1. bt1111

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    Hey metabunk! I have been lurking here for some time. This is my first post here. You are doing great job identifying unknown things in the sky for what I am grateful.

    Back on point:
    About a week ago, I went for a walk. I looked up on sky and star which appeared to be moving,slowly in steady pace, caught by attention. I could not hear any sound from that object. I imediatelly grabbed my phone and started recording.

    Video of that event is here. I put music over the original audio, because I was swearing a lot due to camera's inability to focus properly.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydH5Zpz3WUM

    Since the camera was unable to focus properly, I quickly tried to take some photos of it. So I could get better quality picture. When I took third photo, and went to take fourth photo of the object, by the time I looked on the phone display and back on the sky, the object was just gone. It just dissapeared. Whole event lasted two minutes. Maybe less.

    My phone is xiaomi redmi note 7, I included the 4 photos

    IMG_20191001_190539. IMG_20191001_190546. IMG_20191001_190556. IMG_20191001_190632.

    Here's the location: https://www.google.com/maps/@49.196...4!1sXp5FBcmtGEv3ZTrtkcqILA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
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  2. Trailspotter

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    It looks like landing lights of a plane descending toward the camera. They would disappear from view after the plane turning for final approach to the runway. I can't figure the direction of camera on phone, but the nearest airport in Zilina is to the west of your place.
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  3. Spectrar Ghost

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    Looks like he’s looking almost due west. If I’m reading it right the mountain is Stoh.


    Google Earth Link

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  4. Z.W. Wolf

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    Too fast for an astronomical body, too slow for ISS. The only thing that bothers me is, once the plane turned and the glare from the landing lights is gone you should see the navigation lights, especially the strobe(s). It may have disappeared due to cloud cover. At distance, at night, you don't always see all clouds.
  5. Trailblazer

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    That's east, not west. @bt1111, what is the correct date? Your video says October 3 but the photos say October 1.
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    Correct date Is 1st october I uploaded the video on youtube 2 days later so thats why. To mee this is interesting because if you look closely it appears to go behind the contrail from the plane and the the way it moves is also weird.

    I change the title of vid.
    Also, the object did not blink at all. Not a single time. It was not flashing a light like a plane as some people may think. It did not blink like planes. It was just a shiny object like a star or planet. It stayed like this all the time it was with visible with naked eye. If it looks like its blinking, it's because a phone camera changing focus or tree branches blocking the light of the object.
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  7. Spectrar Ghost

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    Crap, you’re right. There does appear to be an airstrip in Velicna that is fairly aligned with the line of sight though.
  8. Not always. In my past experience watching planes landing at DCA from a high rise apartment that had a fantastic view of the airport, I could see landing lights at least 13 miles out but wouldn't be able to see nav lights until around 6 miles out. They were just sort of lost in the white blob of light.
  9. Trailspotter

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    The landing lights do not blink. From 20 km away they look like a shining star and they are much brighter than the navigation lights including blinking strobe. Perhaps, @Trailblazer can check if there was a plane descending toward you from East at the date and time. I can't do it myself now, travelling without my laptop.
  10. Mick West

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    Landing lights are a quite common source of UFO sightings. If they seem to rise a bit and then vanish, that's a plane that's taken off which swithced off the light.

    Here's a video I made which shows an example. It just looked like a very bright star, then I saw it rising. In this case the light stayed on long enough for me to make an identification.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e7cw4bYvM0
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  11. Trailspotter

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    Planefinder.net playback suggests a likely culprit - Cessna Citation 550 YU-BZZ. This private jet was on a short flight from Warsaw to Bratislava, heading toward Varin at the time (17:05 UTC) from about right direction (NW). There are quite a few tracks for this plane on Flightaware (https://flightaware.com/live/flight/YUBZZ), but this particular flight is lacking.
    C55B YU-BZZ - Varin UFO.
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  12. bt1111

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    Allright, now that I found what it is, can this thread be deleted?
  13. Mick West

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    No. It's a good example showing how things are figured out.
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