ups of Marshall’s house after the murder suggest that the killers, and the agency or agencies employing them, were looking for a specific piece of evidence or information. (Marshall’s computer mysteriously disappeared after the killings, and its whereabouts remain unknown.)


    Perry Kucinich (Brother of Congressman who advocated new 9/11 investigation) — Fell down
    Barry Jennings (Eyewitness to explosions and bodies inside WTC7)
    Kenneth Johannemann (Eyewitness to explosions inside WTC, saw no airplanes hit but just saw “floors blow up”) — Gunshot to the head, ruled a suicide
    David Graham - (Dentist who saw three of the 9/11 Hijackers with Pakistani businessman in Shreveport, Louisiana) — Murdered (Poisoned with anti-freeze)
    Michael H. Doran (9/11 Victims Lawyer) — Airplane crash
    Deborah Palfrey (Ran an escort service that had 911 Perps on it’s list) — Suicide by hanging
    David Wherley (US General who ordered fighter jets to scramble on 9/11) — Train crash

    And dozens more here:
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    If you flip a coin 100 times, surely you will get around 5 "heads in a row" at some point, maybe up to 10 in a row. Unless you are an expert at flipping a coin (and I don't know anyone who is), the more you flip it, the less "10 in a row" remains significant.
    You get the point....it is a random event, with occasional repeats.
    It's about clustering.
    Clusters do happen - it's a certainty. They happen in coin flips, in deaths of scientists, gov't employees, and in deaths of any other profession.

    Two years ago, 14 of the most respected computer/electronic industry pioneers died all in one year....Ken Olsen, Bob Pease, and Jim Williams, Jean Bartik, Dennis Ritchie, Paul Baran, Jacob Goldman, John McCarthy, John R. Opel , Ashawna Hailey, Nobutoshi Kihara, Robert Galvin, Charles Walton, and Steve Jobs.
    I'll bet there were even more than that, important behind-the-scenes workers.

    Now I could look-up all ways these people in the electronic/computer industry died that year, and make a list of those that did not die of "old age".
    I could create a blog or submit an article somewhere and claim..."Isn't that weird ??....that in one year, all these people died from "questionable" causes ?"
    I could start a conspiracy theory...and I guarantee it would spread on the internet.
    I could find remote ways that connect them together...like where they worked, who they ever shared a meeting with, who had worked on projects linked to NASA, the USAF, Bill Gates......it's an endless number of dots that I could re-arrange to "fit" a conspiracy.
    But it would just be a made-up story.....that some people would buy into wholeheartedly.

    Chances are they are just random events. Until someone uncovers a "real plot" listing names of these people before they died.....I'd call it a random cluster where our minds like to create associations.....
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    I pulled one on your 'dead whistleblowers' out at random, Dr. David Graham.

    Elsewhere I found where he had been sick for over 2 years. That is not antifreeze poisoning.
    I wonder how many of the other dead 'whistleblowers' will have non conspiracy linked deaths?

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    So you just glance over a blanket statement such as "following lenthy illness" and blindly assume what happened in perfect alignment with what you blindly believe the corporate media tells you?

    LeeAnne Scruggs, a dental hygienist from Shreveport, La., had immediately set out on Memorial Day weekend of 2004 for Lufkin, Texas, roughly two hours to the southwest, when she learned that her boss, Dr. David M. Graham, was clinging to life in a hospital bed after being rushed by ambulance from a roadside gas station.

    By the time Scruggs reached Graham's bedside, the comatose dentist's lungs, heart and kidneys were being sustained by a machine. Later, he would be transported by helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.

    "I was upset," she recalled. "I said, 'Somebody tried to hurt you. Who tried to hurt you?' He turned his head. He was in a coma for two weeks. It freaked me out."

    Later, Graham emerged from the coma and though he would never walk again, he regained full command of his mental faculties - a development his friends regard as nothing short of a miracle. Graham told Scruggs he believed the FBI poisoned him. On Sept. 17, 2006, Graham would die in a nursing home in Shreveport. He was 67.

    Asked who was responsible for her boss' poisoning, Scruggs said, "According to Dr. Graham, the FBI."

    The dentist's son, 28-year-old David M. Graham, who is known by family and friends as Davey, said his father was treated for poisoning by ethylene glycol, an active ingredient in antifreeze. Graham spoke reluctantly to YES! Weekly.


    So you're asking us to believe your blind misinformed opinion over his SON'S ACTUAL ACCOUNT OF WHAT HAPPENED? Did you know him PERSONALLY?
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    Where is the evidence, like a report that Drs Brown and Green and Plaid, showed that his illness was caused by antifreeze poisoning?

    His assistant said and his son said. No proof, I can guarantee you that if the death certificate had listed that, it would have been included.

    His son said that his father didn't "Graham the son contests Scruggs' assertion that his father held the FBI responsible for his sudden illness." Interesting isn't it? Looks like you cherry picked what you wanted. And they don't 'hang a bag of everclear' either. Doesn't that sound more dramatic?

    And he didn't see the hijacker after 9/11, he say them months before and reported them. His report never got to where it was put together with others. It seems that you or someone you are listening to altered the facts to fit what they wanted.

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    If Cairenn using the internet to find answers is 'blindly believing whatever the corporate media tells you', what internet are you using?
    What media do you use to get your information that takes you out of the blind belief in corporate media loop that so plagues us poor deluded fools?
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    There is an OPEN COMPLAINT with the DOJ and you're inclined to blindly dismiss this as BS? It's funny how you're trying to insinuate that I'm trying to alter anything in anyway while proudly displaying the leash that your corporate masters have around your neck.

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    Corporate masters? What...
    Does anyone who disputes your opinion fall into this category?
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    Anyone who blindly accepts the conventional corporate paradigms while blindly dismissing anything to the contrary without thought as Cairenn has shown with his 30 second verdict of "nope just a natural death... there was no antifreeze involved..the end" falls into this category.
  10. Not quite sure how Colgan Air Flight 3407 goes down as a "weird" crash. It was one of the shortest investigations in recent memory.
    Both pilots spent the night in the airport, were chattering about non-essential things leading up to the crash, and the pilot
    let the plane stall and then pulled up on the stick. It was a clear case of pilot error, with fatigue suspected as a major factor.
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    Shit like this is why I'm inclined to think it was weird:
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    Harvey Keitel talking is what makes you think it's weird?
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  13. Whether the plane crashes in the video were done by the CIA is up for debate,
    but why would the US Government take out Eckert? She wasn't even what some would call a "truther".
    She wasn't satisfied with the report, granted, but she never believed that it was an inside job.
    If the Government killed off every person asking questions about 911 then there would be hundreds of thousands of dead bodies.
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    So he had anti freeze on things---you have to drink it to get poisoned. Why isn't a toxicology report in that DOJ complaint or later a death certificate with a cause of death?

    I see a lot of speculation and zero evidence that antifreeze was involved. I bet the other 'deaths' are just as 'created'.

    I ran into this with 'BP killing whistleblowers' and I debunked every one of them. BP order a shark to kill one guy, one of the dead guys is still alive, others died 'where killed' before the well blew out. Nothing to them but imagination.
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